“Stalker”, you know I don’t like that term
The benefits of going on a late night insomniac deep dive on your new favorite pop culture icon... is that you find one of their passion projects and realize it’s amazing. I’ve made the mistake of reviewing while still in the first blush of a love affair with a podcast but I’ve been listening for months now and realized I needed to actually review when I’ve consumed enough to have an informed opinion. I love this podcast. You have to love jvn and you have to be able to be here for his special and unique conversation rhythm. That DID take me a minute. And it’s not for everyone. But his questions are insightful and for the layman. And his enthusiasm is contagious. I look forward to every topic... Ice skating to separated families.
You made learning fun again!
I had seriously fallen off the bandwagon with educational and political/news related topics since I graduated from college in 2013. JVN makes the educational topics fun, and the tough subjects palatable. Now all I need to do is go see Jonathan Van Ness do some stand up! And my life will be complete, honey!
My favorite podcast
Jonathan, I have to share this with you; I am compelled! I deal with anxiety and depression on a day-to-day basis. It’s not fun, and it’s tiresome to constantly feel at the mercy of the whims of my emotions. There are more days than I care to admit to that I all but shirk my responsibilities and turn to the comfort and seclusion of my bed. Enter: Getting Curious. It’s become like a drug for me. First of all, you invite guests that are intriguing, and you discuss topics that are relevant and invoke a curiosity in all of us. It picks me up right where I am and takes me on a thought provoking adventure. I am engaged. Second, I adore you, and your personality is so uplifting, I can’t help but smile and laugh and wish we were best friends! And lastly, at the end of the episode, I’m left feeling like I’m no longer weighed down by my negative emotions, and I’m back in control. It truly helps me. I don’t know if you see these reviews, but I need to thank you for giving me this wonderful tool that makes me feel right as rain again.
Love, but the interruptions...
Online introvert
I love JVN and how he invites so many interesting guests and covers so many different topics, BUT it can be SOO frustrating when you’re excited to hear what a guest has to say and JVN speaks over the guest/asks a different question/cuts to commercial break and the guest never actually gets to finish speaking. Still a great listen and I’m still a subscriber, but until the interruptions are reduced, I can only give it a 3-star.
Uplifting, informative and eye-opening!
Jonathan’s curiosity, and more than anything his enthusiasm, in speaking to these different interviewees pulls you right into the issue. I’d like to thank you guys for giving me something to listen to that is both informative, but lightens my heart as well! His choice of topics are impressive and also things that are incredibly important and relevant. Listen in!
My fav podcast to listen to.
I like listening to this podcasts when I cook. I think his episodes are very interesting. Keep the good job JVN you are rocking. I’m happy that people like you are contributing to this world.
You even make the commercials entertaining!
The joy you bring is infectious! I just sat here thouroughly entertained by you talking about your ideal morning with Thomas' English Muffins when I normally tune out all commercials. Who else can do that?! You're also very knowledgable (I started with the climate change podcast) and ask great questions. It's so hard to find smart podcasts that are also hilarious! Kuddos!
Love Love Love!
I can’t say more about JVN and this adorable podcast! The conversations are extremely relevant and done in a way that everyone can understand. Definitely worth the listens!
What she said ❤️
MommaStina3- well said. I require several cups of JVN on a daily basis🌈
I just love you.
You stand for so much beauty and grace, love and unity and I just can’t get enough of you. America needs you. Our culture needs you. My children, and their children need you. So much love to you in success and opening the door to change!! ❤️
Be Best ~Melania
F these reviews criticizing your liberal propaganda! Bring it on!!! Plenty of that other shisa out there, it’s in the white house, who needs it anywhere else?! Effin love and respect your perspective, keep it up! People need to listen! It’s a tonic for my soul.
Digest difficult issues
JVN discusses the most difficult things in a way that you can understand. Empathy, expertise, and energy. I love you, you’re amazing, thank you for everything you do.
Educational and inspiring
I love listening to JVN as he educates himself on a vast variety of topics. I find myself thinking about the topics and points he raises long after the podcast episode ends.
Just Wow!
JVN, this podcast is simply fantastic! The guests are sooo informational and somehow each very entertaining as well! Such a hard balance to maintain at the level you all do with this podcast! Kudos! JVN, I mean ... you personally are such an inspiration to all of us gay men with your strength and smile! Thank you thank you thank you!
I love how authentic JVN is. I’m so inspired by him and I love that he is opening up hearts and minds by being his true self. So much energy, love and comedy comes from this treasure we call JVN! Fascinating topics and great guests are interviewed. A must listen!
Extremely beautiful, educational, and important. Jonathan is such a strong, funny, empowering human and his podcast is just the same.
I love Jonathan Van Ness, he’s just an amazing person and his discussions are enlightening, funny, and full of detail. A must listen.
Love this soul! But downgraded
due to the propaganda feeling cast these days. Nye’s Global Warming push and now... Planned Parenthood ?? Indeed the most imp topics - but the saaaaaaaame old recycled propaganda talking points These topics need a *new* synthesis of perspectives. For example.... America needs the population lost to abortion. Not to mention - ummm... it’s killing. Much L🥰VE to every soul!
Love JVN
Logan SC
Amazing human making all of us curious too, about things we all may not think about. Thanks for bringing attention to all of these topics. Love the variety of things discussed and guests/experts you have on.
Just a thought....
Maddy Zoe
Jonathan, have you ever thought about having someone from a different point of view on your podcast? I think it’s obvious we all know which side politically you’re on, but what about expanding your thinking and getting a point of view from someone that’s not democratic or liberal or pro-choice? Just an idea
Amazing show!
I absolutely love this podcast i just started listening last week and I got hooked! I have learned so much about topics i have not thought about opening my thoughts on them before this show. You always ask for suggestions for future shows.. I would enjoy hearing a mental health episode educating about a certain aspect of mental health or mental health disorder and hearing your thoughts and a professionals thoughts on it. With that, I really loved the therapist Stan episode a lot!
Uplifting, informational, excellent!
This is a must listen!
💕✨💕JVN 💕✨💕
Anything JVN does is magical and gorgeous.
Amaze and Getting better all the time
Loved the episode with Bill Nye, May be the best yet. So engaging and so much substance, yes huny! Thank you JVN for keeping us curious ppl informed. Love you
If I were a boy....
Mrs Adoo
Jonathan is my spirit being!!! Yaaaaaaaas queen!!! “So happy together!” 🙏😃🌈💜
Thank you jvn this makes me happy every time
Stop interrupting the conversations
I do love the podcasts and the interviews BUT my only complaint is the interrupting of the conversations for the commercial breaks!! I completely understand the need for them because most other podcasts have them, but most other podcasts just work the clips into the podcast without interrupting the flow of conversation. Most times it is really disruptive. Does this bother anyone else?! Still love.
Love love!
What a thoughtful and educational podcast- Jonathan you are awesome! Thank you so much ❤️
Love love love JVN’s Humility and earnest curiosity.
JVN is smart and adorable, we already knew this from watching Queer Eye. His humility and earnest curiosity make this podcast truly amazing. He’s not afraid to ask the questions that we are all wondering, but sometimes afraid to ask. The topics are varied and JVN is always himself. You will learn a lot about how to listen, how to love, and how to learn.
Different point of view
Please keep an open mind when reading this, as I will get into politics. I absolutely love getting curious. That being said I am republican, so when I listened to your interview with Melinda Gates you tended to paint all republicans as misogynistic, disrespectful, mini Trumps. If your view of me was that skewed I didn’t want to listen anymore. But when you did your interview with Bill Nye, my curiosity got the best of me (pun intended). I do appreciate you clarifying that there is indeed a difference between Trump and republicans. I believe in gender equality and climate change. I actually agree with Trumps decision to leave the Paris agreement. Probably not for his reasoning, but because there was no planning behind it. Therefore we were spending billions with nothing substantial coming out of it. Why not take that money and put it towards researching alternative energies such as nuclear fission, which I’m also a big advocate over. I know this is your podcast, you’re free to speak your mind...just keep in mind not all republicans are Trumps reincarnated. Thanks for all your interesting podcasts!
Liberal propaganda
ya boi jonnnnnn
Great work of tying current politics into the topic at hand to provide a better understand of how the world works and effects different kinds of people. Love a good enby perspective. JVN 5ever
I korndidy did it
Learning WITH Jonathan is such a great experience. He is so eager and it is beautiful
Just what I needed
Johnathan is smart and funny! I listen to soooo many podcasts while doing life and this is one of my favorites! Thought provoking with real life questions and real professionals to give their take. I love the frankness of Johnathan just cutting to the chase! Yasssssss!
Less and less
I loved this podcast because each week used to be so different topic wise. I feel more and more are political. I like to hear about politics but not every episode. I do listen less and less because of this :(
I had to unsubscribe...
I really enjoyed this podcast for a time, but the constant negativity and mean-spiritedness regarding people you disagree with politically was a major turn-off for me. Love Jonathan, love Queer Eye, but this podcast is just propaganda.
Heart warming and educational✨
This podcast always brings a smile to my face! Jonathan isn’t scared to ask the questions we all think about and somehow he manages to find the most interesting variety of subjects and guests. LOVE IT!❤️
So I am in love with JVN anyways, but his show is perfect. I feel like I’m listening to me and my friends talk. Thank you for being you!! ❤️❤️
Critique with Love
Viceroyalty is the name of the type of Government taking place in Colonial Peru after the Spanish arrival. It had very thorough classifications for society based on race, class and ethnicity. Feel like the guy of the Latin American History Episode while having a background of expertise, lacks affinity, accuracy and consistence when relating the much intricate, astonishing and enriching history Latin Empires conveyed. However, I'm more than happy with JVN doing this episode. Literally screamed inside every time he mentions my beloved Peru.
💕💕 JVN
Thank you for bringing critical thinking to the masses. The Congress is the House and Senate together - all 535. xoxo
I had hopes
that this podcast could promote liberal, left, progressive ideas without bashing Republicans and without blatant hypocrisy. But it doesn’t seem that it can. I WANT so much to hear valid, meaningful, fact based arguments that would help to develop opportunities for compromise. But this podcast is not that bridge. A few clever moments, silly moments, some useful information sprinkled in, but overall it is super offensive even to a moderate libertarian like me. So sad. But since I lean just 2-3% right of center, my feelings being hurt is not a factor.
I love me some JVN!
Jonathan is my absolute favorite guy on the QE show and he is so full of life and so much positivity! Keep doing everything you are doing Jonathan as you belong in the spotlight spreading your love and curiosity in this world. I love this podcast and your topics have sparked curiosity as well about the items you are discussing. You are gorgeous inside and out and I am definitely spreading the word to have people follow you on both QE and your podcast! ❤️👍😘
Love love love this podcast 💙
I love this podcast. Just listened to the MesoAmerica Latinx one. I spent a lot of time down there, and JVN asked so man great questions about the history and the culture. Love curious people. Love you, J!
Thank you for your curiosity
I’ve learned so much!
Just Listen!
Just want to be friends with JVN. Thank you for bringing these things to our attention. Love him!!
Awesome Em Em
I love this podcast! Ive learned so much! As a young impressionable girl, JVN, you are such an amazing role model and I hope that one day I can be as fabulous and confident as you!
Daniel Khuong
JVN can we please be best friends?!? Hilarious, witty and intellectually stimulating = everything I could ever want in a podcast
Makes me curious to learn more about the world.
Thanks, JVN, for making politics, current events, and the like interesting! Every episode captures my attention and curiosity. Love!
I came upon this podcast and I’ve been binging for days! But HUNY, please stop interrupting your guests and know when you’re about to take a break for ads because it’s annoying. Still love this and subscribed!
I. Love. You!!
Teresa 103
I absolutely love listening to your podcast!!! It’s so interesting, but having you as the host makes it amaze!!! ❤️❤️❤️
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