LAGs-giving them fits w/ Special Guest Mike Bove - Episode 146
Published January 10, 2019
43 min
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    $1/$3, Jack Casino, Tuesday night before Thanksgiving, 6:30pm.

    Hero and villain have a very similar stack of around $750 give or take $25.

    Villain is in his 30s, caucasian with beats headphones, Indians hat neatly trimmed beard. I've only been at the table for a short amount of time so I don't have too many notes when this hand occurs, but he seems like a TAG.

    Hero is new to the table, and the room (I've only played there a couple times in the past so nobody knows me). Similar 30 something caucasian male. My image so far is very LAG. I've only been at the table for 25 minutes but I've been playing most hands and in that time I've worked $300 to $750. I recently won a big-ish pot with Qs4s when I opened pre from MP, flopped top pair, turned flush draw and rivered 2 pair. Table has been talking about this since as if I'm the craziest MF to ever exist. I, however, have chosen to remain silent.

    We're UTG+2. UTG+1 limps, I have Jh9h and I make it $15. Folds to villain in SB who makes it $45. UTG+1 folds. I flat. 

    FLOP ($90)


    Villian fires $45. I decide to call. 

    TURN ($180)


    Villain thinks for 5-8 seconds and fires $110. I decided to min-raise to $220, expecting a call, as that would set up a nice river shove opportunity barring a heart. Villain very quickly asks "Oh, you have queen four again?" Before asking how much it is, and then sliding in a call.

    RIVER ($620)


    Final board is now Qh2hQc6h6d and we have the J high flush.

    Villain shoves his remaining ~$350 in. His bet timings have been very similar on each street, so I can't rely on that tell. He's doing good with the stoic thing too. Hero?

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