Holden it Down on FNP w/ Special Guest Christian Holden - Episode 148
Published January 24, 2019
67 min
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    Hand 1


    Christian opens KdTc UTG to $50. Kristen Bicknell 3bets to $200 from the HJ. Folds to Christian who calls.

    Flop ($425) 2c2h9c

    Christian checks. Bicknell bets $150. Christian calls

    Turn ($725) Jc

    Christian leads for $500. Bicknell folds.

    Hand 2

    7-handed 5/10/20/40

    Folds to Christian in the first straddle who calls. Bicknell raises to $140 in the second straddle. Christian calls.

    Flop ($305) KhTc2h

    Checks to Kristen who bets $100. Christian calls.

    Turn ($505) 2s

    Christian checks. Kristen bets $200. Christian raises to $700. Bicknell calls.

    River ($1905) 4h


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