4.2 - Stopping the Doom Train with Ross Cessna (Host of The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast)
Published January 16, 2018
71 min
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    As life progresses, we all feel the steady assault on our sanity that modern society has unleashed, and it's often been said that everyone these days is "a little crazy in their own way." The creative individual knows that madness and genius are but sides of the same coin, that by going through our traumas and neurosis and directly confronting them, we come out the other side with a new spiritual self awareness. Ross Cessna of the Spiritual Phoenix podcast is no stranger to the reality of mental illness, but has realized that to be sane in an insane world is really a form of insanity itself, and has dedicated himself to being the change the world needs, starting with Self-Healing and reflecting the journey to others by way of podcasting.

    The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast

    (Available on iTunes and many other platforms)

    Episode Topics (more at https://www.innnerversepodcast.com/season-4/2)

    + Hereditary paranormal awareness

    + Positively framing the loco-motion of life

    + Tarot: "XII The Hanged Man"

    + Filling the hungry void inside oneself with Truth

    + Balance and boundaries with giving and self-care

    + Ross recounts ripples from childhood events and the mentality of addiction

    + Psychedelic rites of passage & shamanic data download

    + Walter Russell - The Secret of Light

    + Projecting into other selves

    + Opening the door to psychedelic reality without substances

    + Knowing and being instead of thinking and trying

    + More about the Spiritual Phoenix podcast's mission

    + The Truth about Magic: it's the alteration of one's consciousness through a symbolic act of Will

    + Everything is still, so chill

    + Reading of the poem "Time Works Like Acid" by Jim Morrison

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    Plus+ Extension Topics

    + Giving up the idea of "fixing" others and working on the Self instead

    + Magic as the synthesis of art and science

    + Self-initiation into higher truths

    + The reality that nobody is control of reality

    + Meditation, The left and right brain and finding balance

    + Chance explains why he cut off his gorgeously nappy dreadlocks

    Music in this episode: Wu Wei

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