4.1 - Anarcho-Veganism with Kenny Palurintano
Published January 10, 2018
72 min
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    Season 4 of IP kicks off with a conversation about the convergence between veganism and anarchy. Kenny Palurintano is a traveling teacher who helps communities to integrate solutions to society's problems, especially in the kitchen. Don't miss this consciousness expanding episode!

    Check out Kenny's work at Kenny's Conscious Kitchen

    See our smiling beard-faces in the video version of this episode. Glorious!

    Episode Topics (more at https://www.innerversepodcast.com/season-4/1)

    +  The quest to be the change that the world needs

    +  Law of Attraction and Taking Action

    +  Crypto-currency from an Anarchy perspective

    +  The wrongness of taxation

    +  Corporate fiction and the straw man conspiracy

    +  Knowledge of Nature and Self as the keys to Life

    +  Kenny's psychedelic journey to veganism

    +  Consciousness, epigenetic evolution and the reshaping of reality through imagination

    +  Toxic mental and physical diet - the cornerstones of mind control

    +  Why you can't outsource personal responsibility

    +  Anarchapulco - Make Anarchy Great Again! - https://anarchapulco.com/buy-your-tickets/

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    In this Plus+ extension we get more of Kenny's personal story and sychronistic events in his life, an explanation of cooking as a flow state, and mucho metaphysical mindfulness of the connection between present moment awareness and the imagination. 

    Music in this episode: Martin's Garden

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