No One Respects Your Game, When You're Strange - Episode 156
Published June 27, 2019
35 min
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    Villain is a weirdo. He is white 30y/o, sat down in the 9 seat and immediately put two pine cones on the table in front of him. Proceeded to then take out a large leather bound notebook and start taking notes while studying each player at the table. Bought in for the 1k max.

    His first BB I opened the button, it folded to him and he stared at me for over a full minute before folding. One player at the table said out loud, "What a weird speed date!"

    About an hour after Villain sat down I open MP, he 3-bets in position and I call with AQhh. Flop all unders 1 heart, I check and he c-bets 1/3 pot, I call. Turn A, I check/call a large bet. River Q I check he checks back and I win.

    One orbit later I open CO he 3-bets BB I fold he shows AA disgusted.

    Hand in question takes place after about another hour at the table.

    HAND (1.1k effective):
    I open CO to $20 with TJdd, SB calls, V 3bet BB to 100, I call SB folds.

    Flop (220) 9h9c4h. V checks, I bet 100, v calls.

    Turn (420) 9h9c4h8c. V checks, I bet 250, v calls.

    River (920) 9h9c4h8c7c. V checks, Hero?

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