114 - Jamie Seed | Shadows of Light - Ethics & Healthy Ego
Published November 26, 2018
73 min
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    The festival sage and freelance photographer Jamie Seed returns to InnerVerse for a third visit, this time recounting sychronicities from Burning Man and beyond as we recap a busy year for this prolific artist. Hero worship, the positive shadow and balancing the ego are some of the topics on the table for this one.

    See Jamie's work at JamieSeed.com

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    Things we discussed

    • Replacing negative thought patterns with positive podcasts
    • Transmuting mental blocks by releasing tension in the body
    • Energy as consciousness and how food alters our self image
    • Why producing our own food could help save the environment
    • Rethinking our Faustian relationship with convenience and "disposable" items
    • Burning Man Ethics and ego dissolving sychronicities
    • Healthy hero admiration vs. "blinded by the light" hero worship
    • What Jamie has learned from teaching photography classes, strategies for inspiring students

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    • Crossing from festival culture into permaculture
    • Following passion instead of money but also paying the bills
    • Ideas about what living outside the box looks like
    • Elaborate discussion on ecstatic dance and how it connects us to authentic & spiritual self expression
    • Jamie turns the tables on me and instigates a conversation about my rock climbing hobby
    • Jamie reflects on some of the mindsets and evolution he's faced as a full time freelancer over the last year living life without a financial safety net
    • Tips for replacing depression thoughts with gratitude practices
    • The story of how sychronicities with a black tourmaline stone helped Jamie during a time of massive loss and open up to be less cynical 
    • A great conversation about the metaphysical power of belief and why leaving room for the unknown is better than assuming things are impossible

    Episode Music: K+LAB

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