105 - New Haven Freedom Fest with Nathan Crabtree & Aubrey Molica
Published September 4, 2018
73 min
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    It's important to keep asking ourselves the philosophical question of "Am I really free?" and to explore the ways in our lives that we can become less dependent on outside establishments and more responsible for our own well being. Nathan Crabtree returns to the show with Aubrey Molica, a pair who is putting on a new annual festival in Ava, MO called Freedom Fest. This event will be a free gathering focused on sharing skills and solutions for the many problems we face as a society. Empowerment through knowledge, truth, and love are the mission for this awesome duo and I'll be sure to bring InnerVerse to the event.

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    Freedom Fest event page on Facebook (website coming soon)

    Dates: May 3rd - May 5th 2019 @ New Haven Event Park in Ava, MO

    Also check out Nathan's Freedom Zone for more of Nathan Crabtree

    Music in this episode: Griff


    ⦁ How cannabis can be a gateway medicine to free thinking

    ⦁ What to do when you can no longer live with the discomfort of tyranny

    ⦁ Gun ownership as a natural law right

    ⦁ Pillars of Freedom - the Divine Feminine principle of non-aggression and the Sacred Masculine principle of self defense

    ⦁ Mark Passio - What On Earth is Happening and the Free Your Mind Conference

    ⦁ Exposing truths about government and anarchy

    ⦁ Philosophical breakdown of the master/slave dynamic in culture

    ⦁ Extinction as the result of living outside of natural law and universal morality

    ⦁ Gathering solutions to society's problems at Freedom Fest

    ⦁ Defining aspects of the conspiracy against life on earth

    ⦁ Why we must fight to change in consciousness, not physically

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    ⦁ How our commerce system steals our energy and pits us against each other

    ⦁ The potentials and flaws of Cryptocurrency

    ⦁ Community skill sharing to establish individuals with practical sustainability and survival skills

    ⦁ Organic foods and the danger of letting corporate distributors tell you what's safe to eat

    ⦁ Killing spiders and how irrational fears of natural life slow us down

    ⦁ Fundamental mental pillars of living and Freedom Fest

    ⦁ Getting requests for help from giant green nature gods while on DMT

    ⦁ A call to artists to create posters or promo art for the event and to come out and share performance gifts

    ⦁ Demystifying the nature of shadow work as it pertains to healing the body

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