J-R-B Soul Readin' - Episode 124
Published April 25, 2018
41 min
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    Poker After Dark: Reality Check. Part Two 2:20


    6-handed.Frank Kassela (62k) opens A2dd in the HJ to 800. Nick Shulman (120k) calls Q9ss in the co. JRB (229k) calls KcJd otb. Blinds fold.

    Flop ($2900) 3sJs9d

    Kassela checks, Shulman bets 1500, JRB calls, Kassela folds.

    Turn ($5900) 6s

    Shulman bets 3600, JRB calls.

    River ($13100) As

    Shulman bets 8000, Bellande?

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