Sound quality is awful
You have to continue to change the volume because the interview and the segment changes/ads are a complete different volume and quality.
Southern Girl! :-)
SO MANY good episodes- so helpful and informative about stuff I didn’t even think I wanted to or needed to know about. You do such a great job of balancing learning about your guest, and letting your guest inform the listeners. Wouldn’t Change a thing. Keep it up JVN!!!
Always been a fan AND...
There are so many episodes of this podcast that have grabbed my attention and refused to let go. It doesn’t matter if he interviewing his Queer Eye cohosts or discussing Pre Revolutionary War America, I catch myself enthralled from the start. Normally I don’t make reviews, but the most recent episode where JVN interviews Sallie Krawcheck was beyond eye opening for me. After being forced to dip into my 401k after leaving an abusive and sexist work environment, I’ve felt really down on myself lately. In less than two weeks I’m selling my first flip house and was planning on putting the money in a savings account. Now however, I’ll be checking out Ellevest to see some other options! Thank you for all that you do!!
In gratitude JVN
If you are lucky enough to be able to listen to this podcast. Stop. Be grateful. Say something encouraging to somobe who needs it...And then realize how remarkable the messages and education he brings to all of us is! Keep shining bright JVN! You are loved!
Like literally everything JVN does, this show is perfection. Positive, funny, smart as hell, and interesting. Love it.
Thank you for bringing Sallie to us!
She is a genius, and I’m so happy to have had that education session, and now I feel empowered. Thank you.
Thank you JVN
My first podcast
Never listened to podcasts found out JVN has one and I have been listening at work all day. Amazing conversations and views from so many walks of life. I am a straight white male who went to catholic school his whole have nothing but respect for JVN and his guests. I never was told being different in any way was wrong and love how our society is starting to celebrate and accept people for their differences. I have had so many privileges and opportunities given to me and am so thankful for it all, this show gives views about others who haven’t been so lucky but have made it and are just plain amazing. Just love the show and how open and accepting it is for everyone everything every view how the world should be 👌👍
Love JVN!!!
I love this podcast! JVN you’re a great host and I find you very knowledgeable and interesting. Nice to see the depth you have as a podcast and consultant on QE. I started watching Derry Girls after the podcast with Nicole Coughlan. OMG what an hysterical show! I went to private all girls school with Nuns. Thanks and all the best to you and your kitties. I have two cats myself.
I freaking love this guy
Ash go ash yeah
I love the show!! I find it a combination of thoughtful, funny, entertaining and truly insightful conversations.
Jonathan Van Ness is amazing
I love his personality, his light, funny, & his real ness that can lead to his personal darkness, which we all have - he is beyond brilliant and takes on so many important subjects. I’m grateful for his podcast & the subjects he touches on.
Good interviews
Everyday Fund
Love him! Sometimes I wish to hear the interviewees more, instead of being interrupted so much. Overall a good interviewer
Just love
OMG JVH is amazing! I love this podcast! JVH covers tons of topics but he does it in a very Johnathin way. Do yourself a favor listen/ subscribe now. You will thank me later
💯 Real
elissa katherine
One of the good humans.
Awesome Podcast!!!
Clarisse Gomez
Jonathan, host of the Getting Curious podcast, highlights all aspects of anything, everything and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
Quality is starting to wane
JVN’s enthusiasm and interesting guests are what kept me listening, but the recent episode with Dr. Monro was disappointing. It appeared that Jonathan didn’t do much research before the interview which left a lot of educational content on the table. Yes, there were questions asked and answered, but there was a serious lack of depth and complexity in the interview. Previous episodes weren’t, and, aren’t meant to be, “In Our Time” intensity, but I always left feeling like I learned something new. The interview with Dr. Monro left me feeling like I learned only that Jonathan should have done more thoughtful prep. Please consider this for future episodes - I want to keep listening.
I love him!
Johnathan is so sweet and a great interviewer. I love the topics he picks and that I’m learning something. I love learning all the things! Yes it’s liberal so if you conservative this is not for you but I feel like most people know where he stands on issues.
I have learned so much
From this podcast. JVN is a phenomenal interviewer. He asks questions in a way that helps listeners understand the topic that he and his guest (often experts in their field) are covering. His passion and empathy is so refreshing. This is a podcast many of us need right now. Loveyousomuch, JVN!
I mean, what’s not to love
He’s lovable, knowledgeable, compassionate, hilarious, I just love this podcast. It’s kept me company on so many drives. Please never stop making these episodes.
My new favorite podcast!
So new, so innovative and with such a great host. Never overpowering, a great listener with amazing guests and incredibly relevant topics! Love love love!
You’re a winner, baby.
JVN is brilliant. I have never listened to anything quite like Getting Curious. In addition to being an intelligent and highly competent host, his determination to learn has made this show a knockout. I want Getting Curious to have the same broadcasting presence as Fresh Air. If this is a space where recommending guests happens, please please please bring Robert Reich on to discuss the 2016 election as it compares to 2020. I’m personally really anxious that well-meaning progressives are so scared of repeating history that we’ll do just that, and I think he’s the perfect guest to speak to the moment (impeachment, potential re-election, etc) Thank you for the amazing content 🖤
Cannot stop listening I love it so much!
Thérèse d
Jonathan, you are amazing. You are so, so needed right now. I can’t tell you how much you’ve done just for me in my own life. You make me laugh even during the darkest days and help me be proud of my sexuality and who I am as a person. You are brilliant, such a wonderful and kind person, and you shine so brightly that I was even able to tell my very conservative religious mom about you and how much you do for people on Queer eye. This podcast is fantastic and so informative and covers so many things I cannot stop listening. Thank you so much for all you do!
Hands down my favorite podcast
So informative, so engaging, so everything. I’ve never been a huge podcaster but I started listening to getting curious on my hikes and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ve loved every single episode I’ve listed to; one weekend I binged 8 episodes. Love everything about this except Jonathan, honey, stop interrupting your guests! 😘
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Super well produced, good sound quality, awesome knowledgeable guests, and of course the adorable JVN. I’m learning so much ! Love.
Amazing podcast!
Love the episode with Dr. Watkins-Hayes so much I listened twice back to back. Thank you for this amazing podcast!
Love you J
This podcast has got me all in my feels💞 regardless of topic. Learning so much, laughing so much. Keep it up J 😍
What a wonderful take on topical podcasts
Historical insomniac
The host is high intensity in his rat-a-tat delivery but his positive energy crackles and brings out the best his guests. The topics are wide ranging and important while never being the same old same old. I’ve enjoyed him since Gay of Thrones on YouTube. Love him, love this podcast.
I learn something new each time I listen plus JVN is the cutest.
Yes honey!!! 😘
You make me cry sometimes. I didn't know what else to say so I figured I’d say something totally true
Love you JVN!
Freida Raspberry
Elizabeth Warren is so real. And so are you! Match made in heaven.
Elizabeth Warren
YESSSSSS. This is such a great interview that shows a woman who understands the struggle and cares to make a difference 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Wow what an amazing conversation with Elizabeth Warren! Jealous. Great questions (and outstanding answers) all around. The only time I’ve seen other people with JVN level energy has been while meeting up with other Warren volunteers - it’s so lovely to be able to hear this determination, optimism reflected back in one of my favorite podcasts. Thank you JVN! #yesweplan #winwithwarren
I have an idea for a podcast and I’m being lazy about how to contact you but maybe you’ll see this 🤗 I think I would be really cool to do an episode about the non acceptance of breastfeeding mamas in society. I’ve spent the last 6 months hiding in the backseat of my car pumping on the go and arguing with my university and jobs to feed my son 😑 It can be so hard! Maybe you could interview someone from mamava or the lactation league? Love your show 🥰
Not surprisingly, Jonathan makes a great podcast host! Thank you for talking about difficult and important topics.
I love this podcast so much! I just love Jonathan a lot and I love how informational this podcast is on so many diverse topics and how fun it is to listen to! So informative and funny and genuine 🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨🖤✨ this is one of the podcasts that made me a podcast person
Every episode is a wealth of knowledge and information! It sheds new light on things I may not understand and inspires me on what I want to be when I grow up..and I’m 30 years old. 😂 Love JVN and this is definitely one of the best podcasts out there.
Love JVN
I love listening to JVN. He seems so genuine and his podcast topics are ones that interest me too! He seems to be able to strike up conversation with his guests very easily. The only thing preventing me from giving it a full 5 stars is that, either through nerves or just a chatty personality, I feel like he talks over the guests a bit. They don’t always get to answer his questions because his questions divert into tangents, or instead of open ended questions they turn into leading multiple choice. (I get in trouble with my husband for doing the same thing too sometimes!) If you have conservative political leanings, be aware that politics tends to come up frequently, and he has a very liberal standpoint. Although, if you’re listening to JVN you probably already know this. :)
this podcast is a delight
my favorite but...
I LOVE jvn and I binge this podcast! The topics are always so interesting and hearing Jonathan speak is inspiring and hilarious! However, I do wish he would let the guests talk more :( it gets to a really interesting question and they’re answering but then he interrupts :/ other than that this is my favorite podcast!!! Love you JVN!!!
Overall, this podcast is delightful and thought-provoking. I wish Jonathan didn’t interrupt quite so much- the enthusiasm is so sweet and humorous, but sometimes I really want the interviewee to be able to finish their thought.
Educational and gorgeously entertaining!
Jonathan makes everything interesting- love listening to a wide gamut of topics with him!!
Love Love Love
old privileged white lady
Jonathan is so Fabulously Gorgeous that I could watch/listen to him read a phone book. Truth!
First time listener, long time fan!
Jess SF
This podcast was so entertaining and informative! JVN is so enthusiastic about his topic (this one was turtles!) and the expert guest was so knowledgeable. I LOVED it!
in love with this podcast!!
Jonathan never fails to teach me something new with each guest!! I lovelovelove this podcast and am about to download stitcher premium just so that I can listen to archived episodes :))) tysm for this exceptionally funny and super informative show that I always start my mornings with 💞💞 Quick note though, the only thing I would work on would be working the ad breaks in a bit more organically. But otherwise the show is perfect!
I wuv this show and JVN!
I adore you and as a podcaster myself I am so happy to discover that you have your own podcast dahhhling! Congratulations on all of your fabulous success! - Christine Blosdale (Out of the Box With Christine Podcast)
Great Cntent
Love the podcast! Such interesting guests. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is JVN cuts off the guests mid sentence for the ads. It’s so annoying. Let them finish their sentences!
JVN is the best!
What’s not to love?! JVN is so charming, so funny, so HONEST, so curious...just in love with him and love this podcast!!
Nick Zuko
JVN is truly a special person. He not only is so uplifting but he also finds topics and professionals to help explain them to everyone. I always end up smiling because is outlook is so pure even on hard subjects and he reminds me to just be a good person
Dear Jonathan,
You have split ends 😬 -Les Couchon- 💄🐷🍒👠
Yassss Queen
This is amazing!
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