4.13 - Tryptamine Mysterium with Hakan Hisim (Visionary Digital Artist)
Published May 4, 2018
75 min
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    Get ready to shred the veil between this world and the infinite hereafter in this incredibly psychedelic episode with the master of digi-mystical creativity, Hakan Hisim. This is a wild ride through explorations of consciousness realms unknown, and an awe-inspiring romp through examining the fractal mirror that is the living cosmos.



    Episode Topics:

    • Hakan's background living in Australia and then Turkey
    • Formal education compared to self-teaching
    • Learning the language of film as a way to help one express messages in other mediums
    • Hakan's childhood freedom to exploring a variety of spiritual information and his lifetime interest in esoteric studies
    • Finding fulfillment in the mystery instead of some other's answers
    • "What you create does come back to you. In a way, it effects your entire reality."
    • Awe for the fractality of Universe
    • Recognizing all of Life as a form of Creation that one is always engaging
    • How cleaning up one's diet can clear up one's inner eye
    • Seven Bomar - Secret Energy & Internal Cleansing 
    • The joy of finding others who also look at life deeply 
    • Being constructive with the messages you put out instead of being focused on attacking other's belief systems, wrong or misguided as they may be
    • Dropping past baggage by writing your own Life narrative
    • Thoughts on the origins of humanity and potential ET involvement
    • "Our Ancient Ancestors Are Future Computers" - Bitcoin mining and the legend of the Annunaki
    • Artificial Intelligence, emergent consciousness in complex systems-is the internet coming to life?
    • Was bitcoin planned or just predicted?
    • The most empowering maxim: All is Self
    • The constant need to remember that changing the world only happens from within

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    Check out some of the topics in this week's Plus+ Extension

    • Examining ego traps on both the light and dark side of the consciousness spectrum
    • Overcoming the inner and outer messiah complexes
    • Learning from the dark side of society but not getting consumed in battling it, instead bettering the life for yourself and others by recognizing and transforming the shadows of our personalities and behaviors 
    • Xenolinguistics, tryptamine realms & entity contact
    • Terrance McKenna & Psychedelic enhanced awareness of how words create reality
    • The syncromystic nature of DMT and how it seems to select for itself who gets to encounter it
    • Going out to your balcony and encountering a Godzilla-like Shiva being being
    • Hakan recounts some of the wildest psychedelic out of body experiences I have ever heard, and I've heard A LOT
    • The disturbing aspects of extreme psychedelic usage, such as spending decades of time living as another being, sometimes not even human, all in the span of a 5 to 15 minute DMT trip
    • Balancing the primordial self & endogenous out of body dreaming-vaulting into higher levels of being


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