3-Way, 4-Bet, 5/10, 10-High... w/ Special Guest Andrew Neeme - Episode 68a
Published March 21, 2017
39 min
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    Andrew's Poker Vlog

    Location: The Bellagio

    Stakes: 5/10


    Hero (2200) raises to 30 with AK UTG+1, MP1(900) 3bets to 70, BTN (1500) calls, BB (Covers) calls, Hero 4bets to 340, MP1 calls, BTN folds, BB calls

    Flop (1095) T84r

    BB checks, Hero bets 420, MP1 folds, BB calls

    Turn (1935) Ko

    BB checks, Hero bets 680, BB shoves, Hero?

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