2.23 - Animating the Soul ft. @Moka_Asaki
Published April 26, 2017
95 min
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    Lindsey has always liked to draw, doodles, characters, and whatever she's feeling. In this episode we talk about ways to employ creativity as therapy, and the many ways our society tends to sabotage one's motivation to do that. We talk about some negative topics, but the conversation is positive and solution oriented. Check out some of Lindsey's art in the links below or the episode notes on Steemit or Minds.

    Check out Lindsey's work on Deviant Art: http://moka-asaki.deviantart.com/

    Follow Lindsey on Minds.com -> https://www.minds.com/moka_asaki

    Please visit my page on Patreon where you can support the podcast and help me get a new computer before my laptop dies! :)



    + Drawing to cope with trauma 

    + Getting in trouble for doodling in class, at work, etc. (always)

    + Why you don't necessarily need an art teacher

    + Visionary artists: Chris Dyer, Alex Grey, Krytsleyez

    + Why to create what you like, not what you think others want

    + Wandering the woods and finding abandoned stuff

    + "Forest Bathing" -> http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2017/03/17-11-mu-podcast/

    + Getting free of the human zoo and back to nature

    + Culture & Government = MIND CONTROL @_@

    + Why you shouldn't let a groupthink dictate your identity

    + Connection between language and emotion

    + Japanese fashion and society

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    Devin Townsend Project: 


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