3.8 - Freedom to Fulfill Our True Natures ft. Daniel Belt (Life Coach)
Published July 5, 2017
101 min
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    Independence Day just happened and so what better time than now to ponder the nature of personal freedom? Join us for a discussion with Life Coach/Mentor/Philosopher Daniel Belt as we explore various ideas related to aligning your Self with the forces that create and sustain our universe, and how this leads to true Original Thought. 

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    + "The Secret History of the World" - Mark Booth - https://goo.gl/xE4k5f

    + Why you should get a chlorine & chemical filtering shower-head (Amazon Link: https://www.goo.gl/3isc2S)

    + Intrinsic qualities of water, bacteria and minerals, & how it affects the body

    + Original thinking as the most important part of being a human being 

    + Aligning with natural forces to benefit from them instead of being harmed

    + The invulnerability of Truth

    + Check out the personal journals of Leonardo Da Vinci -> https://goo.gl/pyNjUw

    + Experimenting/Experiencing the principles of Natural Law

    + The infinite value of the individual

    + Distilling down to the Original Self

    + Logos: the Wisdom of Mind-to-Mind interfacing

    + Harmonizing personal truth with universal truth

    + What is Natural Law? (Easy enough for a 5 year old)

    + Health through fulfillment of one's true nature

    + Putting physical health and athletic wellness first

    + "Genius" is finding a way past your personal impossible obstacle

    + The "Moment" of Truth and ACTING on realizations in the Now

    + You can't negotiate with Biology

    + Enthusiasm will always overcome exhaustion

    + Getting away from identity politics and partisanship

    + Harmonius Order through free individuals vs. dark order through control institutions

    + The Daoist perspective of True Leadership

    + Many hands make "light" work

    + To be truly great individuals, we need one another

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