108 - Don Karp: Psychedelics & Psychosis, Wisdom From The Woodstock Era
Published September 29, 2018
72 min
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    Don Karp, the psychological sage from the hippie age, joins InnerVerse for a chat about overcoming the physical and spiritual trials that lead some into temporary psychosis. Don's experience in both conventional and alternative mental health help has led him to provide personalized peer-to-peer support for people who are dealing with paranoia or other stressed out mental states.

    Don's Website 

    Don Karp on Medium 

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    ⦁ Don's experience in the emerging counterculture of the 60's

    ⦁ Overcoming generational trauma cycles

    ⦁ Advice for set and setting and using psychedelics wisely (or not at all)

    ⦁ How young Don developed paranoid delusions and wound up in psychiatric treatment

    ⦁ The genocide being enacted through big pharma's distribution of deadly drugs

    ⦁ Paranoia vs. Pronoia (the feeling that the universe is conspiring in your favor) and spiritual emergency

    ⦁ Discovering and reintegrating the alien parts of our self 

    ⦁ The three things Don did to break out of the revolving door cycle of going in and out of professional psychiatric care

    ⦁ How Don rewove his identity after recovering from psychosis

    ⦁ Rainbow Gatherings and The New World Culture 

    ⦁ Don describes some of the mental issues he's helped coach people through and the books he's working on

    ⦁ Plans to create an international co-housing community for elders

    ⦁ The Icarus Project - theicarusproject.net 

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    Don tells about the values he learned from his experiences at Woodstock

    ⦁ Learning to be a good listener and healing through compassionate conversation

    ⦁ What was and wasn't adopted from the Iroquois Confederacy by the United States Constitution

    ⦁ The disease gene myth: epigenetics and how our consciousness and environment control gene expression. Look up the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton 

    ⦁ The problem with long term psychiatric medication and the thousands that die from prescriptions 

    ⦁ Breaking Psychic cataracts that cloud our spiritual awareness by doing creative activities

    ⦁ How our food choices impact our energy and sanity levels 

    ⦁ Advice for dealing with hazardous environmental energy

    Episode Music: Ichisan

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