Setting Oneself Up for Success - Episode 157
Published July 4, 2019
37 min
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    1/2 Oaks Card Room

    Midday on a Thursday. Villain 1 on BU is 50 year old Asian man. He is playing greater than 50% of hands and has hit many strong hands including a $500 high hand Jackpot. Villain 2 is older lady. Hero has $526 and is effective stack with main villain. 

    Villlain 1 straddles from BU, UTG limps, MP Villain 2 limps, Hero limps CO with 3c3d, Villain raises to $24, UTG folds, MP calls, Hero calls.

    79 Flop 9s3s2h 
    MP checks, hero checks, BU bets $55, MP folds, Hero raises to $160, BU calls

    $399 Turn 2

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