No way, he can't have it! w/ Tommy Angelo - Episode 72
Published April 18, 2017
70 min
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    On a St. Louis Riverboat in 1995
    5-5 with a straddle to 10
    Villain 1 (10,000) is named Quinn, Villain 2 (300) is named Bernie
    Hero (10,000) raises to 40 with A3dd in UTG+1, V1 calls in the BB, V2 calls in the Straddle
    Flop (125)
    V1 checks, V2 checks, Hero checks
    Turn (125)
    V1 checks, V2 bets 100, Hero calls, V1 raises to 400, V2 folds, Hero calls
    River (1025)
    V1 bets 1000, Hero raises to 3000, V1 shoves, Hero calls

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