4.14 - SychroGalactic Shamanism with Laughing Lotus (Madalyn Elizabeth)
Published May 16, 2018
107 min
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    Madalyn Elizabeth is a psychic intuitive and healer. By assisting others in finding their Soul Blueprint and reasons for incarnating in this realm, the inner and outer worlds are made whole. When we inquire within, we can all find answers to questions related to our soul's purpose on Earth. Join us for an enlightening conversation about how to get a clearer signal from your Higher Self!



    ⦁ a universal grounding meditation at the start to help you connect the cosmic and earthly energies within

    ⦁ waking up during the 2012 consciousness shift and the never ending journey of self knowledge

    ⦁ Unlocking latent psychic and intuitive gifts through getting healthier

    ⦁ accessing your soul's energy blueprint via the Akashic record (the infinite field of consciousness we're embedded within that contains all information in reality)

    ⦁ tapping into the causal realm of your deeper self and making new choices to nullify old forgotten contracts and decisions

    ⦁ what it really means that we humans carry a spark of the divine

    ⦁ balancing the masculine and feminine within the personal self to assist harmony in the external world

    ⦁ "Everything you ever need to know, your body shows you!"

    ⦁ Ideas for cultivating one's unknown psychic gifts

    Ayurvedic super foods - turmeric, ashwagandha, triphala

    ⦁ Your body as a temple for the divine spirit of all creation and why it's important to treat your body as sacred so that spirit actually wants to dwell there

    ⦁ tuning in to nature's frequency with cacao

    ⦁ wisdom from plant teachers about our collective capacity as healers

    ⦁ numerology and the astonishing numerical language of nature

    ⦁ empowering the self through recognizing limits and getting wise to universal laws such as karma

    ⦁ More about how to trust yourself with intuitive knowing and how to physically feel the answer to your question with the heart

    ⦁ Native cultures, Moon lodges, sweat lodges, and the natural magical powers of manifestation that women and men inherently posses

    ⦁ Does the earth require human blood to be shed on it's soil, and can women fulfill that intentionally to prevent violent forms of its release?

    ⦁ Mayan astrology and the 13 moon year calendar, and how Madalyn's lifelong inner connection to the Mayan mystery schools and people

    ⦁ Syncrogalactic yoga - Download info PDF

    ⦁ Madalyn reads a Mayan Oracle card for the listeners

    ⦁ Writing a New Myth for our lives by reaching the deepest levels of your choices about what reality is, i.e. changing the lens that you see the world through

    ⦁ The prophecy that native shamans and elders of indigenous tribes from pre-america are reincarnating as today's rainbow earth warriors

    ⦁ Madalyn plays her song "Cosmic Union"

    Music in this episode: SOOHAN

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