102 - Supreme Being & Defeating Inner Demons with Comic Artist Ethan Nichols
Published July 26, 2018
74 min
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    This episode features Ethan Nichols, a comic style graphic artist of superb skill who weaves spiritual stories inspired by psychedelia and the infinity of the supreme self. In this podcast we're going to talk about Ethan's comic "Inner Demons," about dreams, consciousness, and the nature of reality.

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    Music this episode: Beedkraft

    Episode Topics

    ⦁ How religion holds people back from power and responsibility

    ⦁ "Suffering is a really big push to help you figure out your life"

    ⦁ How mythical characters can show paths to truth

    ⦁ Giving out hugs during lucid dreams

    ⦁ Is there such a thing as nothingness?

    ⦁ How consciousness exploration influences Ethan's art

    ⦁ Going Beyond Society, Philosophy and Psychology

    ⦁ Ethan's Patreon where you can get new comics pages on the reg!

    ⦁ Our shared fandom for comic artist Ron Rege Jr

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    ⦁ Learning to let others come to truth in their own time

    ⦁ The eternal source of consciousness

    ⦁ Discussions on DMT beings

    ⦁ The magic of photons and the timeless quality of light speed

    ⦁ The meaning of meaning and what's true beyond the filter of our perceptions

    ⦁ The possible connection between UFO beings and ancestor spirits

    ⦁ Reaching the spiritual maturity to always recognize the peace within

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