111 - David Whitehead: Sovereignty via Self-Esteem & Shadow Work (Host of Unslaved Podcast)
Published October 20, 2018
72 min
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    David Whitehead is the creator of Way of the Truth Warrior and co-host of Unslaved Podcast. In this empowering episode we discuss how to cultivate self-esteem, perhaps the most important aspect of enlightenment. This dynamic conversation demystifies the processes of shadow work and psycho-somatic healing, and we also discuss the importance of individual sovereignty in a tyrannical world. Possibly the most powerful InnerVerse transmission yet!

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    Topics & Links:

    • The enlightening aspects of martial arts
    • David's hero's journey from Truth Warrior to Unslaved
    • Wilhelm Reich and Listen, Little Man! (Audiobook Link)
    • "Martial arts isn't just about learning how to fight, it's about learning how to be a victor in life, and not a victim."
    • David's collaborations with author Michael Tsarion and the future of Unslaved - "The Female Illuminati" 
    • The creative mental fortitude of the spiritual warrior
    • The three foundational aspects of self-esteem: rationality, reason, and freewill
    • How we can know we have free will
    • Recommended reading: Nathaniel Brandon - The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Audiobook Link) 
    • Defining authentic shadow work and embracing the body's intelligence for healing psycho-somatic trauma and tension

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    • Why Philosophical and Political Anarchy aren't compatible
    • How capitalism has been compromised
    • The nature of true free markets
    • Healthy Self-hood & individualism
    • Tyrannical Government - a reflection of collective darkness
    • Real talk about immigration and borders
    • An Unslaved perspective on multiculturalism
    • Growing the spine of a warrior in the fight to know yourself

    Music in this episode: OMNI 


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