106 - Orgonite, Chemtrails & The Power of Thought with Goey Smith of the Self Discovery Center
Published September 12, 2018
69 min
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    Goey Smith joins the show, a teacher and co-founder of the Self Discovery Center in Springfield, MO. This extremely kind instructor of metaphysical development talks about the chemtrail conspiracy and how to beat the toxicity in our environment with physical tools like Orgonite, and the importance of directing our thoughts towards keeping our bodies healthy.

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    Self Discovery Center Website

    Self Discovery Center on Facebook & Phone Number: 417-894-2577

    Music in this episode: Han-Kha 


    - What is orgonite and how did Goey get into creating it?

    - What's going on with chemtrails, and what can you do about it?

    - The problems with artificial EMF radiation 

    - Scalar waves and the earth's natural forms of orgonite

    - "The human body was created to vibrate with the planet that it lives on" 

    - Goey's experience with the power of changing thoughts to change one's life

    - Healing psycho-somatic bodily ailments with the mind

    - How being an empath can be hard to cope with until one learns their power to project love instead of receive fear

    - Using creative hobbies to resonate with the Self and acting out one's ideal purpose 

    - The energetic potentials of crystals and thoughts on their purpose as part of Earth

    - The intelligence of so called non-living natural materials

    - The history and mission of the Self Discovery Center, Goey's school of metaphysics in Springfield, MO

    - Universal Law as a part of the SDC's curriculum and thoughts on some of these principles

    - Analysis of the anatomy of consciousness & identifying its components

    - Thoughts on how meditation can make one's connection to Self more powerful

    - Make your own orgonite at the Self Discovery Center 

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    - The relationship of personal responsibility to freedom and external controllers

    - Our relationship to darkness as we're awakening

    - How following things that give you good energy always leads you to good places

    - Being "sacredly selfish" and knowing that self-betterment also helps others

    - More about the arts and attractions at The Metaphysical Fair put on by the Self Discovery Center, and its future goals

    - Reasons for adding musical performers to the Metaphysical Fair

    - A discussion on recommended movies and how great works of art reflect ourselves back to us

    - A taste of ideas and advice about dreams, one of the class topics at the Self Discovery Center

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