June 30, 2020
Yerasimos Stilianessis and Sophie Fletcher are a bio-dynamic duo with a huge amount of holistic health knowledge. Yerasimos is a transformational bodywork coach who incorporates the Human Design system into his approach, and Sophie is a PHD student in Depth Psychology with a strong grasp on the connection between emotional, mental, and physical health. These two brilliant beings combine knowledge of spirit and soma to form a powerhouse of health wisdom. Video Episode Here: this episode we talk about the power and necessity of touch in a world of social distancing, the mind control manipulation of big-pharma, and the answer to the question of whether trauma needs to be remembered in the mind to heal, or if it can be healed through the body. SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+In the Plus+ Extension we look deeper at medical colonialism, the spiritual perspective on addiction, how to stop self-sabotaging and exercise willpower, and the alchemical perspective on alcohol. All that and a lot more! DISCORD SERVERJoin our growing community of creative truth seekers and chat with us on Discord! WITH YERASIMOS AND SOPHIEYerasimos' Website: Sophie on Instagram - Yerasimos on Instagram - MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Steps" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.
June 28, 2020
John Ech of Aether Force returns to educate us on alternative perspectives about the Sun, the mysterious nature of light, and moral technology. We also discuss Rudolf Steiner and other thinkers, pondering the possibility that we may communicate with cosmic luminaries through the etheric filaments that connect us, and through the imagination portal within. Video version of this episode here - sure you've checked out John's first appearance on the show - Get the second hour of this conversation by joining InnerVerse Plus+ Full show notes & links - FROM JOHN ECHAether Force Website Aether Force Discord Chat Aether Force Pintrest Aether Force Facebook Group See for privacy and opt-out information.
June 17, 2020
Derek Tikkuri joins us for a math-magical show to decode the spells of language and mass-media manipulations. Better known as Gematrinator, Derek reveals numerical riddles and teaches the trippy coincidences that multiply once one begins using letter/number ciphers (Gematria) to analyze names, dates, headlines, and all the words that make up our world. This episode has video components.Watch it here: this episode we discuss Derek's personal story and Gematria destiny, the theory of Gematria and how it can be used to expose conspiracy, discover organic synchronicity, and even predict outcomes of major sporting events. We also discuss natural law, the controlling forces behind our culture, Derek's eclipse/crucifixion code theory, and the 666 cypher connecting Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus, and more. JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ - the Plus+ Extension we continue the Kobe/Corona deciphering, postulate more on the organic vs. artificial gematria phenomenon, discuss the manipulations going on with current events, look at the secret society significance of 74 (4th of July), and use the number 26 to see unity between the source of creation, our body/temple, and our imagination. All that and tons more!FOLLOW GEMATRINATOR Youtube - THE CONVERSATION ON THE INNERVERSE DISCORD SERVER WE TALKED ABOUTThe origins of Derek's destined journey to find and teach GematriaZachary Hubbard (Gematria Effect), one of the first teachers of numerical codes hidden in languageHow Derek created the Gematrinator cypher calculatorsPredicting the outcome of professional sports games through GematriaGematria synchronicity that exists in all our lives naturally (Organic Matrix)Predictions for 6/20 based on the numbers Derek's finding with that dateHow Derek innovated the use of Reverse Gematria ciphers that are crucial to the researchWhy "conspiracy research" can be part of spiritual work on ourselvesKarma, the nature of dark synchronicity (aka conspiracy) and Mark Passio's Natural Law SeminarThe non-creativity, non-innovation and non-imagination of the darksideCult of Scientism and the "appeal to authority" logical fallacyFear-oriented & manipulative media spell casting (modern MK Ultra)Dr. Andrew Kauffman and disputing the germ theory of diseaseKobe Bryant, Coronavirus and how major league sports connect to mega-media manipulation agendasThe eclipse/crucifixion code - Derek's presentation at AnarchadelphiaArithmancy - divination through numbersThe extreme gematria significance of eclipsesPLUS+ EXTENSION (Subscribe!)Derek finishes up his 666 riddle between Kobe Bryant and CoronavirusLooking for the dividing line between artificially conceived gematria and the organic number matrix of realityEvidence that the George Floyd video isn't what it seems - manufactured divide and conquer narrativesMysticism & accepting the never-ending unknown - loving and pursuing the mysteryDark occult & mind control symbolism in mainstream music and infiltration into festival cultureIndependence Day (July 4), Jesus, eclipses, and the occult significance of 74Gematria of the human body, the universe as God's game & the number 26Derek's theory about why media events are coded by the numbersMercury/Hermes and the astrological connection to the media conspiracy eventsThe numerology that links government with mind controlMassive significance with the last and next total solar eclipse over the United StatesGematria encoded in the US and ancient world's distance measuring unitsMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Space Face (Human Music)" - by Illusive Tuna See for privacy and opt-out information.
June 11, 2020
Matt Landman returns to bring a little silver lining to our perspectives. In this episode we talk about his EMF shielding apparel (Spero Protection Clothing), the 5G rollout, and why wearing a mask as we've been instructed to do is not in our best interests. We also cover the deep importance of breath, some of the symbolic/historical significance of masks, and the accelerating plan to divide people through mainstream news and social media. Plus+ Extension - the 2nd hour, we talk about the weird and disturbing trans-human future, the potential for an orchestrated civil war, predictive programming in popular "fiction" about California breaking away from the US, and some of Matt's favorite truther-friendly movies and books. SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+For a $5 monthly donation you get...1 hour interview extensionsEarly Access to ShowsPatron-Only Perks!Join at MATT LANDMAN ONLINEsperoprotectionclothing.comInstagram - MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Stand Up" - by Nasa Funk See for privacy and opt-out information.
May 29, 2020
Korinne Wilson, AKA Occult Priestess , is a psychic, energy healer, and investigator of mystery, with an emphasis on ancient wisdom traditions. In this eclectic conversation we talk about the variety of misleading teachers, anti-gurus, and materialistic/dogmatic trap doors in the world at this time. She also sees and communicates with an ancestral spirit guide of mine, which she had no way of knowing about but somehow could see and hear. All this and a lot more!Sign up for InnerVerse Plus+ for access to the 2nd hour of this interview, and unlock the archive of double length shows!See this Plus+ Extension: FROM OCCULT PRIESTESS TALKED ABOUT...Taking advantage of COVID-1984 house arrest to break routines and go withinPatent 60606, HR 6666, Luciferase & "quantum dot vaccines" and Melinda Gates wearing an upside down crossTarot Card 20 (Judgement) and how in 2020 politics and "science" are the biggest false religionsSpiritual masters/teachers vs. "householders," corporate shills, and false teachersThe fake secret space program disclosure scam and the savior vs. the scary other motifDetoxing the Gnostic meme out of our spiritual worldviewsJung, the timeless, archetypes, ancient occult knowledge, and the godsExtricating from dysfunctional family dynamics to find your soul's missionSynchronistic and spontaneous stone/crystal breakageKorinne sees my ancestral spirit guide, which she's never had happen in a podcast interview beforeSleep paralysis attacks from negative spiritual entitiesONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)False new age teachings like the supposed spiritual "critical mass" that will fix the worldMore messages come through from the spirit guide in the roomScience fiction and the mass manipulation of society into materialistic beliefs about the cosmosPsychic viewing of the higher and lower realms and spiritual entities residing thereThe severe shortcomings of the Law of Attraction cultKundalini awakenings at around age 30Thoughts on the New World OrderDemons, ghosts of our past lives, and soul retrievalWhat real gurus are here to do for humanityMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Low Rider - War" - by Soohan See for privacy and opt-out information.
May 22, 2020
Video presentation of this episode here: Ech is a researcher who explores the borderlands between spirituality and science, and the webmaster of Aether Force. In this episode John presents the case for a variety of theories and technologies from the fringes, rejecting mainstream several theories and revealing the occult mechanics of the universe, from the non-materialistic perspective. This huge podcast is too big to describe, but inside you'll discover ideas from illuminated thinkers like Walter Russell, Rudolf Steiner, and many more. This is probably the longest and most informative episode in InnerVerse history!In the Plus+ Extension, John presents concepts from Radiesthesia (advanced dowsing and energy manipulation), Biogeometry, and Radionics, demonstrating techniques and technologies that blend the magical and the rational into perspectives and systems that we can easily use to improve our lives, energetic potential, and the world at large.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS - FROM JOHN ECHAether Force Website Aether Force Pintrest Aether Force Facebook Group WE TALKED ABOUT...The deep history of Aether Force and the Borderlands Research JournalWhat is the ether and what's the difference between it and Aether?How copyright laws restrict the free flow of knowledge and prevent progressWalter Russell and the fractal heartbeat of the universeElectricity as the primary animating force of the universe and our bodies Balancing concentration and decentration to open up to the knowing state of universal consciousnessThe foundational dynamics of vortex motionWalter Russell's beautiful recreations of the periodic table of the elementsThe intersection of cubes & spheres and revising the concepts of particle physicsWalter Russell's free energy device inventionsThe secret dynamics of light and the illusion of "light speed"Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and the response to Luciferian TheosophyThe materialistic Arihmanic assault on the consciousness of man to project his probable future to live in a pre-manufactured matrix or 8th sphereSteiner's seven stages of human evolution with seven types of etherBringing the information/power from the stars into technologyBiodynamic farming and aligning agriculture with the cosmic clockONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Wolfgang Von Goethe, the art of Clay Taylor and revising the ROYGBIV color wheel modelCoral Castle, a modern mystical monolithic structureWilhelm Reich, Orgone, energy accumulation devices and weather manipulationRadiesthesia, advanced dowsing techniques for observing esoteric information & influencing energyRadiation detecting pendulums for mapping detrimental or beneficial qualities in the environmentBiogeometric mapping of energy spectrums & physical radiesthesia techniques to enhance healthProblems with common shapes of orgonite that generate toxic negative green spectrum energyBG3 emitters, a technology to transmute harmful vibrations and cleanse auras The science of Radionics and devices for storing and broadcasting vital energiesMarcel Vogel's crystal technology that syncs to the radionic rate of the ownerMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Radio Magik" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.
May 15, 2020
Becca Tarnas returns to talk about the esoteric wisdom in JRR Tolkien's works. These "Fairy Stories" aren't your Mother Goose nursery rhymes--in the Perilous Realm, you'll find mystical enchantment and mortal endangerment in equal measure. Tune in to hear about legends of the hidden folk, the mythic consciousness of our ancestors, and how the love of language, magic of words, and the archetype of the inner child can help you recover the beauty and wonder of life. In the Plus+ Extension we discuss the mis-enchantment of culture through media and materialistic belief systems, Tolkien's final tale, the fairy queen at the heart of the imaginal realm, and the elvish mediators between spirit and matter. All that and much more!JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ FOR EXTENDED 2 HOUR INTERVIEWS!MORE BECCA TARNASWebsite: https://www.beccatarnas.comInstagram: @becca.tarnas Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology Book: Journey To The Imaginal Realm WE TALKED ABOUT...By chance happenstance, or the whims of destiny?What are "Fairy Stories" according to Tolkien? (Not Your Mother Goose)Legends of the hidden folk and their connection to the environmentThe mythic level of prehistoric consciousness that found significance in natural phenomenonPhilology - the love of language, the magic of words and the enchantment of abstract adjectivesHow language and grammar drives our mental operating systemsPoetic Diction by Tolkien's fellow Inkling member Owen Barfield - LINK"Spiritus" and the mystical quality of the Air of FairyThe archetype of the inner child and the consciousness of wonderProtecting one's child-like innocence and Frodo's encounter with the evil withinSaruman compared to Gandalf and why good ends don't justify evil meansDifferent forms of escapism and the recovery of enchantment that Fairy Stories provideONLY IN PLUS+Tolkien's critique on drama and how media creates illusory worlds that people inhabitThe mythological mis-enchantment of malefic modern belief systems Gollum, aesthetic philosophy & the relation of beauty to goodness, and ugliness to evilEsoteric ideas in Tolkien's final tale, Smith of Wooten MajorThe fairy queen at the heart of the imaginal realm, embodying nature itselfDancing between bittersweet bereavement and mystical rememberingParallels between Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien stories not set in Middle EarthUnderstanding Tolkien's elves as the mediators between spirit and matterGandalf's wisest words: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "KOUNT ON ME" - by MioWnize See for privacy and opt-out information.
May 6, 2020
Sensei Dave returns to InnerVerse to help bring out the Truth Warrior in all of us. In this eclectic conversation, we examine the "defining myth of our time," JRR Tolkien's LOTR trilogy, and finding spiritual guidance for our strange times through the archetype of the hero. We also look at the One Ring and what it says about the nature of fear and evil, the link between the Hero's Journey and the creative flow state, and a lot more. In the Plus+ Extension we explore some of the ideas that feature on David's Unslaved Podcast, revealing clues to the occult history of our world and the deep corruption of both ancient and modern day religious structures, governments, and dogmatic institutions. JOIN INNERVERSE"When you seek truth and knowledge with the purpose of forming a relationship with it, as opposed to trying to own it like the Ring of Power, unseen forces come to your aid."MORE FROM DAVID WHITEHEADInnerVerse - "Sovereignty Through Self-Esteem & Shadow Work"Unslaved Podcast with Michael TsarionYoutube: Way Of The Truth WarriorDavid Whitehead on Patreon@dwtruthwarrior on InstagramWE TALKED ABOUT...Creating the great awakening and combating increasing internet censorshipTolkien's "defining myth of our time," & David's new LOTR video series with Loralee Scaife - LINK Being spiritually guided by the powerful archetypes represented in LOTRDefining what archetypes are and where they reside within and without ourselves and the worldThe ideas and foundational principles about Western Civilization that are worth fighting to saveExamining the nature of evil and what the metaphor of the One Ring tells us about heroismHow fear in well-meaning people brings out unconscious evil Understanding the link between synchronicity on the hero's journey and the creative flow stateThe distinction between liberty and freedomONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The secret war of the early Catholic church against the ancient Nordic-Finnish civilization - LINKHow Fear-based worldviews like the concept of Hell were manufactured to enslave humanity, and the original location of the real hell on earth, not a scary or evil place actuallyMore esoteric history, like the original historical figure who was turned into the characters of both Jesus and King Arthur - LINKThe pros and cons of modern day Christianity and other religious philosophies Communism and the Vatican's cozy relationship and the religions of atheism, scientism and the stateMartial Arts, working with the body to evolve the mind and spirit, and David's training at home video series on PatreonStaying grounded and balancing the proverbial earth and sky energies withinReawakening the warrior and the armor of truth and moral virtueSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitShilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "A Mindful Gitdown" - by Michael Tsarion See for privacy and opt-out information.
April 28, 2020
Michael Wann is a synchromystic researcher who uncovers occult correlations and connections between cultural phenomenon and our individual experience. In this episode we look at the movie Inception and what it reveals about the digital dream-world that humanity has mistaken for reality, the relationship between human neural pathways and macro-cosmic patterns in the universal mind, and the harvesting of the mass-imagination for the manifestation of a totalitarian age. In the Plus+ Extension we question A.I., 5G, and the frequency war, the influence of group belief on the coronavirus event, the power of becoming self-regulated, and the occult history of human civilization. All that and a heck-of-a-lot more!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ at MICHAEL WANN ONLINE WE TALKED ABOUTThe lockstep narrative between mainstream media, government, and global organizationsWhat does it mean that our collective dream streams through screens?The as above so below relationship between human neural pathways and universal etheric patternsHow PTSD creates and influences our physical bodies, nervous system, and behaviorsExamples of popular flow arts and athletic pursuits that demonstrate etheric pathwaysThe inevitability of total and utter transformation in all aspects of life and the universeInception (the movie) and how our society consists of an artificial and circular dream-within-a-dream structureRealizing the dream-like nature of reality itself & controlled awakeningsThe deeper you go, the more symbolic things becomeOccult power of culture controllers to harvest the human imagination & create the world in their imageWhy our technological powers are often part of the dream of decay and how tech plagiarizes and supplants natural spiritual abilitiesUnderstanding the etheric pathways as being correlated to rivers or our body's veinsONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Questioning the nature of Artificial Intelligence that invades our psychic and physical spaceThe frequency war, hypnotic technology, 5G, and numerological connectionsRecognizing the power of the imagination to create either disease or health based on belief, and applying that knowledge to how we look at things like 5GThe fractal nature of the breath and waking up from the dream that we don't have control of our bodies, by becoming self-regulatedTartaria, the mud-flood, and the likelihood that our historical record is mostly fictional from a few hundred years ago and backDivination, I Ching & Tarot, and inventing your own system for tapping in to the imagination to gain informationBecoming the King of Truth hide and seek with the creative intelligence of the universe SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "A Mindful Gitdown" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.
April 27, 2020
Last week I hung out with the Chronspiracists, Niko and Clark. They gave me lots of time to explore the Cosmic Egg concept, a syncretic synopsis of an ancient idea. Although I'm not personally sure that it's a completely true theory, I think it's one of the most fascinating ways one can look at our universe, and as a worldview, it's far more empowering than what we get from NASA, astrophysicists, and materialist/atheistic science.There are some supplementary materials that will help you visualize this idea much better than words alone can do, so check out the links below as you get started on this epic podcast.Cosmic Egg Artwork by our old friend and previous guest Hakan HisimNORBz Theory - Graphical Video Summary of Cosmic Egg TheoryIf you like what these Chronspiracy guys do, make sure and subscribe to their show and check out what they've been researching! See for privacy and opt-out information.
April 21, 2020
Laurel Airica returns to the show for another round of word magic fun! As a professional performance poet and etymological explorer, Laurel reveals the unknown significance of everyday verbage, and makes phonetics fun again. In the beginning was the word, but it's up to us to make sure we have the last word when it comes to the neuro-linguistic programming of our minds. In this episode we overview some vibrant vocabulary that sheds light on humanity's current condition(ing), entering the god zone vortex, the computer code driven colonization of our consciousness, and connecting with the universal source field. All that and lots more!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon to get access to the awesome 2nd hour of this episode, and unlock the huge archive of extended shows! - LAUREL AIRICA ONLINElaurelairica.comwordmagicglobal.comBook: WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the WhirledPatreon: TALKED ABOUT...Vocab for 2020: The Global Kakistocracy is responsible for the juggernaut that has brought us this insuperable degringoladeLinguistic tricks, word magic and hidden meanings, and original poem readingsHow language creates the holo-grammatical dream of our collective reality Entering the vortex, flow state, or god zoneRe-imagining the words that make up the world, and the literary lotto on https://www.WordMagicGlobal.comThe many thinkers and philosophers who have posited that the decay of language corrupts societyAI and the English & computer code linguistic subjection/colonization of the worldThe loving and intelligent universal source fieldSaturn's bars and barring the bards from speaking truth"The Aye That Is Oui" by Laurel AiricaSeeking ascension as we plunge into epic uncertainty  ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The new religion of scientism and Rupert Sheldrake's book, The Science DelusionHealing the words of our worldview and the The invasion of cloned personalities and opinions in our culture A mystical way of etymologically defining the phrase "conspiracy researcher"The way human nations have had a history of operating at a level of consciousness akin to antsEnantiodromia, the tendency of all things to inevitably become their oppositeBecoming intelligentle and reuniting our intellect with generosity and the generative principleWhat it means that you are omnificientLaurel gives a reading of the lyrics from her musical collab with rapper Truth Seekah - "Speaking Beauty"The mean meaning of mean and determining significance and magnificence instead of definitions SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Boreal Hymn: Banner of Grief" - Remix by Drumspyder For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 17, 2020
Dr. Shelley Kaehr is the author of several books, and in this episode we discuss her newest: Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories. As an experienced hypnotic regression therapist and energy healer, Dr. Kaehr is a timeline technician who helps clients find relief from trauma, compulsions, and soul contracts that sometimes hide in our unconscious minds. This interview explores theories about karma & reincarnation, the lessons we receive from pain and discomfort, and example cases from Shelley's practice with clients.SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+In the Plus+ Extension we look at negative entity attachment & curses, ET contact and alien abductions, cultural hypnotic programming, spontaneous past life recall, past lives in Atlantis, and the importance of healing ancestral trauma. You can enjoy all this and much more in the excellent second hour! DR. SHELLEY KAEHR ONLINEWebsite: Book: Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories Instagram: @shelleykaehr WE TALKED ABOUTHow Shelley got into past life stuff and The Search For Bridey Murphey (Book)Why pain and discomfort are some of our greatest teachersThe importance of grounding on a regular basis, especially if practicing energy healing work with othersShelley shares a guided grounding visualization practiceMultiple theories about what past life experiences signify about universal mechanicsHypnotic progression into a future experience where the client can feel the positive results of their insightsBeyond Reality: Evidence of Parallel Universes (2005 Book by Shelley Kaehr)Shelley's RELIEF method for clearing past life problems and setting up a better future for clientsCases where personal relationships with past life acquaintances had to be rectifiedHow common our psychic communication with one another actually isWho needs past life regressions and how often are they useful?Does karma sometimes skip a lifetime or two until we're ready to confront it?Historical data that verifies the past life memory of a child or patientBuilding a bridge to our intuition by opening our imagination ONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE!)Realizing that pure imagination and the source of reality are the same thingOrigins of Huna: Secret Behind the Secret Science (2002 Book by Shelley Kaehr)A practical theory addressing the problem with belief in negative entity attachment or curses Cases of ET contact, abduction and soul contracts made with Grey Aliens with some of Shelley's clientsHypnotically incepted false memories and fear programmingHow technology induces trance states and can influence and subvert our mindsSpontaneous past life recall, and how it can be triggered and recognizing it when it happens(I watched this happen to my partner the night before the interview)Clients who believe they've experienced past lives in AtlantisHealing our ancestral trauma and repairing the timeline of all their descendantsExploring the space our souls inhabit between lifetimesGuided journeys in Shelley's book and gaining the tools to help yourselfCreating a personalized happy place on the astral plane to use as a launch pad for inner journeysSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Cry For Roots" by Wolf Tech For information regarding your data privacy, visit
April 4, 2020
Heather Elizabeth returns to talk about the climactic significance of our current evolutionary moment, bringing with her the magical map of galactic synchronicity: the 13 Moon DreamSpell calendar. We talk about the initiation of a new 13 year cycle, the archetype of the White Wizard (including Gandalf, of course), the hero's journey, how we're revisiting the energy of 1968 in 2020, staying anchored in yourSELF, and much more.Support InnerVerse to get double length episodes and unlock the second hour of this show! Join at this Plus+ Extension, Heather shares wisdom for staying grounded in an uncertain world, empowering our empathy, leaning in to the universe, how to meet your spirit guides, the imagination portal, creating and using wizardly tools, and helping humanity to shift fear into curiosity. FIND HEATHER ELIZABETH Instagram @shineheatherelizabethFacebook Group: Conscious Dreamers Find Your Galactic Signature (Law of Time) WE TALKED ABOUT...The 13 Moon Galactic Mayan Calendar, its structure and purpose to aid us on our personal journeyHow to find and use your personal galactic signature & codespell The current climate as a climactic moment and a cardinal shift in collective human evolutionBeginning a new 13 year cycle - the White Magnetic Wizard and the medicine of timelessnessThe glorious Gandalf (as a spiritual guide) and connecting with the wizard archetypeThat moment you realize life is the combination of all our hero/shero's journeys9 month/moon cycles and what we've birthed into reality since January 2019Revisiting the energy of 1968 in the 52 year cycle of the 13 moon calendar, Transcending the illusions of war, inequality, and separation 2001 A Space Odyssey and the prophecy of the black rectangle monolith (the cell phone)The old world isn't coming back--make your own reality or have your life chosen for youFind your Helm's Deep - a place you could survive without connection to the global economyAnchoring to the most real thing you can, your SelfHeather's free online virtual circle meetings, available to allThe Shine Wizard Academy & the email list you can join for Heather's regular uplifting messagesThe return of the Galactic Year - 4/12/2020 (White Magnetic Wizard Day)Decoding JRR Tolkien, the visionary Blue Galactic EagleONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Staying grounded to THRIVE in an uncertain world - Video LinkEmpowered empathy instead of disempowering feelings that we need to fix or control othersLeaning in to the universe to create synchronicity between inner and outerLearning to recognize and communicate with your spiritual guidesWhy imagination is more important than knowledge, and is a pathway to higher understandingThe removal of the veil between the material and spiritual Using creativity and imagination to amplify your intentions, such as with an altar spaceHow artists and musicians are blessing the world with their quarantine-time creationsWizard tools - the wand and the staff, creating and using them for yourselfThe Mayan Oracle & Occult correlations with galactic signatures, directions, planets, and chakrasAssisting humanity through the heightened levels of fear on the planet right now SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Inward" by Wisdom Traders For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 30, 2020
Matt Landman is an activist and the creator of the documentary Frankenskies. In this super-show we sift through the scientific statistics and ask several important questions that throw the mainstream explanation of the COVID-19 crisis into serious doubt. We cover a lot of ground on this one with the hope of keeping you grounded during the storm. Topics include the unproven theory of the what the virus even is, the enormous flaws in PCR testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction), the facts that impact the death statistics, and the problematic treatment protocols, and that's just scratching the surface. We also look at the global lockdown quarantine, how its effects on the economy could lead to drastic totalitarian action, the evidence of a "plan-demic" plot to capitalize on crisis, corporate CEOs and government insiders cashing out their stocks, and the unlikelihood that 5G is to blame (although its still not a good thing). To top things off we examine some of the super-sketchy anti-freedom laws that are being considered in Congress. All that and much more, so tune in and enjoy a fresh perspective on these strange times.SUPPORT INNERVERSEBecome a Plus+ Member for extended episodes & early access to shows! Crowe's "Coronavirus Panic" White Paper With Official Data Citations & Bibliography - LINKPODCASTSWhat Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors - LINK Coronavirus Chaos, Mr. Global, & The Technocratic Plot - LINK Coronavirus COVID-19: The Risks, The Testing, & The Treatments - LINK FIND MATT LANDMAN ONLINEFrankenskies film - https://www.frankenskiesthemovie.comSPERO Protection Clothing - Activists - https://www.actualactivists.comMatt Landman on Facebook @Frankenskiestour on InstagramWE TALKED ABOUT...Trauma as psychological kindling that can inflame a fearful mentality, but can also illuminate the truthHow non-stop scary news keeps people locked in fight or flight modeThe big increase of untrue rumors spreading like wildfire through social mediaHas the COVID-19 been isolated and purified in a lab, to prove it's an infectious virus? Nope!David Crowe - The Infectious Myth & Coronavirus Panic (Research Paper) - LINKMedical Journal Article: A Novel Coronavirus from Patients With Pneumonia in China - LINKThe psychological impact on the elderlyFinding a way to offer our deepest humanity to othersThe effect of fear on our biology and healthAggressive treatment methods that are likely adding to the death count - LINKHow quarantine has limited activist resistance to 5G implementationThe Secure 5G And Beyond Act of 2020 - LINKThe biggest-ever mass exodus of insider CEOs in January 2020 - LINKEvent 201 - 2019's wargame simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown - LINKNo proof that COVID-19 is caused by 5G, and why it's harmful to spread ideas without proofMaking the "end of the old world" be the time you create your own new worldThe reflection of our situation in the space weather (astrology)80% false positive rate with coronavirus Polymerase Chain Reaction testing - LinkDr Anthony Fauci (Faust?) predicts "surprise virus outbreak" during Trump Presidency - LINKHow our collective mental patterns create the big picture of societal behaviorWhy the "official" definition of what makes a confirmed case is what determines big or small statistics - LINKThe real reason the rate of confirmed cases in China have gone down (it's not because of quarantine)Over-sterilization dangers and hand sanitizers disrupting endocrine systems - LINKTiptoeing towards fascism, government seeking control over corporations - LINKAnonymous, Q-Anon, David Wilcock & Magical Savior Aliens--comfort culture and the problem with thinking insiders are going to secretly fix everything without us having to actWhy things don't go viral organically anymore, Facebook & Youtube censorshipThe lifting of the worldwide ban on bio-weapons research in 2015 - LINKDisputing the idea of infectious diseases based on real world exposure cases - LINKMaterialism as the foundational incorrect assumption at the bottom of our society's problemsThe Federal Reserve changes its capital reserve rules - LINKMore about the Federal Reserve: Century of Enslavement (Documentary by James Corbett) & The Creature From Jekyll Island (Book by G. Edward Griffin)The EARN IT act - attempting to illegalize online encryption & privacy - LINKHR 5717 and the government's desire to get rid of gun ownership in the US - LINKReal ID 2020 (LINK) and social credit scores in ChinaHow local and national media simply repeat the same information they're handed from aboveFrequency-Thinkers worth researching: Masaru Emoto (LINK), Nicola Tesla (LINK), Royal Rife (LINK), Wilhelm Reich (LINK)Alex Jones is Bill Hicks (LINK)The climate change alarmism build up to the coronavirus lockdown5G being installed around the country and in schools during quarantine when nobody is watching (LINK)The Handmaids Tale - 1990 movie revealing the plan to make humanity infertile (LINK)Spero Protection Clothing and being the hope (not hopium) the world needs (LINK)Pasco FL man surprised to see Florida announce his coronavirus death (LINK) SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Zombishh" by Lusid ft. Phi Lo For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 27, 2020
Explore the paradoxical pleroma with Professor Anthony Guilbert, author of Notes From The Drift, a collection of poetic observations infused with the philosophy of Esoteric Daoism. In this episode we peruse a plethora of cosmo-psychological perspectives, which is a fancy way of saying we try to take a glance into the inner workings of the universal mind. Tune in to hear the original purpose behind practicing Qi Gong, yin & yang, connecting heaven and earth, and plenty of encouragement to keep doing the work on yourself--no shortcuts!In the Plus+ Extension expect to hear about legitimate transcendental experience, building a healthy persona after shattering your ego, creativity and finding your Wu Wei in this wide world, and a lot more!Join InnerVerse Plus+ to unlock 2 hour extended episodes & early access to shows! PROFESSOR ANTHONY GUILBERT ONLINE Notes From The DriftWE TALKED ABOUT...Inspiration and intention behind Notes From The DriftWandering for the sake of it, finding unexpected synchronicity The philosophy of Daoism, and describing the infinite as a verbFour types of Daoism in the US (pros and cons)The original purpose of Daoist practices like Qi GongLearning authenticity by observing nature and animalsTransitioning from learning how to fight people to learning how to help themQi Gong as an access practice to energy healing modalitiesThe body follows the Qi, the Qi follows the mindThe meaning behind the metaphor of "connecting heaven and earth"Navigating this time of heightened noveltyI Ching, divination, and learning to trust your own intuitionQi Gong learning resources:                    - The Global Qi Project                    - The Institute For Integral Qigong and Tai Chi                    - Ken Cohen (                    - Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming                    - Teapot Monk (Tai Chi Online)No shortcuts, no secrets--you have to do the work on yourselfONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)A generous description of a legitimate transcendental experienceContinuing our practice even after a permanently illuminating and challenging temporary ego dissolutionWhy awareness practices may grant more lasting changes than psychedelics in the long runNot seeking to find oneself, but seeking to create oneselfCreativity, finding our authenticity, and the Wu Wei (effective non-action)Walt Whitman, and anthropologist author Wade Davis, and the incalculable value of diversityDavid Cooper: Convergence With NatureAnthony's native New Yorker perspective on some occult aspects of the Trump presidencyExamining opportunistic behavior of corrupt authority figuresThe rapidly shattering illusion that our governmental system creates freedom or harmonyReawakening wonder and excitement in our worldview and flexibility in our mindsSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "We'll Be Able To Fly" by Soohan For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 17, 2020
Stacy Pants is a multi-disciplinary artist who you can find live-painting and building creative installations at festivals around the Midwest US and beyond. In this episode we explore Stacy's journey to becoming a professional artist and talk about all the ways in which being an artist is a way of life more than a way to make money. Tune in and enliven your inner child with the wonderful & whimsical personality that Stacy brings to the show!In the Plus+ Extension, we explore the notion of creativity as a spiritual pathway, Stacy gives advice for aspiring artists, we question the necessity of art school, and we take a fun detour into talking about our shared love for comic books. Support InnerVerse on Patreon to unlock the huge archive of extended shows! STACY PANTS ONLINEWebsite - Facebook - @stacypantsdesign Facebook Group - Stacy Pants PARTy Instagram - @stacypantzWE TALKED ABOUT…The story of how Stacy Pants became a professional artistMaking passion for creation your motive instead of prioritizing moneyHow art forms compassionate and open communities like nothing elseImpact of society's current COVID-19 panic on artist's livelihoodsVirtual reality and the immersive art of the futureThe connection between physical health and creative productivityHelping people find their inner child again with playful art installationsStacy's trusty steed La Fonda - the crazy colorful adult-sized rocking horse - Image LinkBeing the strange you want to see in the worldCreating artist-centric events that are about connecting instead of getting wastedStacy recalls some of the many places she's lived and visitedThe incorrect assumption that making art requires heavy psychedelic useONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Art as the universal spiritual pathAppreciating the mystery of life more than needing answersAdvice for getting into the festival world as a live-artistWhy you might want to avoid art schoolThe importance of working on yourself in equal measure to your vocationCreative labor and the alchemy of magical manifestationOur shared love of comics and why we like them and a few titles that Stacy's intoConnecting to past and future selves to share a loving perspective New images of super heroes and The Spider-Verse The appeal of archetypal apocalypse stories Cultivating the flow stateSetting healthy social media boundaries SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Mezmerize" by Jonteal For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 16, 2020
Xane Daniel joined me for a live-streamed chat on 3/15/2020, to talk about how we can respond to the worldwide virus situation we're seeing unfold, and why unconditional love is always a good answer.You can watch the video version of this episode here - you want to catch future InnerVerse live-streams, make sure you like InnerVerse on Facebook and subscribe to notifications for when we go live! INNERVERSEhttps://www.innerversepodcast.comSUPPORT INNERVERSE XANE DANIEL ONLINEhttps://www.xanedaniel.com For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 12, 2020
Chis Fremin, better known as C-Free, hosts an excellent podcast called This Esoteric Life. As an expert in Qi Gong, a movement based energy practice, C-Free has lots to share about building and maintaining one's vital energy, or life-force. We discuss many potentials for self-exploration that a Qi Gong practitioner might experience, along with reasons why breath-consciousness is a must, and thoughts on the skill of letting go (of the mental and physical variety). We also surf on an idea-wave about what it means to become a spiritual scientist. In the Plus+ Extension, we chat on about the path to truth, with and without teachers, investigate the idea of "Imposter Syndrome," and consider the many benefits of hypnotherapy and learning to utilize trance states for a variety of purposes.Support InnerVerse and get double-length (2 hour+) shows! FIND C-FREE ONLINEThis Esoteric Life Podcast @this_esoteric_life_podcast on InstagramC-Free's Light Club on Patreon   WE TALKED ABOUT…Chris' background in western esoteric spirituality, Qi Gong, and hypnotherapyDefining Qi, life force energy, as the relationship between all systems of the bodyThe Qi Gong practice for building bio-energy, and the accessibility of the classical setsUsing visualization properly to learn the feeling of internal energy flowLetting the process of daily practice become your Kung-Fu teacherLearning the physical skill of releasing tension and letting goBreathing properly to maintain energy and happinessFinding the connection between the subconscious mind and the Qi through the breathBecoming a spiritual scientist through experimentation and observation of your energyPsychic senses, imagination, & training yourself in energetic biofeedback aka aura ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Reasons for why teachers can be necessary for our physical and spiritual practicesApotheosis, which means discovering the truth by ruling out what's untrueSolutions to imposter syndrome, the feeling like you aren't worthy or able to be who you wantIntegrating the lesson of self-criticism instead of letting it destroy youSimple solutions to the physical health origins of low-grade anxiety or problematic thinking patternsThe power of hypnotherapy for just about everything, especially learning how to sleep betterHypnotically implanted ideas and why certain types of regression are unethicalWhy self-hypnosis is much quicker and easier than psychedelics and other gateways to higher realmsOpening to the reality of past-life memories through regression therapy SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "The Immortal" by C-Free For information regarding your data privacy, visit
March 4, 2020
Becca Tarnas is the author of Journey To The Imaginal Realm: A Reader's Guide To J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. As a PHD scholar of philosophy and religion, Becca guides us through the deep symbolic archive and wisdom of Tolkien's great works. In this episode we explore the source of human imagination, the Atlantis mystery in Middle-Earth, the parallels between Carl Jung and Tolkien, and the mechanism by which great stories are able to immerse us in an enchanted other-world.In the Plus+ Extension, we look at Tolkien's use of Venusian symbolism, the archetype of the syzygy (union of sun and moon), Tolkien's critique of industrialization, the enigmatic character of Tom Bombadil, and much more.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ FOR EXTENDED EPISODES! BECCA TARNAS ONLINEBecca Tarnas Website Journey To The Imaginal Realm (Book)Archetypal Prism Astrological CounselingArchai: The Journal of Archetypal CosmologyInstagram @becca.tarnasWE TALKED ABOUT…How Becca got swept up into the world of Middle-EarthNumerology symbolism in The Lord of the Rings taleThe Matrix and the esoteric meaning of the One RingTolkien's dream-visions of Atlantis and how it appears in his fiction"The Inklings" Tolkien's club with other authors of his timeUnfinished stories like The Lost Road, The Notion Club PapersHow Tolkien predicted England's Great Flood of 1987Ancestral memory and inherited traumaSynchronistic parallels between Carl Jung and JRR TolkienThe Music of the Ainur, a cosmogony of Middle-Earth (Creation Myth)Samuel Coleridge, Idealism, the primary imagination and sub-creation, the mechanism used by artistsEnchantment - being immersed in a believable world of fantasyWitnessing to co-create with the divine imagination instead of trying to be the God of creation ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The etymological roots of "invention"Discovering one's sense of awe and wonderAlchemical as above so below mysteries of stars, water, and languageThe story of Eärendil the Mariner, the first and most prevalent character in Tolkien's sagaFrodo's star-glass and Venusian archetypal symbolismA Jungian perspective on the archetype of the syzygy, uniting solar and lunar qualities to individuate as the Higher SelfUnderstanding the difference between gender and polarity and seeking the balance betweenMordor and Saruman as symbols of the consequences of industrialization and scientific reductionismThe tree-people known as Ents and Tolkien's perspective on nature as a conscious entitySolving our problematic effects on the environment with personal responsibility and communityTom Bombadil, the most anomalous character in Lord of the Rings, and the self-realized individual in relation to natureThe curious incident in the barrow downs and consciousness time-travelThat awesome moment where the Lady Eowyn shanks the Witch King of the NazgulSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Incandescent EP" by MioWnize For information regarding your data privacy, visit
February 27, 2020
Stephen Suchan (AKA Soohan) produces crazy dance music with cultural flavors from around the globe. In this episode we talk about the spiritual community that arises around authentic music scenes, the rise of Soohan as a huge act at transformational festivals around North America, some thoughts on relationships, and perspectives on consciousness mysteries.FIND SOOHAN Soundcloud / Spotify / Bandcamp / Youtube Facebook / Instagram / TwitterWE TALKED ABOUT... Ecstatic dance and playing festivals in the jungleThe spiritual community growing in the transformational arts festival sceneKeeping one's energy in peak condition despite hectic performance times and traveling schedulesStephen describes his eclectic music influences and composition styleThe rise of Soohan and journey to where he is nowThe super heady spiritual/creative community that supports SoohanCollaborating with artists around the world and the power of persistenceMonogamy and polyamoryStephen's interest in occult and paranormal topicsThe unified higher self and why the golden rule is part of all major religionsGlobal music for a global revolution in consciousnessMaintaining the right perspective to see synchronicityPolyglots and breaking language barriers - Laoshu50500 & XiaomanycStephen reviews his musical creation process and resources SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Nuova Compagnia" Remix by Soohan
February 19, 2020
I was a guest on Brenden Weber's podcast The Philosophy Guy, where we had an excellent discussion about the pros and cons of what is collectively labeled as "The New Age Movement." This huge can of worms includes topics like aliens, channeling, the law of attraction, and cult-like behavior of the masses who may be following gurus instead of their own path to truth.Later in the episode I was able to give a bit of a lecture about Idealism and Panpsychism, picking up where we left off on Brenden's recent appearance on InnerVerse. Following that, we discussed the concept of psychological and cosmic Archetypes, although we left a lot on the table for a future chat. Big thanks to Brenden for having me on his awesome show!Original Episode DescriptionI'm joined by Chance of the InnerVerse podcast to turn the tables a bit! I interview him...but of course this leads into another great discussion. We discuss New Age spirituality....the very loaded term and how it's quite literally making old ideas full of wisdom again. Also, we discuss more philosophy of mind to expand on our last discussion.Check out his show: Feed ($5 a month): Links: Discord Squad: Twitter: Email List: Facebook: Email: thephilosophyguy2@gmail.comHelp Support the ShowPatreon: @brenden-weberPaypal: The Philosophy Guy
February 11, 2020
Acharya Shunya is a globally renowned Vedic scholar and teacher, and the author of the highly successful book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom. In this episode we discuss the non-dual wisdom of the Vedanta and Shunya's deep knowledge of ancient Sanskrit texts. We also explore powerful and health oriented information from the Ayurveda tradition. In the Plus+ Extension, we get into more specific advice around what to eat and how to utilize healing herbs and plants, pinpoint problems with consumerism culture, and talk about deity, synchronicity, and the dream of Samsara.Become a member at FIND ACHARYA SHUNYA ONLINEacharyashunya.comVedika Global - Online Courses Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom - Shunya's Book@Acharyashunya on FacebookSelf-Realization Guided Meditation provided kindly by Shunya WE TALKED ABOUT...Introduction to Ayurveda and Vedic teachingsHow the Vedic wisdom lineage suggests a different history of Earth than Euro-centric historyThe universe according to the Vedanta, and the pure subjectivity of higher consciousnessSimultaneous existence and non-existence, and other paradoxesRealizing we're the Supreme Being while avoiding the God-Complex ego tripThe loss of purity of teachings by writing spiritual information as texts instead of an oral transmissionGoing beyond dogmatic religion and the age of Self-InitiationAstrology and interpreting the physical world as symbolic of your inner selfThree layers of reality, self, nature, and societySymbolic similarities between Abrahamic religions and Vedic traditionAyurvedic medicine and including spirit and consciousness in healing modalitiesHow Shunya was able to overcome a chronic pain conditionTake-home applicable advice derived from Ayurveda ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Flexible and eclectic Ayurvedic advice about eating and different types of foodAyurvedic herb-lore and medicinal supplements The incorrect assumptions of consumerism culture and western medicineShunya's activism to reduce the environmental impact of over-harvesting herbs Amazing tips on healing herbs you can grow yourselfThe deep Vedic view on deities, the true higher Self, and elevating past rigid religionSynchronicity as a clue that you're ready to wake up from the dream of Samsara Mind-altering plant medicines in the yogic traditionsSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Swanky Moll" by LuSid
January 31, 2020
Brenden Weber is the host of The Philosophy Guy, a podcast that explores wise ideas, often in a pop culture analyzing context. In this host-to-host discussion, we look at the flaws in the materialist worldview and consider a variety of alternative cosmologies. We also consider the epistemology or moral lessons available to us by looking at intelligence in nature, the power of the individual, the ideas of thinkers like J. Krishnamurti, and more.In the Plus+ Extension, we examine the mystical ramifications of the idealist worldview, riff on non-physical (a.k.a. alien) forms of independent consciousness, psychedelics as medicine, destiny, The Witcher, and a philosophical look at Rick And Morty.Become a Plus+ Member at FIND BRENDEN WEBER ONLINEThe Philosophy Guy PodcastThe Philosophy Guy on @brendenweber_ on TwitterWE TALKED ABOUT..."The Hard Problem of Consciousness" and the limitations of materialist philosophyPanpsychism, Idealism, and the unified conscious energy of the universeStaying undecided and undefined instead of latching to ideologyGnosticism and its problematic philosophical outcomesThe world isn't in your head, the world is your headIntelligence and symmetry in nature and what it might tell us about realityCosmopsychism and the force that constructs the universe and balances itSpirit or universal consciousness as the recording device of all information in realityEpistemology: Is there a natural or universal law pertaining to morality?The "ought/is" problem of philosophy and seeking good for its own sakeKrishnamurti & individualism vs. the collective, and the hero as outsiderPostmodernism and the problem of group-identity political philosophyONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The watchers, Nephalim, and Ideological egregores: non-physical but independent consciousness forms that influence societyThe Hidden Universe: An Investigation into Non-Human Intelligences (Book) by Anthony PeakeMystical encounters with other intelligences and the variety of psychological of to explain the otherExploring the magical nature of the flow state as psychonauts, artists, and athletes experience itWhy the body isn't a prison, and the ego shouldn't be permanently killedThe Case Against Reality: Why Evolution Hid the Truth from Our Eyes (Book) by Donald HoffmanMicrodosing tech professionals and the importance of research on plant medicinesCreativity as a gateway to your higher calling or unique spiritual pathwayBrenden's involvement with Mind Utah, a new organization promoting consciousness and psychedelic medicinal researchAnalyzing destiny, morality and neutrality with the story of The WitcherGnostic nuggets in Rick and Morty and finding meaning in the nihilism SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Out Of The Bag Vol. 1" by Acid Katz
January 27, 2020
Linda Raedisch is the author of various books on folklore, magic, and myth. In this episode, we discuss her newest work, The Lore of Old Elfland: Secrets From the Bronze Age to Middle-Earth. These aren't Santa's Elves we're talking about though--this conversation examines the historical tribes and legends that may be the origin of modern ideas about tall, beautiful, and mysterious pointy eared folk. Of course, we also explore the concept of diminutive humanoids, undead warriors and their barrows, the ramifications of the spread of religions on our folklore, and J.R.R. Tolkein's inspirations for The Lord of the Rings. All that and much more in this phenomenal episode!In the Plus+ Extension, we look at legends like The Wild Hunt and the Green Children of Woolpit, while entertaining the possibility that modern UFO, alien, and Bigfoot encounters might be the same category of phenomenon as our ancient elvish escapades.Become a Plus+ Member at FIND LINDA RAEDISCH ONLINEThe Lore of Old Elfland: Secrets From the Bronze Age to Middle-EarthLinda Raedisch - Llewellyn Publishing@Linda.Raedisch on Facebook@LindaRaedisch on Instagram WE TALKED ABOUT...Growing up with "Elf Land" in your backyardAncient burial mounds of Northern GermanyTracking the tribe of the Tuatha De Danann through historyNeolithic and Bronze Age peoples who may have been remembered as ElvesHave Bigfoot and Aliens taken the place of Elves in modern culture?The story of the spamathur and other helpful gnome-like spirits of the household and landHow Christian conversion chased away helper spirits of the homeIcelandic belief in nature spirits of modern timesAre elves actually ancestor spirits?Draugrs, undead revenants and restless deadJR Tolkein's character Tom Bombadil, and universal consciousness stepping down into multiplicityLinguistic origins of elves, giants, and godsThe Old Magic of Christmas and creepy Saturn archetypes - LINKRare Exports - movie portraying the dark side of Santa - LINK ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The legend of The Wild Hunt, an undead cavalry that may be related to elvesHow Elf and fairy encounters are similar to UFO abductions and near-death experiencesTolkein's writings and creating from a trance-stateRunes, Finnish epics, and the Elvish languagesThe legacy of JRR's son, the recently deceased Christopher TolkienEpic fantasy novels we love, and we introduce some rare words for your vocabulary, like incunabulumThe amazing legend of the Green Children of Woolpit, which might even be trueLiminal spaces and theories portals to the fairy zone, off planet or IN our planetTheories that the little people may have evolved into a creepier form by living undergroundDwarf sized ancient ruins and hobbit sized humanoid fossilsDenisovans, the huge proto-human hybrids who could survive in cold and high altitudesSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Light of Eärendil" by John Yentes
January 16, 2020
Emily Ridout specializes in teaching astro-yoga, an innovative way to combine astrological knowledge with movement practices. In this episode we discuss themes of the coming year and decade, as we see them in the stars, along with a Tarot reading that sheds more light on our current energetic potentials.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ FOR EXTENDED EPISODES!In the Plus+ Extension, we dive in to the ocean of worldwide winter solstice folklore, and examine the dark side of Santa, the possibly reality of alternative humanoids like dwarves and elves, and explore the effect of belief on what lurks in the liminal spaces of our perception.Check it out - FIND EMILY RIDOUT ONLINE Emily's First Appearance on InnerVerseFacebook @EmilyRidoutYoga Instagram @Emily_Ridout_Astroyoga Weekly Astro-Yoga Forecast Signup  WE TALKED ABOUT... January/Early February 2020 astrology forecast and yoga prescriptionAstrological review of 2019 and the previous decadeDoing our part to end the "throw-away" consumer cultureAstrological themes of the coming year and decadeTarot card reading for 2020 - upside down Five of CupsHow to check if we're spiritually bypassing our lessonsMoving the physical body to activate the subtle (energetic) bodyLetting go of trying to control other's perception of youPhysical and mental Internal cleansing using the breathONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Folklore roots of winter solstice traditions and Santa's shady secret identityThe story of the wild hunt and the merging of myths in pop culture - LinkAmanita Muscaria, mushroom cults and shamanismExploring the possible reality of elves, dwarves, and other little peopleLooking at supernatural and extraterrestrial beings as culturally influenced manifestations of spiritReverberations of spirit and reality as the interplay of universal archetypesHow to listening to the body and move to balance polarized physical energyArcheological sites that influence folklore beliefs about astrology and elvish legendsVideo Link to "Dwarf Ruins" in SardiniaHow belief may influence the types of strange creatures people see in different regions, like trolls in Iceland or Bigfoot in ArkansasMeeting the Devil at a crossroad, and how folklore influences what we discover in liminal or in-between spacesEmily's advice on changing the chronic stress addicted culture from the inside outSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Nova" by Kadela
January 8, 2020
InnerVerse kicks off 2020 with the return of the amazing Xane Daniel, an independent comic book author, inspirational speaker, and energy healer. In this episode, Xane talks about his adventures touring the US and living in his new van, and updates us on Righteous (his excellent comic series). He also shares wisdom from his presentation "The Final Lesson," about living from the perspective that you are literally the universe, aka Source, having a human experience for fun.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ FOR EXTENDED EPISODES!In the Plus+ Extension, the epiphanies keep flowing and we explore our society's work incentive structure, take a look at the body/mind connection with trauma, and Xane provides an activation for the audience to help us release stagnant energy.FIND XANE DANIEL ONLINEXane Daniel Website Righteous Website The Final Lesson - Video LinkWE TALKED ABOUT...How Xane synchronistically manifested his sweet house-vanSolving problems with confidenceReading Akashic Records in AlbuquerqueFocusing on current life goals rather than past life problemsChapters 11 and 12 of Righteous and potential TV adaptationSoul Essence Activation embedded in the Righteous comicWisdom from The Final Lesson - LinkThe truth about perfectionEarth's magnetic fields and their influence on humans in certain hot spotsONLY IN PLUS+Considering what an ascended 5th dimension life would be likeEncouraging goodness in society instead of incentivizing greed or controlling via punishmentWhy it is good to embracing challenges instead of seeking the smooth pathIdentifying where trauma energy resides in the body in order to release itXane performs a soul essence activation for listeners to release stagnant energyHarnessing the power of epiphanies that help you know yourselfThe power of forgiveness and boundaries as part of unconditionally loving yourselfEthics and effective strategies as a provider of paid professional healing servicesSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro: "Internal Flight" by Estes Tonne
December 31, 2019
Davis Pfund of Mettā Creative joined me for a short video-cast (watch it here). In this episode we talk about his work developing a thriving community of artists and some of their core values. This one will be inspirational for anyone interested in building a new societies that honor individual expression. Mettā Creative hosts numerous events in the multiple cities that they work in, and Davis co-hosts the Mettā Makers Podcast, a show about artists, festivals, and the people who work behind the scenes to make amazing events.FIND DAVIS ONLINEMettā CreativeMettā Makers Podcast Beauty In the Backyard FestivalJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Support your favorite podcast and get a bonus second hour of each episode! Become a member at INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitShilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
December 23, 2019
Laughter Yoga leader Michael Murphy returns to the show to tell his story of being planted in the ground up to the knees, and experiencing life from the perspective of a tree. Connecting to the consciousness of Gaia and expanding awareness to new levels, Michael has some inspiring things to say about having empathy for the Earth.FIND MICHAEL MURPHY ONLINEInstagram: @smurphythesquizzard Facebook: @smurphydoesstuffJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Support your favorite podcast and get a bonus second hour of each episode! Become a member at TALKED ABOUT...The simple but amazing and healing power of Laughter YogaLaughter's positive and stimulating effects on the bodyHumanitree: The experience of being planted in living soil up to the kneesThe linguistic/soul connection between the soles of your feet and soil under themWhy we need more people teaching positive practices in their local areasMichael tells the synchronistic story of his own human-tree plantingEmpathically communicating with trees and learning how to treat them betterRainbow bridges to the spirit world and visiting the astral ocean (with sea monsters!)Expanding awareness to encompass the entire planetRealizing that the suffering of the Earth contributes to humanity's painHow left/right brain imbalance squeezes our awareness down to a keyhole view of realityThe uncomfortable side of having empathy without boundariesSpiritual gravity (reverse of physical gravity) and the portal in the sunWhy up/down, high/low, positive/negative, aren't the same as good/evilMichael gives a mini laughter yoga lesson you can follow at homeLaughter Yoga University (not the same as clown college) - SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
December 16, 2019
Cody Edner is a career psychic, healer, teacher, and co-host of the Energy Matters Podcast. Join us for a conversation about the varieties of psychic senses available to us, and thoughts on how we can distinguish our personal energy from that of other people or our environment. It's a great episode for expanding your conception of extra-sensory and expanded consciousness capabilities. FIND CODY EDNER ONLINEEnergy Matters (Podcast & Online Academy) Intuitive Vision (Cody's Website & Online Courses) JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Support your favorite podcast and get a bonus second hour of each episode! Become a member at WE TALKED ABOUTThe origin story of Cody's awakening to psychic capacitiesVarieties of psychic sensory abilities and connection to chakras"Knowing Your Own Space" and discerning your energy from other people or the environmentPsychic awareness as contact with universal Soul Essence"The Dancing Plagues (Link) & the psychology of mass hysteria and unconscious group-thinkGrounding methods & personal energy hygiene to protect from crowd vibesLearning to recognize your imagination and mind's eye as a real "sense"Why a wizard staff helps you stay grounded and connected to Earth ONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE!)How technology influences our energy bodyGrounding practices to help navigate psychic experiencesThe expanded consciousness view on dual and non-dual aspects of realitySpiritual Deprogramming as it works in the class Cody teachesThe difference between energy blocks in the body vs. in the mindSimilarities between creative flow states and mediumshipTrance Medium training and stepping out of the physical to access informationHypnotic states and protecting against malefic spirits or manipulative peopleSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
December 2, 2019
We all want to express our potential, but sometimes that requires digging into our past to inform us about who we are now. Lisa Erickson is an energy-body expert and author, who helps humans heal trauma and gracefully traverse the triggers in life. By teaching techniques for unlocking chakras and integrating inner demons, Lisa empowers others to discover their subtle energy systems and transform. You can pre-order her upcoming book, Chakra Empowerment for Women: Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness.Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at LISA ERICKSON ONLINEChakra Empowerment For Women - Preorder the book!Enlightened Energetics - Counseling & Energy Healing ServicesWE TALKED ABOUT...Becoming an energy healer after learning to heal yourselfThe connection between health, karma, and emotional/physical traumaThe energetic or "subtle body," and differences between men and womenConsidering cyclical stages of chakra developmentPractical tools for how to "use" your chakrasWays to measure your chakra health based on your experienceResearch on foods and chakra health dynamicsAnalyzing energy patterns in people who've experienced childhood traumaGetting to the root of guilt and healing undeserved self-inflicted shameSetting your demon babies freeONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE!)The problem of gender health education segregationPros and cons of modern feminism and the lingering gender role stigmasThe impact of relationships and families on our spiritual pathHow motherhood changes the energy body of womenChanneling second chakra sexual energy into a creative containerThe origins and initial purpose of Tantric Buddhism and healthy sexual perspectivesAging and the effect of our spiritual energy on our bodies over the long termThe sneaky self-repression embedded in the law of attraction ideologyRetrograde planets in the natal chart and healing past persecutionsLisa's recommendations to experienced energy workersMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
November 21, 2019
Dan Shukis and Scarlet Ravenswood are the hosts of Cosmic Keys, a podcast about divination arts and integrating occult wisdom into our lives. Dan is an adept astrologer and artist, and Scarlet teaches lessons from tarot, Wicca, and neo-pagan schools of thought. In this conversation we take a look at the deep archetypes of consciousness, as expressed by the planets and our personalities, and we explore the interplay between our creative path and our spiritual journey.Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at DAN AND SCARLET ONLINECosmic Keys Podcast: Website | InstagramDan Shukis: Youtube | Instagram Scarlet Ravenswood: Arcane Alchemy | Youtube | Instagram | Facebook WE TALKED ABOUT…The origin story of Cosmic Keys PodcastHow paying attention to astrology changes the perception of timeLearning not to take turbulent space weather personallyWicca and reconnecting to nature and our personal cyclesLessons in limitation and discipline from the "malefic" planets (Saturn, Mars)Ceremony/ritual magic to connect to planetary powersAmerican Gods, simulation theory, & human creation of deitiesThe alchemy of planets, archons, & archetypesModern disassociation & the astrologer/tarot reader as therapistDecentralized spirituality, the solitary quest of the modern paganLeo/Scorpio squares & owning the label of "artist"The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Manly P. Hall - BOOK LINKWhy the creative path and spiritual path are one and the same ONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE)Converging varied skills and education into your unique expressionArt history, symbolic literacy, and the origins of tarotAstro-theology, the origins of religion and hero's journey of the sun through the zodiacHow the qualities of the archetypes and deities are created and altered by mass human beliefThe history of Wicca and its various forms and beliefsWorking relationships with deities and the risk of making magical contractsTrickster spirits, egregorious gurus and being careful with what you feedThe connection between personal instability and paranormal or poltergeist activityDan and Scarlet share odd things about themselves that they've not told their audience beforeThe duo give us their recommended favorite paranormal podcasts MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro - " Tango Line" by LuSiD
November 11, 2019
Evan Bartholomew is a music producer known online and at festivals nationwide as Bluetech. As a well rounded seeker, sound sculptor, pixel pusher and meaning maker, Evan crafts ambient, atmospheric audio-scapes with a fantasy sci-fi feel, combined with psychedelic artwork and themes that explore the esoteric. In this talk we talk about his new album Holotrope and how it reflects the stages of enlightenment, along with astral adventures, turning away from overthinking, and the dilemma of desire.CONNECT WITH EVAN BARTHOLOMEWWebsite - BandcampFacebook Group - Bluetech DreamersSUPPORT INNERVERSE ON PATREON - GET EXTENDED EPISODES! LINKS FROM THIS SHOWDeconstructing Yourself PodcastMeditation, Magick, and the Fire Kasina, with Daniel IngramThe Liberating Practice of the Fire KasinaBook - Advanced Magic For BeginnersThe Arising And Passing AwayMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro - "Eyes Within Wheels" by Bluetech
October 31, 2019
Physical trainer & spiritual coach Garrett Graham returned to InnerVerse for a live-streamed chat! We went deep into discussion on grounding aspects of your spiritual awakening into your daily life, to transform your place in life, inside and out. This talk includes tips on breathwork techniques and the details on an upcoming course Garrett will be teaching, called Embody Your Awakening.We recorded this one as a live video, so check it out on YouTube if you want to see us! WITH GARRETT GRAHAM ONLINEhttps://www.grahamholistichealing.comFacebook - Graham Holistic HealingThis episode has no Plus+ Extension because it was originally a live-streamed video, but most weekly episodes have a second hour extension, exclusively available to subscribers! Become a member at IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
October 25, 2019
From Shock To Awe is a new documentary about the devastating PTSD suffered by combat veterans, and the integration of the shadow facilitated by psychedelic plant medicines. Directed, shot, and edited by Luc Côté and featuring Matt Kahl and other veterans, From Shock To Awe is a powerful film that could help change public opinion about the value of ayahuasca, MDMA, and other substances.In this conversation Matt helps us understand the daily struggle of PTSD sufferers and how their trauma ripples out to the rest of society. Luc and Matt both help us to see, with clarity, what it means to love, forgive, and accept yourself--shadow and all.Watch Shock To Awe @fromshocktoawe on InstagramGet double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at Talked About...The daily mental loops that veterans with PTSD experiencePharmaceutical overload and broken mainstream mental health practicesPsychological reasons veterans don't adjust and re-enlist or commit suicideSecondary PTSD and the rippling out of war trauma to societyGratitude and reverence for the spiritual journey with plant medicinesRapé (ceremonial tobacco snuff) and the will to let go and forgive/accept yourselfAyahuasca purges and why repressing inner demons keeps them attached to youThe body/mind psycho-somatic connection between past trauma and emotional/physical scarringHow beginning your own healing process uncovers the layers of friends and familyOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)The daily balancing work to be done after the healing process occursPsychic bonding and communication through shared medicine journeysThe future of MDMA assisted PTSD therapy Shifting public perception of psychedelicsVarieties of ayahuasca ceremony centers in North and South AmericaHow unhealed trauma freezes a person's development to the level they were at when it occursMatt's work getting mushrooms decriminalized and providing free cannabis for veteransWhy Shock To Awe's producers decided to focus individual transformations instead of showing the science MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro - " Cerebral Vortex " by Illusive Tuna
October 17, 2019
Soul soother & mind mender Brianna Colombini joins us to talk about her work as a life coach, psychedelic assisted trauma recovery, and the convergence between astrology and numerology. We also touch on how to create space for healing in your life, and the perspectives that can push you to your next big level-up.***At the start of the show I said we recorded on 10/19, but we really spoke on the 13th***Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at FIND BRIANNA COLOMBINI ONLINEBriannaColombini.comButFirstTruth.comInstagram @bricolombiniFacebook @BriannaColombiniLife WE TALKED ABOUT...Integrating the shadow instead of killing the egoHealing childhood trauma with psychedelic assistanceBrianna's background and journey to life coaching othersConnecting with deceased relatives through dreamsWhat it means to create space for healingNumerology and life path number 7Your day of birth and core essence numberUnlocking neural pathways by learning about your natal selfAstro-numerology and syncretic elements between systemONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Brianna's thoughts on the value of investing in self-educational materialsGiving yourself permission to be creative in any way you wantVideo games, deep fantasy, and reclaiming our active masculine energyCosmic Disclosure and meeting cosmic inner space MayansContacting Inter-dimensional beings and what it might meanTerrance McKenna, psychedelics, and the architecture of the universal consciousness gridIncreasing your personal bio-electric current with ORMUS, aka mono-atomic goldSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersOutro - "Because" by Miownize
October 3, 2019
Dean McDonnell performs astonishing one-man-band style psychedelic music under the name LuSiD. Blending electronic sounds with several analogue instruments, a LuSiD show is an unforgettable, mind blowing thing. Tune in to hear about what makes Dean McDonnell tick, get familiar with some of his musical personas, and explore the deep flow state of live-looping instruments.CONNECT WITH DEAN McDONNELL ONLINEWebsite: Soundcloud: LuSiD at Burning ManYoutube: LuSiD Lab Sessions Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Become a member at MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom TradersEverything Else by LuSiDSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program
September 18, 2019
The friend to the fairies and painter of pixies, Izzy Ivy, joins us to talk about visionary art, oracle decks, opening to the spirit world, and much more. Izzy creates transcendental oil paintings depicting mystical beings and cosmic harmony. She also creates original clothing with a psychedelic elvish twist. She can be found traveling the world, visiting sacred sites and live painting at festivals. Join us for a conversation that demonstrates a variety of ways to stay in the flow state of perpetual synchronicity.Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at WITH IZZY IVY ONLINEIzzy Ivy's WebsiteInstagram @izzy_ivy_art Facebook @Izzy Ivy's Art Amulet Bikinis Unfurled Bridal Beyond Lemuria Oracle Painting SeriesWE TALKED ABOUT...Izzy’s progress over 6 short years of being a painterWhy modern/post-modern conceptual art doesn’t feel funArt covered amulet bikinis and Elvish steampunk wedding dressesInducing trance to get your mind out of the way and into the flow stateBeyond Lemuria, the second oracle deck Izzy has created - LINKBridging between beings in the spirit world and the physical dimensionsFollowing the whispers within and traveling the worldThe galactic central sun and our inner central sunDeciphering light code downloadsIzzy’s thoughts on energy healing and ReikiONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The importance of energetic/astral hygiene Fusing multiple tools, healing modalities, and rituals to make Reiki more effectiveDefining the physical and spiritual aspects of shadow work and why they’re integral to self realizationMindfully taking our power back from triggersCrystal experiences and the power of MoldaviteThe feeling of festival live-painting and Izzy’s advice for doing itGrowing through a bout of dengue fever and staying in the perpetual flow of synchronicityINTERESTING QUOTES“Just start with the background, get some color down on the canvas, and get rid of that blank canvas notion. The act of doing that will start preparing you for what’s going to actually come through in your painting.”“Keep doing what you love, and then you’ll be able to keep doing what you love.”“The things that we struggle with are often the things we came here to do, because it gives us the opportunity to do the most homework for it, so we have great compassion when we share it with others.”SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
September 9, 2019
When it comes to world domination, weather manipulation and control is a big piece on the chess board. The "powers that should not be" have spent decades on weather control R&D, and today's guest Matt Landman has blown the lid off these projects with his documentary Frankenskies: The Lies In The Sky Exposed. Matt is also actively seeking solutions to many other planetary crisis situations, and is currently launching an EMF protection clothing line. Get inspired by this passionate earth protector to become an actual activist, and use your art as a weapon for truth against the evil empire."We have the opportunity to cultivate discernment in this empire of lies."CONNECT WITH MATT LANDMANActual ActivistsFrankenskies: The MovieSpero EMF Protection ClothingGet double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at TALKED ABOUTPresident Lyndon Johnson: “He who controls the weather, controls the world.”Cloud seeding to produce rainHatfield and the accidental flooding of San Diego in 1914 - LINKRainforest fires and west coast forest firesNASA’s CARE program (Charged Aerosol Release Experiment) – LINK5G, chemtrails and the sterilization of upcoming generationsHypothesizing the transhuman endgame & artificially created humansTeachings of Rudolf Steiner and resisting the Ahrimanic force - LINKSpiritual warfare and demonic body snatchersElon Musk and Total Recall trickeryPublic Education fails and relearning the important thingsSpero Protection Clothing – LINKONLY IN PLUS+EMF interactions with aluminum in the body and other complicationsThe alchemy of the body and environmental toxicityMatt shares some of his research on light, frequency, and biologyHow 5G and wireless technology messes up circadian rhythmsThe HARP experiments and atmospheric heating technology to manipulate weatherBig corporate strategies for squeezing out the small scale farmersMatt’s future plans for getting more people into activismSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitShilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
August 31, 2019
Aubrey Warren returns to the show to talk about female psychology, the connection between mood and moon, modern witches, and how by living the way of the artist, we push past our perceived limitations. Aubrey is a yoga teacher, festival workshop coordinator, women's life coach, and more.Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at WITH AUBREY WARRENaubreywarren.comAubrey on PatreonWE TALKED ABOUTAubrey talks about her book-in-progress “Sex, Drugs & Yoga”“The Artist’s Way” and using creativity to find ourselvesModern witchcraft, the etymological link to AyurvedaDeep Earth magic and the fractal bodyDeprogramming the negatives of society’s female psychologyApplying mindfulness to our personal hormone/mood cyclesReclaiming sexual pleasure through open communicationRituals for purging stagnant feelingsRecognizing the inner critic for what it is—the super ego ONLY IN PLUS+Transmuting negative emotions into fuelStrategies for achieving balance with your hormone cyclesTime management teachings from Aubrey’s workshop presentationWhy negativity is not to be confused with evilDeep dynamics of yin and yang in men and womenThe secrets of our internal seasons How pharmaceutical birth control suppresses abundanceSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders
August 23, 2019
David Krantz is a biohacker extraordinaire, expert epigenetic life coach, and electronic music producer also known as Futexture. Join us to explore how your genes interact with your environment, behaviors, nutrition, and consciousness, and step forward on the path to creative flow state optimization.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!Become a member at WITH DAVID KRANTZdavid-krantz.comSoundcloud @Futexture Instagram @wholesystemshealthFacebook @DavidKrantzEpigeneticCoach WE TALKED ABOUT...Avoiding creative burnout from the late-night lifestyleBiohacking For Optimal Health – Podcast LinkSynchronicity with Dr. Dan Strickler, biohacking & epigenetics guruPsychological astrology and relating to consciousness archetypesNutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics, the modern & scientific AyurvedaReducing decision fatigue from conflicting nutrition adviceSafe & private collection of genetic dataWhy “diet and dogma don’t mix” and each person’s habits yield unique resultsThe need to shift the mentality of the mainstream medical systemCleansing & Detoxing from the genetic perspectiveONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE!)The genetic differences in response to psychedelics and plant medicinesBiofeedback and strengthening the mind body connectionPaying attention to the sonic environment to upgrade your awarenessIdeas for mitigating the epigenetic consequences of rising EMF levelsSungazing superhumans and the light bodyBiohacking strategies for perfecting your circadian rhythms Binaural beats and brainwave entrainment technologyThe inspiration behind David’s newest album as FutextureA detour to talk about the epic novel DuneSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Through the Edge of Never" & "Syntax" by FutextureINTERESTING QUOTES"Once you have your genetic information, it’s much easier to make healthy choices for your body, because you don’t have to second guess yourself so much.All of the things that we think of as diseases, they’re just adaptive responses to the wrong information being fed into the body."
August 7, 2019
Emily Ridout is a multi-disciplinary scholar and teacher of Astrology, Yoga, and Folklore. Join us to learn about the Inner Zodiac, how various parts of your body connect with the constellations, and what types of movements correlate to Astrological signs. As above, so below & as within, so without!"Most of us think that we’re born and we are our sun sign perfectly, which is a big cultural mistake. We’re actually here to learn a lot about becoming more like our sun sign. We can begin to wake up our sun sign by working with the related area of the body." - Emily RidoutJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! WITH EMILY on InstagramWE TALKED ABOUT...Connecting cycles in nature and cycles of the bodyMining valuable knowledge out of cultural folkloreTypes of astrology: Hellenistic (Greek), Jyotish (Vedic/Hindu) & Tropical (Western)Astrological frequency and Saturn returns and Yoga for strengthening your inner SaturnWhole body intelligence and releasing trauma/fear held in the body Aligning personal shifts with planetary movementsThe body part correlations to each of the 12 astrological signsAccessing the creativity of Pisces through the feetBecoming more like your sun sign through your personal practicesThe connection between medical astrology and Astro-YogaHealing Cosmic Abandonment and awakening positive archetypes withinONLY ON PLUS+ (Check It Out!) Studying folklore and the wisdom in Hindu traditionsFood for thought regarding our thoughts on foodThe deep connections between astrology and TarotLunar Nodes in Astrology and balancing between Karma and DharmaThoughts on the upcoming Aquarian AgeMitigating malefic planets and Mercury retrogradesVenus energy and bringing the divine feminine into full bloomSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitShilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramINTERESTING QUOTES FROM THIS SHOW"In Yoga, everything is Shiva or Shakti, or Yin and Yang—a divine play between inert matter and the spirit that animates it.""We think we’re not whole because we’re a limited aspect of consciousness. If we remembered that we are ALL of consciousness, and we stayed in that state, we wouldn’t be able to function in the plane we live on."MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Fractal Epiphany" & "Rent's Due" by LuSID
July 30, 2019
Ura Soul returns to the show to discuss UFO secrets and potential non-human interventions in world affairs. In this chat we highlight stories from military sources that suggest there are advanced beings and technology present in our world. Drawing on Ura's own personal contact experiences with possible ETs, we speculate on the nature and meaning of many bizarre stories. JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension!"If you embed an idea into the collective consciousness sufficiently, then you effectively lend psychic energy to that event manifesting. The creative psychic ability of the population gets used to tune in to a certain frequency, to make that thing more likely to happen, without them even knowing." - Ura Soul  CONNECT WITH URA SOULSteemit - @Ura-SoulYoutube Ureka! - Join us at, a social media platform with heart (and no censorship). You can now integrate your Steemit profile and earn on the blockchain by posting on Ureka!WE TALKED ABOUT...Admiral Wilson and “The UFO Leak of the Century” – LINKWhat’s going on at Area 51? - LINKNazis and advanced anti-gravity & weapons technologiesMK Ultra and Manchurian SupersoldiersDeep Underground Military Bases and Phil Schneider’s story about battling aliens -LINKLarry Warren and the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident – LINKDavid Wilcock’s resignation from Gaia TV over allegations of Luceferian agendas – LINKUra tells his personal stories about UFO sightings & contact with non-human consciousness ONLY ON PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Psychological warfare, mind control, Satanism in the state, and Michael Aquino -LINKBack To The Future and 9/11 predictions in mass media - LINKMultiverse theories through the lens of unity consciousnessThe mysterious off-world Council of 9, supposedly guiding but possibly manipulating humanitySpeculations on the pros and cons of channeling Human trafficking and sexual abuse of minors among the rich and powerfulHow and why cults practice energy harvesting rituals on the innocentUpdate on the class action lawsuit against Facebook and Google for restricting cryptocurrency adsMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Changes" & "Bittersweet" by Kadela
July 22, 2019
Casey Asher-Jones is a news analyzing conspiracy researcher, and the host of the Peel Back Report. On 7/20/19 she joined InnerVerse LIVE to talk about Area 51, the nature of hidden world power structures, and how to take life by the reigns by realizing it's all one.Watch the recorded video of this live stream here: If you'd like to catch these streams as they happen live, make sure to follow InnerVerse on Facebook (limited to there until I figure out how to do multi-platform streaming). Connect With Casey JonesFollow ThePeelBackReport on Facebook@thepeelbackreport on InstagramSubscribe on Youtube -
July 21, 2019
Multi-talented musical artist Keith Gladysz, aka Diet Kong, joins InnerVerse to open up about his perilous journey of recovery from Lyme disease, and how eastern philosophy, medicine, and movement practices helped Keith build himself back up to holistic vitality.GROOVE WITH DIET KONGSpotify Youtube Instagram @thisisdietkong “Letting go of denial means seeing things, and most likely not enjoying what you’re seeing. Reality itself is very ugly to people, because they have that idea of beautiful and ugly. That’s why “revealing the face of God” is horrific to people if they’re not prepared for that level of wholeness.” - Keith GladyszJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! TALKED ABOUT...Collages and Qi Gong while crippled by Lyme diseaseAccepting our darkness and becoming internally wholeThe slow and sneaky trajectory of Lyme’s effect on mental healthFacing your self and the spiritual challenges in Lyme recoveryHow pushing things off to deal with later can cause your spirit to splinterQi Gong and tools for taking health into your own handsLearn Qi Gong for free – The amazing capacity of the human body to thrive in crazy conditionsDaoist Wizard Qi Gong superpowers The Perennial Philosophy and the movement of ideas between east and westAdvantages of mentors/teachers who carry direct knowledge transmission skillsWhich is more effective, herbs or antibiotics?How Lyme’s symptoms force you into uncomfortable environment & body awareness ONLY ON PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Breaking the shackles of religion and releasing repressed darkness in healthy expressionsLooking at life through the Jungian lensTaking the long stare at the mystery of selfBalancing between the big I and the little i. Conspiracies and the potential government origins of weaponized Lyme diseaseKeith’s adventures with the nomadic lifestyleThe origins of and process of Diet KongSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramUreka! Join me over at, a social media platform with heart (and no censorship). You can now integrate your Steemit profile and earn on the blockchain by posting on Ureka!MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "War Of More" & "Then Came 7" by Diet Kong
July 13, 2019
Richard Sacks is the host of Lost Arts Radio and leader of the Planetary Healing Club. As an independent holistic health scientist, Richard has dedicated most of his life to unlocking our infinite potential in these human bodies. In this chat we discuss the dogmatic religions and tyrannical governments that are limiting our ability to live fully and freely. Join us for a fearless look at the darker side of the current human experience, so we can learn, heal, and transcend into new levels of wholeness.  FIND RICHARD SACKS ONLINELOST ARTS RADIOLAR ON YOUTUBE  JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program WE TALKED ABOUT...Richard recaps his personal healing journey and research into the occult global power structureLearn about weather modification & chemtrails at and The connection between trans-humanism and the nefarious agenda to exterminate all life on earthCounterfeiters of the eternal origin/source The conundrum of modern internet censorship and fake education/mediaChinese social credit scores and the future of restricting resource access to dissidentsPondering why the negative forces of the world are able to act in unisonNipsey Hussle and astrologically coordinated sacrifice ritualsEgotistical 4th dimensional beings meddling create the big three Abrahamic religionsThe scriptural origin story of IslamNazis that came to America after WW2 as scientists and to the EU as leadersGetting our personal frequency into order and harmony and out of fear/stress ONLY ON PLUS+ (Subscribe!)The military origins of 5G and what we can do to block the 5G rollout in our local areasUpdating our sense of self and befriending the universal mindThe deep ramifications of the fact that we each project our reality as the SourceTechnology to disperse chemtrail poisons with scalar wave effectsTopics shared in Richard’s Planetary Healing Club and educating yourself to be your own doctorReincarnation & transcending karma loopsINTERESTING QUOTES FROM THIS SHOW“Who you are is something great, the same as where you came from. ‘In the image of God’ is not physical, and you’re actually the same thing as your origin, and you can get back to that.”“If we are the ones projecting this reality, and everyone else is projecting their reality with us in it, its intimately interwoven. Each single person is the only source, even though that sounds counter-intuitive. That puts the total power to heal the whole picture in the hands of anyone that wakes up.” MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Chronos" & "Wings" by ATYYA
July 6, 2019
James Mattie AKA Mindful Xpansion joins me live to discuss his musical offerings and to share inspiration for your path as an infinite creator. As a young but highly conscious lyricist who flows to dope hip hop beats, James fuses his knowledge as a vegan health coach and fearless adventurer into his musical poetry. We talk about life in Costa Rica, the magic of Hawaii, and the powering up the Root Chakra to gain more thrust towards your dream life.This episode was originally live-streamed on Facebook, and because of connection issues, we were not able to continue into a Plus+ Extension. Consider it a bonus show! There will be a full plus episode coming within the week as well.Video Version Of This Live Stream Episode - Follow Mindful Xpansion:SoundCloud - MindfulXpansion Instagram @mindfulxpansion
July 3, 2019
Have you ever seen what happens when you leave fast food out for several months? Now imagine that all the bad food you ever ate was still inside you somewhere, in it's original form! If you haven't detoxed, your body is begging for a cleanup!Levald Thomas hosts the Youtube channel If I Only Knew 2, where he creates content about his experiences with a variety of cleansing and detox strategies. Tune in for an inspired chat on health, adventure, and spirituality.FIND LEVALD THOMAS ONLINEIf I Only Knew 2 - YoutubeInstagram - JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse KitShilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness"Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramWE TALKED ABOUT...Levald’s mission: Health, adventure & spirituality – all one in the same pursuit“Detoxing is as important as what you put in your body, because it doesn’t matter what you put in if your body is already flooded with toxins.”Why he started his channel and the importance of sharing knowledge with your tribeThe connection with fasting and accessing spiritual energySeeing the mirror between our internal state and our external experiencesGetting out of a negative tailspin and back into the flow of synchronicityThe value of sharing your personal lessonsThe case for drinking distilled water and disinfo about itFlushing inorganic minerals that calcify the bodyAquarius The Water Bearer – website linkWhere to start with cleansing – the ColonGlobal Healing Center 6 Day Colon Cleanse KitLiver and Gallbladder cleansing benefitsTaking full responsibility for your health instead of putting it all in the hands of industry “experts”How cleansing can make dietary transitions easier and more digestibleEnlightening through shedding weight and changing your intakeONLY ON PLUS+ (Subscribe!)Getting faster at repairing the body-space-ship after an energetic crash6 month cleanses and how making media about our journey helps us follow throughWhy it matters to connect others to healing knowledgeGetting scientific about your body’s nutrient balanceLevald’s experience temporarily eating meat after decades of vegetarianismRecommendations on powerful supplements: Lypo-spheric Vitamin C, ShilajitLevald shares about the wonders of Dr. Schulze’s Superfood PlusSupplement Stories about recovering from extreme physical exertionMagnesium and its extensive goodness for the bodyStaying healthy and being fanatical about your own health and not just an dieteologyHow Levald sets up his positive relationship with moneyQUOTES OF INTERESTDetoxing is as important as what you put in your body, because it doesn’t matter what you put in if your body is already flooded with toxins.If you’re being inundated with toxins all day, every day, it is MANDATORY to detox. And it’s not just physical detoxing, it’s mental and emotional detoxing as well.MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Watch Glass" & "Love Story" by LuSiD
June 14, 2019
Athen Chimenti is a teacher of true sidereal astrology, a alternative to the Western system that many researchers find to be more accurate. In this episode we open the doors of perception to advanced perspectives on the as above so below nature of reality. Learn more about planetary strengths, balancing your weaknesses, the mystery of the 13th sign, and how to interpret aspects such as the north and south nodes.Master The Zodiac with Athen Chimentiwww.masteringthezodiac.comMTZ on YoutubeMTZ on FacebookJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy! Talked About…Athen discusses how he found his way to spiritual awakening and astrologyDifferences between mainstream western astrology and true sidereal astrologyThe mystery of the 13th sign and Scorpio’s originsThe eagle empire vs. the serpent brotherhoodWhy there’s more to astrology than just a sun signWhat’s Pluto all about?Finding Balance between the North and South Nodes, past life karma and current life goalsBalancing planetary strengths and weaknesses in your chartThe challenges of a Sun in LibraAthen gives advice and recommended reading for starry eyed newbies to astrologyThe many tools and resources available at Mastering The ZodiacConnecting the dots between planets and parts of our body-space-shipIs astrology descriptive or predictive and is there a difference to the flow of life?Rudolf Steiner & the vertical and horizontal planes of expansion and contractionSpeculations on why we surf through a dualistic universeWhat it means to be “self-regulating”The role of intuition in astrological chart-readingPrometheus – sidereal astrology softwareEntering the 11th house and the 411 on the Age of AquariusHow to find balance in our current astrological ageSUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSPurchases at the Secret Energy Shop Through This Link Will Support InnerVerse with a 9% Commission - Go To Secret EnergyBecome a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramINTERESTING QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE“For those working with chakras--you can often see that when there’s an aspect between certain planets, those are the areas that are being activated. You can use those energies at certain time periods based on what those aspects are, for healing.”MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Universe" by Kermode
June 11, 2019
My brilliant friend Abigail Pomeroy lead us in a live-streamed guided meditation on Sunday 6/9/19. Tune in and get your breathing back in a balanced rhythm so that your life unfolds in more perfect harmony!Follow Abigail Pomeroy's adventures at amazing frequency healing meditation music is by Norbz
May 27, 2019
Healing The Self Is Hilariously SimpleMichael Murphy is a live poet, performance dancer, and transcendental joker who spreads the cosmic giggle everywhere he goes. Today we're diving into Laughter Yoga, a powerful practice that Michael teaches in festival workshops. Follow Michael on Instagram @smurphythesquizzard JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSPurchases at the Secret Energy Shop Through This Link Will Support InnerVerse with a 9% Commission - Go To Secret EnergyBecome a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramWe Talked About…Basic rules of engagement with Laughter YogaTransforming trauma and stiffness into joyful healing with wordless laughterThe Cosmic GiggleHow Laughter Yoga uncovers the psychology of the joker archetype Magical laughing from the heart instead of laughing in judgment15 minutes of sustained laughter a day for optimal health Examining sitcoms and mainstream humorInternet trolling and the polarization of social media communication4-Chan and deep internet cultureTechnology and the Global Brain Theory Internet avatars and game characters as digital spirit guidesComparing video game experiences with internal shamanic spirit journeysTranscendental Sound Healing experiencesStar nations and guidance from high vibration light beingsOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)The adaptability of sound healing to fit the needs of the individualMichael shares inspiring synchronicity from YAM (Yoga-Art-Music) festivalMagical games with Smurphy the SquizzardDissection Chaotica and rememing, amplifying and transmuting words through poetryA live reading of poems about Neutrality and a Cherokee word: Gadugi The difference between spiritual time and circular artificial timeMichael turns the tables and questions me about the geometry of the Cosmic Egg model of the universeBecoming the serpent tamer of the Kundalini forceMUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Axolotl" & "Activated" by JontealINTERESTING QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE“It’s a deep form of healing when you are able to pull things into your awareness and laugh at them.”“Laughter is a transmutation, it takes whatever energy you feed into it and transmutes it into joy.”
May 21, 2019
Comic author Xane Daniel is a high-energy healer and visionary veteran of the video game industry who is using his imagination to solve the biggest problem in our timeline: the fear based incentive program that we know as the monetary system. Check out his comic Righteous and get inspired by the story of what would happen if humans woke up one day and committed to doing the right thing, forever. We also talk about activating chakras and positive past life traits and Xane's service to humanity as a light-worker.FIND XANE DANIEL ONLINEConnect with Xane - Read Righteous - Xane’s enlightening presentation at the Awake and Empowered Expo @righteouscomic on InstagramJOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSPurchases at the Secret Energy Shop Through This Link Will Support InnerVerse with a 9% Commission - Go To Secret EnergyBecome a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist ProgramTHINGS WE TALKED ABOUT...Non-spoiler synopsis of Righteous and Xane’s intention for the storyLate Stage Capitalism and what’s next for humanityFlipping our internal incentive program from fear-based to transcendental loveWhy we shouldn’t judge those who are still in fear-controlled mind-states or those who work for “the system”Spontaneous medium-ship and channeling messages from deceased loved ones How Xane made the leap from his gig as a video game producer to following his dream of writing Righteous and embracing his role as a healerBalancing brain hemispheres and aligning with the energy of moneyDitching the false belief that we are limited“Follow your highest excitement, with no expectation to the results.” Pros & cons of modern video game psychologyA conscious look at Xane’s experience working on Mortal Combat X Growing out of the “scientific materialism” worldviewAligning with the greatest strengths and traits of your previous incarnationTimeline jumping & activating higher consciousness in our crystalsONLY IN THE PLUS+ EXTENSION (Subscribe!)Becoming the Master of your own Timeline, aka remembering you are a Time-LordLight beings like the Hathors, Arcturians and other Star NationsIdentifying and activating Chakras beyond the crownChanneling knowledge about the protective aspects of the 8th Halo ChakraPondering the 9th through 12th chakras and the fractal dimensions from the Earth Star chakra to SourceLight language and intuitively intoning healing sounds with the throat chakraAssisting other’s soul activation across long distances and timesThe light-worker training program that helped Xane advance his vibrationCherokee ancestry and past lives in the tribesXane activates a selenite crystal for meCrystal consciousness and how they are living beingsWe talk about what we love about comics as a medium  MUSIC IN THIS EPISODEIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Alone In The Light" from the Rime OST by David Garcia Diaz INTERESTING QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODEOne of my first downloads that I ever received was a message that came from a deceased loved one to another, through me. The message was simply: “You’ve never made a mistake. Ever. In your entire life. Everything you’ve ever done has been perfect, and it’s the reason that you’re exactly where you are, right now. So congratulations, because you did it. And as a matter of fact, you’ll never make a mistake again. You’ll do everything perfectly, to get the lessons and to get the life that you wanted before you even came here. So congratulations in advance for that, too.”“The Chakras beyond the crown are very powerful and they handle a lot of things that are way outside our standard day-to-day.”
May 13, 2019
All is self, but this version of the quantum human known as Hakan Hisim seems to go beyond many others, piercing the veils of our world and delivering digital masterpieces of mystical proportions. Join us for Hakan's second trip to the InnerVerse as we discuss how to dispell mind control, overcome addiction demons, and dismantle the technological cult of false-light luxury that has many in this realm hypnotized and demoralized. Get into your heart space with us, and prepare to shift your consciousness from binary and dualistic into trinary and infinite!JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get double length interview conversations, early podcast access and more, while supporting Chance and InnerVerse with your energy!Check out this episode's Plus+ Extension! HAKAN ONLINEHakan Hisim WebsiteXenolinguistics and Universal Transmissions - Website Hakan Hisim on Facebook @hakanhisim on InstagramHakan Hisim's Etsy Shop Universal Transmissions on Patreon Hakan's previous appearance on InnerVerse - Tryptamine Mysterium (Remastered) SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPSPurchases at the Secret Energy Shop Through This Link Will Support InnerVerse with a 9% Commission - Go To Secret EnergyBecome a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program Things We Talked About...The Hyper-Dimensional Cult of Luxury and the False Light MatrixHypnotic DMT Realm Entities offering shortcuts to GnosisDifference between Lucefarian and Satanic archetypes Optic-based entrancement, pornography and feeding the serpentUsing the heart to balance polarity, transcending from Binary to Trinary existenceThe link between the third eye and Sacral ChakraHow Hollywood connects to parasitic energy harvesting Tapping in to the balanced version of the Venus/Lucifer archetype Defining the negative/controller Archonic forcesGetting lost in Tryptamine hyperspace & the potential duality created by relying on plant medicines to ascend The link between substance abuse and entity attachmentRepairing internal/external division with the maxim: All Is SelfSeductive Materialism in the mainstream music industryDefining demonic possession in a non-religious contextArtificially created duality and the metaphysical divorce of yin from yangThe alchemical reason alcohol is called spirits Esoteric context for our many subconscious contractsCircumcision and seeding trauma for a lifetime of energy harvestingTriggering psychedelic experiences endogenouslyOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)How to nullify addiction contracts with negative entities through heart-consciousnessShared experiences with overcoming tobacco abuseSeeing reflections of the infinite Self in the otherHakan explains his Cosmic Egg artwork inspired by out of body and beyond the planet journeysThe meaning of the Cosmic Egg in context to ancient wisdom about the structure of our universe – ARTWORK LINKTHE COSMIC EGGThe often misunderstood deep esoteric meaning behind the Flat Earth conceptNested toroidal fields and cosmological Gnosis Norbz Orb Theory – VIDEO LINKMartin Kenny & the ultimate science of Syncretism – VIDEO LINKFlaws in the NASA sanctioned worldview and explaining cosmic abandonment traumaInterpreting the alchemy idea of As Above So Below to the fullest extentSuccessfully interrogating super massive cephlapod- type Cthulu beings in the astral ocean beyond earthCrow777 and the “Lunar Wave” phenomenon that seems to demonstrate that the moon is somehow underwater - VIDEO LINK How the outer and inner planes/planets beyond earth are depicted by the cosmic egg model of the cosmos and what the government and NASA really mean when they say they want to go to MarsFallen angels & shooting stars, and why there’s duality in humanityMUSIC THIS EPISODEIntro - Foggy Dreams by Wisdom Traders Outro - Montauk by Nyrus
May 1, 2019
Today's guest Kenny Palurintano is a real life rainbow warrior, Krishna consciousness artisan of plant based cookery, and Buddha of medicinal food bowls. Join us in the flow of perpetual synchronicity as we groove on freedom and bring more of our rainbow tribe into sovereignty. Freedom is the absence of fear, and in this episode we reveal many of the tricks of the controllers in our social system that can be easily dispelled with the knowledge of Truth.Find Kenny Palurintano OnlineKenny'sConsciousKitchen.comKenny's Steemit Blog - @kennyskitchenJoin Your Tribe in celebrating sovereignty on May 3rd through 5th at Freedom Fest near Ava, MO. - EVENT LINK | Festival Preview With Nathan Crabtree Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ to access the full archive of extended episodes! Talked About...The reasons for a society built on loving voluntary participation instead of fear based coercionDemystifying the channeling and how spirit has influenced human evolution foreverRainbow Gathering and group flow statesPerpetual synchronicity and Kenny’s 24 Hour Vegan KitchenConscious and compassionate conflict resolutionHow the chakra system and vibration corresponds to the structure of sovereign gatherings like RainbowThe Gift economy, protecting the individual from centralized power structures, and making sure everyone is taken care of globallyDismantling the hierarchy of celebrity and cults of personalityHow one nullifies contracts and connections to the Federal GovernmentWhy the government coercion system doesn’t apply to us unless we comply with itKenny explains how to get out of a ticket when pulled over without having paperworkThe Legal system as a black magic trick of word magic spell craftMusic In This EpisodeIntro: Wisdom TradersOutro: Truniversal (Produced by SuperTask)
April 22, 2019
Sarah Josephine is a tattoo artist who imbues her creations with love and cosmic healing energy. As a Reiki practitioner who has innovated color based healing modalities that help clients find breakthroughs using their own creativity. We talk about these soul paintings, using color to unblock our chakras, and Sarah's dream-journey to becoming a tattoo artist.Join InnerVerse Plus+ to access the full archive of extended episodes! Sarah Josephine OnlineInstagram @sarahjosephineart Facebook @Karmic Seeds Creations Episode NotesSoul Painting – combining Reiki, color therapy & creative empowermentThe link between art and self awarenessWhy practicing energy healing shifts us into unity consciousness  “Reiki is about being present to the energy that’s all around you, right now.” Imagination as the primary channel for healingEverything is I’s (eyes) so become the ObserverSarah’s internal process of non-action to open as a healing channelDecoding Crystal Power with Color Theory Integrating crystals with energy healingLunar and Solar power revealed by crystalsThe inspiring story of Sarah becoming a tattoo artist at BrickhausGetting tattooed requires opening up your energy fieldThe depth of meaning that people invest in their tattoosOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)Sigil magic and imbuing tats with positive powerSarah and I talk about the meaning behind a few of our own tattoosWhy making art helps with indecisiveness Practices for staying in the right mindset to responsibly put art on someone’s bodyBreaking the reality movie down into moment by moment framesSpontaneous growth by contemplating Sacred GeometryConnecting to Higher Self and revealing the Shadow Self with Tarot and Divination ArtsMusic In This EpisodeIntro - Foggy Dreams by Wisdom Traders Outro - Bandicoot by Flintwick
April 12, 2019
The White Planetary Wizard known as Heather Elizabeth joins InnerVerse just in time for the Return of The Year in the 13 Moon DreamSpell (aka the Galactic Mayan Calendar). This enthusiastic energizer uplifts the world with ACTivations for the souls she PLUR-ks with (play + PLUR + work). Tune in for a look in the mirror to the depths of your own infinite potential, and learn more about this incredible system of self-knowing she teaches.Download the 2 Hour Extended Episode by joining InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon! Support your favorite show and enjoy bonus convo-content!Access The Plus+ ExtensionFind Heather Online Facebook & InstagramSHINE Wizard Academy We Talked AboutWhy and How Heather is actually a White WizardHow Heather went from social worker to Light PLUR-kerGetting a past life regression with a psychic as a 13 year oldWitnessing spirit while serving as a hospice care giverDeath as a transit into the infinite and the meaning of the Matrix of 4The harmonic convergence of 1987, and the new species of humans Jose Arguelles, The Law of Time and the 13 Moon Dream Spell Calendar of the Galactic MayaReveling in the sacredness of all creation, the work of art known as eARTh How Heather used the dreamspell to accurately transmit my soul’s galactic blueprint before we spokeThe power of living in natural cyclical time instead of slavery to modern linear timeSoul blueprints and your face from before you had a faceHow in 2019 we are revisiting the energetic frequency of 1967The veil between worlds is coming down and basically goneDecode your galactic signature with The 13:20 Sync App and The power of the Codespells to remind ourselves who we areAlign with spiritual maturity in Heather’s Shine Wizard Academy launching on 4/12Only In Plus+ (Tune In!)Awakening to your inner knowledge and wisdom by following your passion pathwayRethinking the learning process and why it’s all about experience more than educationFinding galactic kinship with important people in your life corresponding in your DreamSpell blueprintsDestiny castles and the 52 year cycle of earth family archetypes2018 as the Red Cosmic Moon year and how it’s about purification, cleansing and aligning with the divine feminineLearning the art of allowing changes and healing to take place naturally in your lifeDiscovering the Sacred Mysteries by investigating conspiraciesThe collective consciousness shift towards abundance right nowWhy the Nipsey Hussle death is a faked ritualThe magic at Mt Shasta and galactic synchronizationGetting the beam out of our own eye before seeking to remove the speck from our neighbor’s eyeHeather’s High Vibe SHINE Tribe – Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution Wise Words From Heather In This Podcast“Whoever owns your time, owns your mind”“At this point the waking up isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.”“The Shine Wizard Academy is a platform and a sacred space to really step into spiritual maturity, who you truly are, and how you are here to serve the planet.” “Evolutionary times call for an evolutionary education.” Music In This EpisodeIntro - Foggy Dreams by Wisdom Traders Outro - I Had My Eyes Closed by Norbz
April 7, 2019
We're joined by Maven of Ravin' and workshop coordinator for Backwoods Music Festival, Aubrey Monk Warren for a chat about bringing the magic of music festivals home to the "real world" so that we can transform our universe from the inside out. We chat about conscious dance, the truth about entheogenic substances, and of course preview the amazing variety of things that Backwoods Music Festival on Mulberry Mountain has to offer its attendees this year.Backwoods is taking place at Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas on May 31 to June 2. Links to Aubrey and Backwoodshttps://www.aubreywarren.com To InnerVerse Plus+ and get double length shows, early access to podcasts, and support the show you love!Join at TopicsThe synchronicity magic of festivals at Mulberry Mountain, ArkansasWhy going to camping festivals improves your self-relianceThe truth about safe substance use and the festival communityConscious dance as a therapeutic movement modality that has been with us since primal timesEvolving past the need for entheogens by strengthening your mind/body/spirit connectionReminiscence about the glory of bygone Wakarusa daysTransforming from festival enthusiast to festival producer and workshop teacherWhy trip out on bad vibes when you can do Diaphragmatic Breathing and get grounded?How ravers and festie kids are fertile ground for planting seeds of consciousness expansionSound healing and festivalsPreview of workshops at Backwoods including astrology and laughter yogaAchieving psychedelic states of consciousness through breath and body practices instead of substancesReducing stress and promoting health and influencing your genes with breathing and chantingWhy yoga is better at festivals More about Backwoods workshops, from Hula Hooping to examining ancient religionsOnly In Plus+ (Become A Member!)Advice about using the mind to activate muscles and doing it in a balanced wayWhy “No Pain No Gain” isn’t a good game planTransforming your life with awareness of the pelvic floor musclesGetting in tune with your body so you can connect with the Earth’s bodyUsing your reaction to color to gauge your personal chakra healthThe root chakra epidemic in our cultureThe connection between the sacral chakra and third eyeLearning metaphysical healing practices by playing with selenite crystalsHow Aubrey joined rave culture and became the Festival Fairy GodmotherKandi bead bracelet magic, PLUR handshakes and breath syncing hugsGetting serious about health so life in a body is more fun A mystical experience at Bob Marley’s mausoleum Music This EpisodeIntro - Foggy Dreams by Wisdom Traders Outro - Kadela Great Things Aubrey Said In This Episode“We plant seeds in people’s consciousness that other ways and paths are possible. If you don’t know another way is there, you never begin the journey.”“I want to empower people who come to festivals with something that they can take home with them, to take the festival home within their being.”“The philosophy of physical yoga is to get the most results in the least amount of effort.”“The more that we get in tune with our own physical bodies, the quicker we will start to pay attention to the entire body, which is the earth. You have to be connected to yourself before you care about clean water.
March 30, 2019
Deep Sequence streamed a live Q & A with InnerVerse Podcast to talk about upcoming gigs and their epic new single, "Cloud Spires" and to discuss some gigs they've got this year, like their upcoming mainstage performance at Backwoods at Mulberry Mountain 2019!Watch this video on Youtube to see the whole gang! - them on Soundcloud and check out Cloud Spires here: InnerVerse on Patreon and get Plus+ Extension content!Join the Tribe:
March 25, 2019
What connects conspiracy research to spiritual work? Ura Soul returns to bring light and share stories of many brave corporate insiders. Revealing the heartless and exploitative areas of our society, we can begin untying the knot that connects our energy to evil and find a healthier continuity for our lives.“The root to our problems in the whole fractal is the mind trying to deny the emotions.” Find Ura Soul OnlineJoin Ureka.orgUra Soul's blog on Steemit The Whistleblowers Series Part 1Join InnerVerse Plus+ to unlock the 2 hour extended episode and dive in to the huge archive of double-length shows!Become a member at or Click Here to access this episode extension!Show Notes & LinksWhy “conspiracy” research and whistleblowers can help us make informed decisions about important life choicesPharmaceutical Professionals Expose the Massive Criminality of the Medical Industry – Link To WhistleblowersTop Drug Company Sales Rep: “I Was Trained to Mislead Doctors And The Public. 'Legal' Drugs Are Inherently Toxic & Dangerous” - Link To WhistleblowerFacebook/Google censorship of groups that question mainstream viewsFor big pharma, there’s no money in healthy people or dead people, but lots of money to make off sick peopleGerman Doctor / Editor Admits Being Trained And Paid To Lie in Mass Media by CIA - Says Most Major Journalists Are the Same – Link To WhistleblowerLack of Self-Empowerment as the root of evilDepolarizing the vegan/meat eater mindsetsCIA Whistleblower: Exposing Massive Crime. "The US Congress & Senate Are Controlled By A Real Shadow Government - Working with the 'Deep State'" – Link to WhistleblowerHow compartmentalization of information allows for a powerful secret government with no oversightExposing 911 as an Inside Job - Susan Lindauer, CIA Asset, Imprisoned & Drugged By US Gov/Mil. to Silence Her – Link to Whistleblower  Hackers expose 9/11 data massively conflicting with the official storyOnly In Plus+ (SUBSCRIBE!)Recognizable patterns in false-flag crisis eventsThe connection between AI and demonic entities and the potential for real life super soldier programsRepresentative Democracy Is A Con Game Designed By A Hidden Network of Oligarchs' - A Highly Respected Ivy League Historian Spills The Beans! Tragedy and Hope 101 – Whistleblower LinkThe philosophical reasons democracy is antithetical to freedomThe problem-reaction-solution method employed by social engineersThe hardcore truth about modern education as an imagination destroying system of conditioningPOWERFUL TESTIMONY From US Military Officer: ISIS Is Directly Funded By CIA Via Swiss Banks (UBS) And I Have Documentary Proof of Treason by US Government Members. - Link to WhistleblowerCorporate use of archetypal symbolism to plant specific ideas in the consumer’s consciousness using McDonalds and Burger King and Isis as examplesMusic In This EpisodeIntro - Wisdom Traders Outro - Mindful Xpansion
March 15, 2019
It's time to walk the walk we've been talking about! Garrett Graham returns to the InnerVerse to inspire us to rise above the old and into our new, optimal selves. This guru of good health is a human encyclopedia of holistic knowledge and synchronized strategies, here to help us balance our mind, body and spirit on our paths as infinite creators. Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ and get double length episodes! Find the extended episode here - Garrett Graham OnlineGraham Holistic Healing WebsiteGraham Holistic Healing on FacebookGarrett Graham on Youtube “When we start to move in out of the box ways, we start to think out of the box.” - Garrett GrahamWe Talked AboutWhy it’s a good idea to work with a personal trainer or coachGarrett describes his goals for clients in the next half yearThe Mind/Body/Spirit connection explainedReturning to our Soul’s intended destiny and primary timelineAccessing infinite possibilities and extra personal chargeHands On HealingElements of bodywork, exercise and energy flow in the bodyworkThe connection between having a healthy body and intelligenceHigh Intensity Interval Training & the Tabata MethodAvoiding burn-out and maintaining lifestyle improvementsThe one thing you can do everyday to make everything else easier or obsoleteGetting energy moving in the body to open up the imaginationReleasing trauma trapped in the body with stretching and meditative movementWorking with nutrition to unlock the body’s ability to healTo eat meat or not to eat meat?Garrett’s upcoming one-on-one 5 month program to maximize your potentialOnly In The Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)Primal Movement & intuiting exercises from watching animalsHow meditative movement practices and imagination can unlock energy healing powersThe difference between Qi Gong Healing & ReikiTaoist BioneuroenergeticsWorking with your own energetic fieldVisualizing your aura Strengthening chakrasIntegrated Energy Therapy aka Healing With The AngelsSecret Chinese energy healing techniques passed down through family lineagesThe ayahuasca shamanism training Garrett undertook in BoliviaGetting demons pulled out of your body by a psychedelic nature goddessThe possibility of working with spiritual beings and archangels but also not needing to rely on itLong distance healing practicesShamanic journey-work and taking plant medicines seriouslyWe swapped stories about heroic doses of psilocybinThe phenomenon of people from other worlds incarnating as humans known as starseedsA channeled message from Arcturus Music This EpisodeIntro Music - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro Music - MiOwnIze
March 9, 2019
It's time to get weird with paranormal investigators Karl Pfieffer & Connor Randall, producers of the hit new documentary series, Hellier. But hunting ghosts and goblins isn't all these two do, Karl Pfieffer is a brilliant photographer and published novelist, and creative dynamo Connor Randall has a long history with sleuthing spirits, and he also plays drums for group of punks called The Ghoulies. If you love high strangeness then make sure you don't miss this one!Tune in to the Extended Episode (2 hours) - available here!Become a Plus+ member to unlock the archive of extra InnerVerse content! Find More of Connor Randall & Karl Pfieffer onlineWatch Hellier at Tune in to Spirits of the Stanley Greg Newkirk's article about the Estes Method Check out Connor's band - The Ghoulies Photography and novels by Karl Phieffer -  “The next best place to investigate is where ever you are right now. You can investigate in your own home. If you send the beacon out there, I think the ghosts will come to you. You don’t necessarily have to be in an abandoned prison or an old hotel.” - Connor RandallEpisode Topics Karl and Connor tell their stories of getting involved with the haunted Stanley HotelThe origins of the Hellier documentary - The “Window Area” hypothesis and inter-dimensional riftsChasing down goblins/aliens/mythical creatures that seem to live in cavesJungian synchronicity storms Being led along by a mysterious coincidence creating intelligenceHow Karl and Connor innovated The Estes Method for speaking with spiritual entitiesMerging technology and intuition to open up to psychic abilityWhat motivates these guys to do paranormal research?The guys recall some of their best physical spirit interactions How studying paranormal activity can open up latent psychic abilityThe ongoing relationship with a spirit named EddieCategories of spirits, ghosts and tulpas (thought forms)Why Supernatural experiences can reduce the fear of deathOnly In The Plus+ Extension - SUBSCRIBE!Familial spirits Speculations on how spirits create synchronicity to get noticedHow imagination ties in to spiritual contactGetting scratched by spiritsContemplating whether paranormal activity is more physical or mentalPrecautions taken before facing potentially unknown spiritual forcesKarl’s spider-sense slash spooky sense and how it feels to detect weird jujuThe reasons why the Connor and Karl’s Spirit Investigations team were forced to give up their work at the Stanley HotelConsidering whether or not investigators should try to guide ghosts or spirits on to the next world or if it’s even possible to do thatThe 440 mystery from Spirits of the Stanley revisited 3 years laterPsychic Spies and remote viewingA teaser about what to expect with Hellier Season 2Connor and Karl talk about why weirdness inspires them and how to stay grounded while going down the rabbit holeMusic This EpisodeIntro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro - "Parasite" by The Ghoulies 
March 1, 2019
Bradley is a self-published author, crystal wielding Reiki Master, and shamanic guide to seeing through the dark sides of life. Tune in to hear about Bradley's book The Fool's Journey: Raise The Vibe - Heal The Tribe and learn about several practical techniques for advancing on your own spiritual journey to the infinite within. Join InnerVerse Plus+Get the good stuff by joining on Patreon! Five bucks a month gets you the entire archive of double length shows!Find the extended version here.Connect With Bradley Philpott Online The Fool's Journey: Raise The Vibe - Heal The Tribe Wildfire N Earth ReikiThe Human Experience Stuff We Talked About...Bradley kicks things off with a shamanic guided visualization for us to tryThe shaman as one who “sees in the dark”Using a dream journal to reveal your unconscious psychic powersThe sacredness of the bodyWhat it means to “know thyself”The personal accountability that is required to help clients with Reiki Following the white rabbitHuman Design and the Bradley’s Galactic Soul BlueprintThe light body, MerkabaBuilding the multi-dimensional ascension vehicleHow to protect yourself in astral journey situationsA lesson from Deer Spirit about conquering the fear demon with loveA method for creating a magical circle, or sacred space, to enhance and protect during journey workConstructive advice for new-age spirituals and recovered religious dogmatists Realizing life has no one-size-fits all narrativesBradley previews his book and its upcoming sequel Connecting with familiar ancestor guidesOnly in the Plus+ Extension (Join For Instant Access!)Bradley’s journey from southern baptist worship minister to Tarot reading Reiki shamanAccidental Kundalini awakeningOut of body experiencesThe details about what its like to give and receive Reiki healingDetoxing our parasitic side with a love cleanseThe art of using crystals with Reiki practiceAutomatic writing and other ways of contacting Spirit Power animals and ideas on connecting with and honoring themThe shamanic role of psychopomp and the guidance of deceased spirits Soul alchemy The ways spirits may be speaking to you through syncronicityDeep advice from Bradley about finding and following joyMusic This EpisodeIntro Segment - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro Song - "Guurl" by Kadela X Chad Downing Great Quotes from this show“True grace is letting people be free to be who they are.”“A Shaman is change in motion.”
February 18, 2019
The Lunar Priestess of Love, Madalyn Elizabeth, returns to the show for a chat about changing the consciousness of the planet by bringing awareness to our relationships. Madalyn also shares an educational explanation of ceremonial cacao (raw chocolate), and how to use this plant medicine to open hearts. Intimacy means "into me I see," so get ready to step through the looking glass into the wonderland of divine love.Join InnerVerse Plus+ and unlock this full 2 hour podcast and all other episodes! Madalyn Instagram @madalynelizabethlove Facebook @madalynelizabethlove Synchrogalactic Shamanism - Last Time Madalyn Was on InnerVerse  FEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at Things we talked about...Grounding Meditation to come into our heartsThe massive transmutation process the Earth is going through Questions about spiritual bypassing of emotional issuesRevelations about the rapid reincarnation of people leaving the planet these daysUsing Cacao (raw chocolate) for spiritual healing and heart openingThe difference between social and ceremonial cacao and dosage adviceWhy chocolate is often a gift between loversLegends about cacao’s off-world originsDynamics for maintaining conscious relationships of all typesHow we actually begin our physical life as eggs in our grandmother’s wombRecognizing ancestor trauma in our own lives“We tend to attract who we are.”Using our relationships to advance the consciousness evolution of the planetOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)Madalyn reads my numerology and explains the system for figuring itThe meaning behind the 7 life path and calculating your personal numerology for the current yearThe plan to attain personal sovereignty by 2020A breakdown of my Galactic Signature reading via the Law of Time system (White Magnetic Mirror)Check your own galactic soul blueprint at lawoftime.orgThe Mayan 13x20 calendar system based on the moonMadalyn explains my primary soul energy as intuited through the Akashic RecordLearning not to be paralyzed by perfectionismMadalyn talks about her musical project, Beyond Duality and infusing songs with the power of cacaoAnd the revealing of which star system my higher self comes from, including an anomaly about my soul’s origin, according to Madalyn’s divinationMusic This Episode Intro Segment - Foggy Dreams by WisdomTraders Outro Music - DrumSpyder
February 9, 2019
The occult historian and Philadelphia philosopher Ras Ben joins the show to discuss staying true to your own spirit. We also riff on ancient ancestors and crystal technology, UFOs and the non-human beings described in ancient texts and modern stories, and the idea that nations of the stars and humanoids from the inner earth might be playing a part in the prophetic timelines we're living through.Find Ras Ben Ras Ben on Youtube Ras Ben on THCCheck out Ras Ben on The Higherside Chats talking about his newest book Great Mystery Philadelphia JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get the 2 hour extended episode, early access to future shows, and the huge archive of Plus+ episodes by supporting InnerVerse on Patreon! FEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at We Talked About...Why obedience to your spirit is its own rewardHow Ras Ben came into the knowledge of crystalsCreating sychronicity with your inner voice Use of crystal technology in the ancient Nile Valley civilization (Egyptian)Mystery cults, inner earth beings and extra terrestrial star nationsLovecraftian “Old Gods” frozen in Antarctica and the Moon masonsRas gives ancient scriptural context to a UFO sighting I had in 2017Differences between inner Earth vs. extra-terrestrial shipsThe reason humans are quarantined on earth is not yet following omniversal natural lawEvidence of star nation collaboration with humans in 13th century EthiopiaLink to the Rock Hewn Churches of LalibelaOnly in Plus+ (Subscribe!)Emperor Haile Selassie and the origins story of Rastafari cultureThe prophecy of opening the book of life in our DNAThe connection between the Philadelphia Experiment and the Mandella Effect How the music industry, the Pope, and the NFL used geomancy and ritual to regain popularityMass sporting events and the occult harvesting of human energyManipulating prophecy & the power of aligning with omniversal natural lawIntro Music - Wisdom Traders Outro Music This Episode - Bluetech
February 1, 2019
Wake up and smell the apocalypse, it's the end of the Matrix World as we know it, and we feel fine. Pharoh Tahar is the mind behind the Arcadia Project, a sustainable community building mission with the health of our mind/body/spirit system as its primary concern. Join us for a veil-lifting conversation with this extremely bright healer and alchemist, and move through the gates of fear into the kingdom of heaven. Links to Pharoh Tahar• The Human Experience LLC • Healing Alchemists Join InnerVerse Plus+ to unlock the archive of 50+ double length shows!Subscribe on PatreonFEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at Things We Talked About...What means to be living through the apocalypse (lifting of the veil)Exiting the false society death Matrix by entering unconditional loveThe Arcadia project’s four directions of sustainable community pillarsStrategy for ending centrally controlled currencyGatekeepers of the DMT portal and the fear of being powerlessWhy your higher self wants you to sing and dance moreTapping into past life learning and knowledgeCreating a new lexicon to empower intentions instead of muddle them as language often doesGetting out of the pressures created by human time constructsRedemption through Gnosis instead of external saviors7 Hermetic Laws - Only In The Plus+ Extension (SUBSCRIBE)How Youth Pastor Darryl Garth transformed into Alchemist PharohGnostic awareness and reality transmutation alchemyServing the higher self instead of the egoThe para-psychological research of Dean Radin - Link Influencing the past present and future with imaginationDiscussion of the illusory nature of fearRelaxing the schedule and deprogramming from the idea that activity equals productivityActivating the chakras by learning what limits their expressionThe 5D future and life beyond timeThe story of how Pharoh realigned my spine when we first metIntro Music by Wisdom Traders Show Music by Nico Luminous
January 26, 2019
Writer and spiritual activist Paul Lenda joins us to discuss his book, The Creation Of A Consciousness Shift. Join us as we find a healthy definition for spirituality and learn more about the nature of the universal mind we live in, and how to protect and strengthen your delicate biology while you're here.Find Paul OnlineShift.Is - Paul's WebsiteTurquoise Memories - Paul's MixtapesThe Creation of a Consciousness Shift - Paul's BookYoutube Twitter Facebook Get the second hour of this conversation with Paul Lenda by subscribing on Patreon, or purchase the Plus+ episode from the IP website. Support your favorite podcast and enjoy the enlightening entertainment!Subscribe for Episode 119+ On PatreonPurchase Episode 119+ for $2!This time we talked about...Spirituality defined as the connectivity between all beingConsciousness research by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - LINK Meditation techniques and inner paths to outer spaceErvin László – Science and the Akashic FieldProtecting your biology from EMF signals and the vibes of the artificial and fearfulWhy you might want to start speaking out against the spread of the 5G networkRedefining our lives as our own, reclaiming sovereigntyThe serotonin connection to spiritualityIdeas about nutrient supplementing, the 9 essential amino acids & moreVisionary art and magical music Only in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)Paul’s December 21st 2012 adventure at the ruins of Chichen ItzaPyramids and ancient structural free energy technologiesReincarnation and mapping higher self source field consciousnessPaul describes various personal meditation practices you may benefit fromAdvice for empaths to not feel drained by the worldLearning to create energy “psy-balls” like Goku in Dragonball ZTraining yourself to see more of the reality, like aura energyHyper-dimensional parasites and artificial intelligence Opening Music by Wisdom Traders
January 19, 2019
Nancy Byrne uses her experience with horrific hardships to initiate herself on a path of intuitive healing, writing, speaking and living that helps others learn to trust themselves. Nancy is the author of Choices, a soul-touching memoir that mixes humor and compassion into her intense life story. Join us for a conversation about learning to listen to the still small voice within.Find Nancy Choices on Amazon Become a Plus+ Member to unlock the 2nd hour of this show and the full archive of extended episodes!Join here: you to Wisdom Traders for the music in this episode and the awesome new theme song for InnerVerse, "Foggy Dreams"Notes & TopicsRemembering difficult past experiences in order to grow in the present Changing faulty beliefs that we inheritIf you’re remembering something that was repressed, it’s because you’re now strong enough to healWhy even the most unthinkable suffering is still valuable to the soulStories from working with the police to help people in distressPreviews on Nancy’s next bookWhat it’s like to go from a strict Catholic upbringing to intuitive psychic readerSymbolic methods to help one hear the inner still small voice of intuitionEmpowerment through personal responsibility for our choices and actionsLearning the spiritual lessons from injuries and accidentsOnly in the Plus+ Extension (Tune In Here!)Miracles while herding kids in hailstormsSigns and Direct Contact from Source in the darkest corner of life’s experienceLearning to love your own self for all you’re worthWar stories from the rape crisis center Spiritual protection for the virtuousGetting Reiki from a tree to escape the Lost WoodsBecoming best friends with your higher spiritHealing from a judgmental mindsetSoul Contracts and pre-birth agreements
January 9, 2019
Super-powered creative couple Desiree & Charles Fultz join the show to talk about the spiritual side of relationships. This duo makes music, jewelry, awesome live events and more, all with a magical awareness and highly positive vibes. Join us for a chat about the nature of relating to the Infinite Self Fractal Matrix we call reality.Find The Fultz' onlineGate & Key: Sidereal 13 Sign Astrology by Desiree FultzINNERVERSE 103 - Desiree FultzFull Moon Metaphysical Bazaar on 1/21 in Rogers, ArkansasPsychic Insights AstrologyWire Wraps By Charles FultzFestival of the Fairies on 4/19 & 4/20 near Eureka Springs ArkansasDarklight Revival Blacklight Art PartyZombie Go Boom on YoutubeMusic This Episode: Illusive TunaThings We Talked About...The intention for more personal sovereignty and freedom by 2020Desiree's upcoming book tourThe meaning of weaknesses and conflicts in astrology and relationshipsOverview of the houses of astrologyCharles Fultz' story with the massive Youtube channel Zombie Go BoomTwin Flames and various ways these relationships manifestMeeting people who are just like fictional characters you're writing aboutGenealogical Astrology & personality traits that are passed from parents to childrenLighting the candle of consciousness for humanityHow to take advantage of the inspirational flashes from Uranus in 2019Only In the Plus+ Extension (View on Patreon)General Mark Milley's strange warning about aliens to military graduates in 2016 - Video LinkJeremy Corbell's documentaries - Extraordinary BeliefsInvisibility charmsMagical protection from unwanted police encountersThe connection between morality and magical abilitiesOur varied origins from different worldsFlying saucers and alien implantsHow you may likely have almost met your twin flame in passingThe gears and architecture of consciousnessOur electric body and the universal divine sparkAncient ether powered & magical technologiesMegalithic structures and an alternative view of historyCreatively working out a difficult planetary alignment in your birthchart by exploding fake zombie headsThe Wrap Charles Gifted me - Picture Link
December 27, 2018
The winter solstice holidays are upon us and it's a great time to put our perspectives on love and compassion. The being known online as Ura Soul returns for a third InnerVerse chat to help us create mass-christ consciousness this Christmas. A prolific content creator and founder of free-speech social media network, Ura Soul is a heart-centered individual who always has helpful knowledge to share with us in our journey of balancing, healing & evolving. Links to Ura Soul OnlineJoin the conversation at Soul: Decentralising the World (Wide Web) | PresentationUra Soul: "I Challenge Anyone To Watch This And Prove Meat / Dairy is Not Evil"  Become a Plus+ Member and unlock the full 2 hour episode!Join at to support your favorite show and enjoy extended content!Things We Talked AboutThoughts on the documentary Vegan 2018 (Video Link)Healing, Balancing, Evolving video series by Ura Soul (Video Playlist Link) Car Accidents and Quantum Immortality"If you don't get real with your emotions, they will get real with you."Emotion = Energy in motionSelf Healing by getting emotions unstuck in the bodyCelluar voltage and boosting your body's energy so it can healOvercoming pain by paying the body the loving attention that it deservesUra Soul's recent talk at Bases Project (Video Link)Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers - (Video Link) The Day After Roswell - (Book Link)The Whistle Blowers Series by @ura-soul Only in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe)How big corporate internet companies censor and control information in sneaky waysGoogle and Facebook vs. Steemit & other cryptocurrency companiesThe connection between our bodily health habits and the external manifestation of controllers and poison peddlersInherent problems with democracy and how voting on blockchain would at least add transparency to the procedure"You can't have absolute freedom without absolute responsibility, so becoming more self-empowered is absolutely necessary"The two diverging paths humanity is splitting between and what it means for the future of the speciesHow cryptocurrency backed social media has the chance to help people in the poorest countries to make ends meet more easilyAn awesome detour into talking about the energy leylines that grid the EarthThe incredible ruined temple of Angkor Wat and how such areas create chakra opening experiences through unknown architectural technology (Video Link) Evidence of a world-spanning peaceful & spiritual global culture, hundreds of years in the past, not thousands - New Earth on Youtube Music This Episode: Symbolico 
December 6, 2018
Transcendental tinkerer and artist-of-all-trades Brandon Arnold joins the show to talk about doing what he loves, which is creating all kinds of magical artifacts and psychedelic paintings. Check out Third Eye Jewelry online to see wonderful wizard tools and fashionable festie fabrications, including super-sweet steampunk sunglasses and copper-plated honeycombs. Brandon is a great example of what being constantly inspired looks like, and in this episode he helps us define the meaning of being a full-time artist. Find Brandon OnlineThird Eye JewelryBrandon Arnold Art on Instagram Join InnerVerse Plus+Unlock the 2nd hour of this chat and gain access to the growing archive of extended content episodes! Support your favorite podcast and double your inspirational conversations! Join at we talked about...Harnessing the power of crystals with wearable artHow a relaxed back symbolizes creative freedomGetting hooked on music festival culture Feeling the call to become an artistZen and the art of paintballingLearning to seize the momentLife as a full-time artistDoing what you love, not what makes the most moneyDisappearing object phenomenon and super charged crystalsPainting on stage with Alex & Alison GreyUsing intuition to know what crystals are best for youInfusing intention into art to bring good things to the life of the receiverOnly In Plus+ (Subscribe!)A cool synchronicity with Brandon that led him to be on the showMental tools to stay grounded and how black tourmaline can helpThe excitement when a creation finds its perfect ownerThe importance of putting proper value on your art A positive perspective about moneyStaying stoked about life and the opportunities that flowLearning by asking yourself how your inner and outer experiences relateWhat its like to be constantly inspired, even in dreamsThe possibility that stress from not living your intended life may suppress your dreams"I get excited about what I do every day--that's the most powerful way to manifest."Diversifying your artistic outlets and how eclectic interests can converge as your unique combination of creative skillsGetting literate with symbols to be empowered by them instead of manipulatedMusic This Episode: Drumspyder
November 26, 2018
The festival sage and freelance photographer Jamie Seed returns to InnerVerse for a third visit, this time recounting sychronicities from Burning Man and beyond as we recap a busy year for this prolific artist. Hero worship, the positive shadow and balancing the ego are some of the topics on the table for this one. See Jamie's work at JamieSeed.comBecome a Plus+ Member and get double your weekly dose of InnerVerse! Unlock 2 hour episodes and more by supporting your favorite show on Patreon - Sign Up at we discussedReplacing negative thought patterns with positive podcastsTransmuting mental blocks by releasing tension in the bodyEnergy as consciousness and how food alters our self imageWhy producing our own food could help save the environmentRethinking our Faustian relationship with convenience and "disposable" itemsBurning Man Ethics and ego dissolving sychronicitiesHealthy hero admiration vs. "blinded by the light" hero worshipWhat Jamie has learned from teaching photography classes, strategies for inspiring studentsOnly in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe Here!)Crossing from festival culture into permacultureFollowing passion instead of money but also paying the billsIdeas about what living outside the box looks likeElaborate discussion on ecstatic dance and how it connects us to authentic & spiritual self expressionJamie turns the tables on me and instigates a conversation about my rock climbing hobbyJamie reflects on some of the mindsets and evolution he's faced as a full time freelancer over the last year living life without a financial safety netTips for replacing depression thoughts with gratitude practicesThe story of how sychronicities with a black tourmaline stone helped Jamie during a time of massive loss and open up to be less cynical A great conversation about the metaphysical power of belief and why leaving room for the unknown is better than assuming things are impossibleEpisode Music: K+LAB
November 16, 2018
What's the link between crystals and energy? Find out how to use metaphysical tools to clear the static from your creative inspiration signal in this edition of InnerVerse. Josefa Savu joins the show to take us on a knowledge journey about some of the best ways to truly love yourself.Become a Plus+ Member on Patreon and unlock the second hour of this episode!Support your favorite show and dive deeper with us each week. With JosefaCrystals 101 - JWJ on Youtube Human Design Chart - Visual Aid for Plus+ ExtensionBlessed Herbs Colon Cleanse TopicsPhysical mechanics behind the energy contained in crystalsBruce Lipton - How Belief Affects Biology The powers of Hematite, Moldavite, Selenite, and other stonesAwesome wire wraps by Jaz Crazy sychronicity stories involving crystals that seem to have consciousnessHuman Design System: merging astrology, i Ching, DNA and moreImagination and what's really real about realityBook Recommendation - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Using Citrine and Pyrite and conjuring the yang/masculine/creative/sexual energyStones that promote rest, dreams and protection - Labradorite, AmethystFree E-Book - The Code to the Matrix by Seven Bomar Cleaning the organs and tuning your body to become a symphony of genius Chakras Explained beautifully by the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender" How to cleanse and clear energy from crystals and other objects - JWJ on YoutubeOnly in the Plus+ Extension (Join Here!)Mechanics and methods of grounding and balancing our energyUpgrading your routine into an empowering ritualHuman design system explained in depthStrategies for connecting to the Divine within others in any situationMore in depth information and encouragement about successfully doing a colon cleanseHow trauma is retained in the body in its water and musculature tension and what can be done to release itSevering our ties to the corporate death machine by purging toxins and parasitesHyper-dimensional Warfare and shared personal experiences with intoxicated people who are possessed like Agent Smith in the MatrixEpisode Music: Mt. Analogue 
November 2, 2018
The author Ethan Indigo Smith returns to IP to discuss his book The Matrix of Four. Join us for a rousing conversation about the spiritual significance of four and the path of the righteous rebel. Guaranteed to get your chi flowing!MORE ETHAN INDIGO SMITHIP EPISODE 4.5 - FLOWING WITH THE FLOWREAD THE MATRIX OF FOUR - AMAZON Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds And you can also check out his blog at Wake Up WorldBecome an InnerVerse Plus+ MemberJoin at a private feed with extended episodes - get early release access and an extra hour each week!Support your favorite podcast - funded exclusively by listeners (Did you notice there are no ads?)Episode TopicsThe basics of the matrix of four - thesis, antithesis, synthesis, nullesisDeep breakdown of the Taiji, or "Grand Ultimate" a.k.a. the yin and yangMaintaining individual principles in a dogmatic & chaotic worldThe worldwide spiritual significance of fourDeveloping the unknown knowledge withinDon't kill the ego, root the ego in awarenessLearning about the power of opposites with GaneshUsing the Matrix of Four to sharpen your Occam's RazorWhy it's good to try and be graceful and "stop the plop"The wisdom of sustained 70% effort in all areas of lifeOnly In The Plus+ Extension (Check it out!)Plato's Allegory of the Cave and what it teaches about how people process informationSaying No and the power of the Sacred Masculine within ourselvesThe story of Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman and philosopherActivating your own placebo power through meditative movement like Tai Chi and Qi GongExperiencing the chills of signification when perceiving divine order in the cosmosVisionary experiences and the 8th lesson of natural law, which is careBuddha's Four Immeasurables & the 70's sci-fi show The Prisoner1984 and how media causes us to think in clichesMaintaining the beginners mind and always asking questionsMusic In This Episode - Living Light 
October 20, 2018
David Whitehead is the creator of Way of the Truth Warrior and co-host of Unslaved Podcast. In this empowering episode we discuss how to cultivate self-esteem, perhaps the most important aspect of enlightenment. This dynamic conversation demystifies the processes of shadow work and psycho-somatic healing, and we also discuss the importance of individual sovereignty in a tyrannical world. Possibly the most powerful InnerVerse transmission yet!Become a Plus+ Member and unlock the full 2 hour podcast with David Whitehead. Support InnerVerse and dive in to the deep end of creative consciousness conversations!Episode 111+ for Members @ out David's Work:Truth Warrior Unslaved Topics & Links:The enlightening aspects of martial artsDavid's hero's journey from Truth Warrior to UnslavedWilhelm Reich and Listen, Little Man! (Audiobook Link)"Martial arts isn't just about learning how to fight, it's about learning how to be a victor in life, and not a victim."David's collaborations with author Michael Tsarion and the future of Unslaved - "The Female Illuminati" The creative mental fortitude of the spiritual warriorThe three foundational aspects of self-esteem: rationality, reason, and freewillHow we can know we have free willRecommended reading: Nathaniel Brandon - The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Audiobook Link) Defining authentic shadow work and embracing the body's intelligence for healing psycho-somatic trauma and tensionOnly In The Plus+ Extension (Become A Member)Why Philosophical and Political Anarchy aren't compatibleHow capitalism has been compromisedThe nature of true free marketsHealthy Self-hood & individualismTyrannical Government - a reflection of collective darknessReal talk about immigration and bordersAn Unslaved perspective on multiculturalismGrowing the spine of a warrior in the fight to know yourselfMusic in this episode: OMNI 
October 12, 2018
Inner Space is a Vital Nutrient…Deni Van is a healer and mentor who helps people find heartfelt awakenings and expand their own inner space. The result is less stress, more peace, and an invigorated attitude about intentional attention. Spirituality isn't mystical, it's physics!Find Deni Heartfelt Awakening Podcast @Blog Talk RadioHeartfelt Awakening Village (Facebook Group)Deni Van on Youtube Instagram @heartfeltawakening Support InnerVerse and become a Plus+ member to unlock the extended version of this episode and gain access to the full archive of 2+ hour InnerVerse Plus+ shows!Topics:Deni's story of beating cancer and past of working with the deaf and communicationsThe benefit of strengthening the mind and body connection with yogaUsing simple techniques to unblock our suppressed energy, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)"Inner Space is a vital nutrient!" a deep discussion about meditationWho is the you that thinks about yourself apart from yourself?Matt Presti on InnerVerse - Walter Russell and the Secret of Light - Episode Link Using free will to be empowered by our past traumas instead of victimized by themPlus+ Extension (Subscribe!)How to cure NPS - Need to Please SyndromeChanging yourself instead of trying to fix othersMoney as an energy flow and shifting perspectives away from its negative associations Pythagoras, Music and the quadrivium of classical self knowledgeAnalyzing the Chakra system and Maslow's hierarchy of needs to find fulfillment in lifeHarnessing your own power of belief for healing, the self-initiated placebo effectA discussion on Energy Healing (Reiki) that could teach you to do it yourselfEpisode Music: ATYYA
October 6, 2018
Get the wax out of your third ear and prepare to expand your vocabulary with the secret spells of the English language! In this conversation, poet and punster Laurel Airica is going to teach us about the magic in everyday words. Here you will hear a fascinating foray into the metaphysics of your mouth-sounds!Affectionately known as the metaphysical mother goose, Laurel reveals occult meanings hidden before our eyes as unconsciously uttered linguistic white lies. And by exposing the programs inserted in the sentences that make up our lives, she has helped many magical beings break free of language slavery and put spirit back in its place in our hearts and our words.Join InnerVerse Plus+Support your favorite podcast and get access to the ever-growing archive of extended episodes.Unlock the full 2 hour interview with Laurel by becoming a member at with Laurel AiricaJoin the fun with Laurel Airica at Word Magic Global and help usher in an upgraded English language! - Collaborate with Laurel by getting in touch at Topics & LinksThe joy in playing with words instead of being played by themDeceptively negative words to watch out for "Secret Spells of the English Language - Laurel Airica's viral video from Collective Evolution on Facebook - VIDEO LINK Soul Harmonics and amplifying each other's energy with heartfelt wordsThe Oddity of Theodicy in our OdysseyMagnetic Rhymes and the synesthesia of poetryDid you know you're omnificent?Laurel suggested that I share some my artwork - check it out Our unconscious linguistic collusion with dark forces of world control "Taking Command of the English Language - Laurel Airica - VIDEO LINK Join Laurel's Word Magic forum and help us create new conscious language with a literary lotto - LINK HERE The Language of the Birds - Article by Laurel AiricaPLUS+ Extension (Join Here) Speculation on how English evolved to its current formSynchronicity and cloud paintings, how everything in the world sings and dancesLaurel's work on "The Book of E - A Book of Alphabet Alchemy" and how you can get a free copy on her websiteGetting in sync with higher vibrations instead of sinking into lower frequenciesAwesome book recommendations from LaurelThe philosophy of finding truth by seeking beautyOpening up your third ear and evolving from human kind to human kindnessHow to ask higher powers and parts of yourself for creative inspirationEpisode Music: Soohan
September 29, 2018
Don Karp, the psychological sage from the hippie age, joins InnerVerse for a chat about overcoming the physical and spiritual trials that lead some into temporary psychosis. Don's experience in both conventional and alternative mental health help has led him to provide personalized peer-to-peer support for people who are dealing with paranoia or other stressed out mental states.Don's Website Don Karp on Medium Check out the extended episode exclusive for InnerVerse Plus+ members and get double length interviews and early episode access by joining! Support your favorite show! :)Topics:⦁ Don's experience in the emerging counterculture of the 60's⦁ Overcoming generational trauma cycles⦁ Advice for set and setting and using psychedelics wisely (or not at all)⦁ How young Don developed paranoid delusions and wound up in psychiatric treatment⦁ The genocide being enacted through big pharma's distribution of deadly drugs⦁ Paranoia vs. Pronoia (the feeling that the universe is conspiring in your favor) and spiritual emergency⦁ Discovering and reintegrating the alien parts of our self ⦁ The three things Don did to break out of the revolving door cycle of going in and out of professional psychiatric care⦁ How Don rewove his identity after recovering from psychosis⦁ Rainbow Gatherings and The New World Culture ⦁ Don describes some of the mental issues he's helped coach people through and the books he's working on⦁ Plans to create an international co-housing community for elders⦁ The Icarus Project - Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)⦁ Don tells about the values he learned from his experiences at Woodstock⦁ Learning to be a good listener and healing through compassionate conversation⦁ What was and wasn't adopted from the Iroquois Confederacy by the United States Constitution⦁ The disease gene myth: epigenetics and how our consciousness and environment control gene expression. Look up the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton ⦁ The problem with long term psychiatric medication and the thousands that die from prescriptions ⦁ Breaking Psychic cataracts that cloud our spiritual awareness by doing creative activities⦁ How our food choices impact our energy and sanity levels ⦁ Advice for dealing with hazardous environmental energyEpisode Music: IchisanCome out to the Darklight Revival - Oct. 13th - Downtown Bentenville ArkansasI'll see you there!
September 21, 2018
We debuted our first ever InnerVerse booth at a magical festival last week and we have some fun stories to tell about what we experienced there. Tune in and expand your imagination about how magic works and perhaps even get some good ideas for your own exploration of extended consciousness phenomenon!Episode Music: FlintwickSupport your favorite podcast and unlock the archive of extended episodes!Become a member -⦁ Real magic wands and having fun with spell-casting practice⦁ Learning how to see energy through the imagination⦁ What it's like to act as a medium for a seance⦁ House spirits and the Russian folklore concept of the Domovoy⦁ Recording of a genuine Electronic Voice Phenomenon from Ghost Hunters - Link⦁ Learn more about spirit possession research from this year's season of Mysterious Universe podcast⦁ Come see us at the Springfield MO Metaphysical Fair on November 3rd⦁ Live mini-podcast from TGM Festival with Renee Johanna - See Video Version
September 12, 2018
Goey Smith joins the show, a teacher and co-founder of the Self Discovery Center in Springfield, MO. This extremely kind instructor of metaphysical development talks about the chemtrail conspiracy and how to beat the toxicity in our environment with physical tools like Orgonite, and the importance of directing our thoughts towards keeping our bodies healthy.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for the full 2 hour interview with Goey! Your support helps me improve the show! Members also get early episode access and other nifty Discovery Center WebsiteSelf Discovery Center on Facebook & Phone Number: 417-894-2577Music in this episode: Han-Kha Topics- What is orgonite and how did Goey get into creating it?- What's going on with chemtrails, and what can you do about it?- The problems with artificial EMF radiation - Scalar waves and the earth's natural forms of orgonite- "The human body was created to vibrate with the planet that it lives on" - Goey's experience with the power of changing thoughts to change one's life- Healing psycho-somatic bodily ailments with the mind- How being an empath can be hard to cope with until one learns their power to project love instead of receive fear- Using creative hobbies to resonate with the Self and acting out one's ideal purpose - The energetic potentials of crystals and thoughts on their purpose as part of Earth- The intelligence of so called non-living natural materials- The history and mission of the Self Discovery Center, Goey's school of metaphysics in Springfield, MO- Universal Law as a part of the SDC's curriculum and thoughts on some of these principles- Analysis of the anatomy of consciousness & identifying its components- Thoughts on how meditation can make one's connection to Self more powerful- Make your own orgonite at the Self Discovery Center Plus+ Extension (Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+)- The relationship of personal responsibility to freedom and external controllers- Our relationship to darkness as we're awakening- How following things that give you good energy always leads you to good places- Being "sacredly selfish" and knowing that self-betterment also helps others- More about the arts and attractions at The Metaphysical Fair put on by the Self Discovery Center, and its future goals- Reasons for adding musical performers to the Metaphysical Fair- A discussion on recommended movies and how great works of art reflect ourselves back to us- A taste of ideas and advice about dreams, one of the class topics at the Self Discovery Center
September 4, 2018
It's important to keep asking ourselves the philosophical question of "Am I really free?" and to explore the ways in our lives that we can become less dependent on outside establishments and more responsible for our own well being. Nathan Crabtree returns to the show with Aubrey Molica, a pair who is putting on a new annual festival in Ava, MO called Freedom Fest. This event will be a free gathering focused on sharing skills and solutions for the many problems we face as a society. Empowerment through knowledge, truth, and love are the mission for this awesome duo and I'll be sure to bring InnerVerse to the event.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for an exclusive hour long extension on this episode access to a growing archive of Plus+ shows!Become a supporter @ Fest event page on Facebook (website coming soon)Dates: May 3rd - May 5th 2019 @ New Haven Event Park in Ava, MOAlso check out Nathan's Freedom Zone for more of Nathan CrabtreeMusic in this episode: GriffTopics:⦁ How cannabis can be a gateway medicine to free thinking⦁ What to do when you can no longer live with the discomfort of tyranny⦁ Gun ownership as a natural law right⦁ Pillars of Freedom - the Divine Feminine principle of non-aggression and the Sacred Masculine principle of self defense⦁ Mark Passio - What On Earth is Happening and the Free Your Mind Conference⦁ Exposing truths about government and anarchy⦁ Philosophical breakdown of the master/slave dynamic in culture⦁ Extinction as the result of living outside of natural law and universal morality⦁ Gathering solutions to society's problems at Freedom Fest⦁ Defining aspects of the conspiracy against life on earth⦁ Why we must fight to change in consciousness, not physicallyPlus+ Extension (Subscribe!)⦁ How our commerce system steals our energy and pits us against each other⦁ The potentials and flaws of Cryptocurrency⦁ Community skill sharing to establish individuals with practical sustainability and survival skills⦁ Organic foods and the danger of letting corporate distributors tell you what's safe to eat⦁ Killing spiders and how irrational fears of natural life slow us down⦁ Fundamental mental pillars of living and Freedom Fest⦁ Getting requests for help from giant green nature gods while on DMT⦁ A call to artists to create posters or promo art for the event and to come out and share performance gifts⦁ Demystifying the nature of shadow work as it pertains to healing the body
August 14, 2018
Intrepid InnerVersal Entities, prepare for contact with the coolest intergalactic food truck on lot, Space Fruit. Kelvin Pearson and Bri Schott are the duo that deliver this delicious and nutritious all-fruit desert to festival-goers around the country. This one is a sure-fire inspiring chat with entrepreneurs who are doing great things with their platform.SPACE FRUIT ON INSTAGRAM Episode Music: ENTHEO Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus at and experience the extended version of this episode. In addition to the extra hour every show, you'll gain access to the archive of previous Plus+ Extensions, early access, and you'll be helping me make this podcast better.Topics:- Just what the hell is space fruit anyway?- The satisfaction of serving nutritious treats instead of junk- The weird dynamic our culture has with how service industry workers are treated by customers- Bri and Calvin's prolific traveling this year and some places they've been- The story of how space fruit was invented- The obvious signs that nature wants us to eat fruit- How nature color codes the medicinal effects of fruits and vegetables- Future creative dreams for Space Fruit food truck- Strategies on staying stoked about lifePlus+ Extension (Subscribe)- The festival doppelganger effect- Living the traveling nomadic dream life- Influencing the world through authenticity instead of brute force- Developing as an individual instead of following the crowd- Exploring our infinite potential as artists of our own lives- The potential of Space Fruit travel & festival videos in the future- Upcoming festivals this year that we're excited for
August 7, 2018
Psychic entertainer, artist & professional astrologer Desiree Fultz joins us for a conversation about magic, divination, and an upcoming event for mages of all persuasions called "The Gathering Mountain" near Eureka Springs, Arkansas this September.The Plus+ Extension features an analysis of Chance's birth and solar year charts and some good general explanation of the mechanics of sidereal astrology. Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon for double length episode extensions, early access to the show, and more!SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+Connect with Desiree Fultz!Psychic Insights Astrology Join us at this upcoming event in Eureka Springs, AR on September 14th thru 16th!The Gathering Mountain: Festival of Magic & LoreEpisode Music: Council of One Episode TopicsTraits of the planet UranusDesiree's personal birth chart reflects interest in astrologyThe difference between tropical and sidereal (Vedic) astrologyStudying the occult and accepting an honest knowledge of ourselvesThe intuitive nature of divination artsThe mythological story of Chiron and its astrological significanceTools for tapping your free flowing creativityDivination as a modality for inward focusHow astrology is like having a GPS map for life that gives you traffic updatesDiscovering your abundant personal resources through astrology and appreciating the less tangible types of wealth we possessUpcoming Magic Festival discussed - The Gathering MountainHow magic works in different ways for everyone
July 26, 2018
This episode features Ethan Nichols, a comic style graphic artist of superb skill who weaves spiritual stories inspired by psychedelia and the infinity of the supreme self. In this podcast we're going to talk about Ethan's comic "Inner Demons," about dreams, consciousness, and the nature of reality.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for access to the full 2 hour conversation! Ethan's work on Instagram @artofethanSupport Ethan on Patreon Music this episode: BeedkraftEpisode Topics⦁ How religion holds people back from power and responsibility⦁ "Suffering is a really big push to help you figure out your life"⦁ How mythical characters can show paths to truth⦁ Giving out hugs during lucid dreams⦁ Is there such a thing as nothingness?⦁ How consciousness exploration influences Ethan's art⦁ Going Beyond Society, Philosophy and Psychology⦁ Ethan's Patreon where you can get new comics pages on the reg!⦁ Our shared fandom for comic artist Ron Rege JrPlus+ Extension (Subscribe)⦁ Learning to let others come to truth in their own time⦁ The eternal source of consciousness⦁ Discussions on DMT beings⦁ The magic of photons and the timeless quality of light speed⦁ The meaning of meaning and what's true beyond the filter of our perceptions⦁ The possible connection between UFO beings and ancestor spirits⦁ Reaching the spiritual maturity to always recognize the peace within
July 10, 2018
Renee Johanna is psychic-intuitive life coach and author of Welcome to Awakening: How To Be Free In The Human Experience. Join us for a laughter and fun filled chat as we learn how attract more love into our lives and explore the idea that our lives are, in fact, infinite.Unlock the full 2 hour conversation and the archive of extended InnerVerse Plus+ episodes by subscribing to the podcast on Patreon! Renee on Facebook Music in this episode - Mild West Topics:How writing her book also helped Renee to take her own advicePsychic sensitivity and how rejecting it causes pain and troubleLife as we know it is actually an underworld journeyComing out of the psychic closet"You never "get away" with anything, YOU always know what you're doing"How relationships and partnerships mirror your self back to you and how to engage that as a compass for personal evolutionForging a stronger self by surviving life's trials, and how we decide everything that happens to us on one level or moreStrategies for reversing gossip and stopping shit-talkingLife after awakening - exploring the unknown/unconscious/infinite How our destructive relationship with nature creates inner pollution and evilCommerce compared to war as a fractal microcosmWhy we should not fear death at allPersonalized meditation will help you connect to your own powerPlus+ Extension (Subscribe!)Looking at life as a dream"Keep it simple and laugh as much as possible.""True Freedom is when you know your own power, and then you can create the life that makes sense to you."Afterlife communication and how Renee's dad helped her son get over drug addiction, after her dad had been dead for a few years. The ability humans have to heal one another with loving and positive intentions even from a distanceRenee tells her story of a supposedly permanent injury and how it was healed by a sychronicity with a strangerRenee once met a mysterious native American medicine man who pulls poisonous pain out of people's psyches with ReikiShedding layers to find to the authentic self and discovering new abilities just by having fun and following curiosityMore explanation of differences between attachment based love and authentic soul loveThoughts on UFO's and so called extra terrestrials and their possible link to higher dimensional intelligence and childhood abduction storiesEmbracing the unknown and your own wonderful weirdness 
June 29, 2018
Today on your favorite far out podcast we have a one man avalanche of creative energy named Michael Garfield on the show. As a live painter AND musician, Michal has a uniquely dynamic perspective on organic culture, not to mention his degree in paleontology, phenomenal podcast called Future Fossils, and a philosophical book in the works called "How To Live In The Future." Join us for a chat about all this and more, as we examine what was and what may be next (hint: possibly superpowers).Links to Michael Garfield's prolific works:Art at Future Fossils Podcast Michael's music (you heard it in the intro and outro)Preview "How to Live in The Future" and Michael's other writing on Medium Michael on Steemit Michael's Patreon where you can find his huge update from the Interplanetary Festival Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for the full 2 hour conversation, early access to episodes, and more exclusives! Topics:Michael's been binge listening to Weird Studies podcastThoughts on the evolution of live painting as a vocationDeconstructing the festival and how we outsource the basic human experienceHow evolution shifts our fundamental ground of beingThe one thing we can guarantee is the more we can predict, the more the unpredictable will grow"What lies beyond the edge of the self is the weird... and after that, the fully unknown"John Peterson on Future Fossils -- talking about the lowering of the veil between this world and othersVirtual Reality and the colonization of the imaginationConsciousness in other species and speculations on how-self awareness emergesPlus+ Extension (Subscribe!)Philosophy of non-dualism and realizing the inner and outer worlds are not separate The future of the human body and potential for super abilities - see Wim Hoff The 11 other senses beyond the five that are commonly accepted en·an·ti·o·dro·mi·a: the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development.Michael's list of cool dinosaurs to look out for in the new Jurassic Park movie and his thoughts on what humanity has to gain by studying our ancient antecedentsThoughts on enlightenment and maintaining scientific and spiritual doubt about what we think we know in order to stay on the track of evolutionSynesthesia of time, the wheel of the year and how keeping track of what you do can demonstrate strange temporal sychronicities, like Facebook memories telling you that 1 year ago this day you were thinking the same exact thing as right now"Even if you think you don't have some sort of belief framework that guides the way that you live your life, you're going to find that invisible framework by looking at the problems that you keep running into over and over again, and the assumptions you're bringing into these situations."The homunculus in the brain and how technology becomes part of our inner body map and discovering sensory feeling and being outside the skin
June 19, 2018
Chris Abert returns to the show to talk about Lighting of the Moon, an upcoming festival in Ava, Missouri. This event is being held to raise funds for the development of a permaculture food village, and it's got some very attractive music and art to offer for attendees. We speak about the necessity of creating solutions to the toxic lifestyles that Western civilizations are looping through and how to bring the spirits and wisdom of ancestors back to our modern lives. Lighting of the Moon Festival Follow Chris Abert's podcast, Dream NexusSoundcloud Youtube Episode Topics:⦁Lighting of the Moon spawning out of Darkening of the Sun⦁Jamie Seed Eclipse Photo and Prints⦁What is Cloud Busting? - READ MORE ⦁Merging the permaculture lifestyle with festival magic⦁Building the bridge back to nature⦁using cryptocurrency to tap into abundance ⦁the story behind Chris' awesome chest tattooLighting of the Moon Radio - David from the Human Experience Music in this episode - FLINTWICK Next up on InnerVerse is Michael Garfield! I'm quite excited to be having him on the show, check out his podcast Future Fossils for conversations fusing futuristic possibilities and and ancient ancestor wisdom.
June 8, 2018
Matthew Durney a.k.a. SoulChi is the creator of Patchwork Hearts Collective. As a passionate but peaceful warrior on the mission to heal Earth and its inhabitants, he's been on numerous adventures to campaign for the cleanup of the West Lake Landfill and to support the Standing Rock movement. Nowadays though, he's working on learning and teaching permaculture with the InterWoven community in Illinois. Patchwork Hearts Collective Music in this episode: WisdomTradersTopics:"Everything we put out, we'll be taking back in one day."Modern technology progression at the expense of future incarnationsRedeeming the actions of our ancestorsPlanning with 7 generations in mindWater holds energy/vibration/information - purify your inner waters with harmonious thoughts, emotions and actionsSoulChi tells the story of being spiritually called to help the water protectors of Standing RockThe radioactive Westlake Landfill - why we should all boycott Republic ServicesWalking The Heart Path (Freedom) instead of feeding the Colonial Mind (Slavery)The Medicine Tribe on FacebookThe purpose of InterWoven Permaculture Farms and Patchwork Hearts CollectiveWhat is true grounding in both physical and spiritual terms?Support InnerVerse and enjoy longer episodes by becoming a patreon at Extension - SUBSCRIBE!Beta-testing skill share community networksSorting out your heart's desires from your ego's ambitionsComing out of the separation of commerce and re-inhabiting our world village as familyHow the energy of large crowds and gatherings is spiritually siphoned when it's not being intentionally directedPracticing discernment to clear what's unhealthy without judging others heartsSeeing the correlation between the plants in our garden and our human family
May 25, 2018
Holly from the Texas trio Glass Cannon drops by the show to talk about finding your soul by creating music, healing your unconscious by working with dream guides, and turning sleep paralysis into astral travel. Glass Cannon on SoundcloudEpisode Notes"Tsunami" music video by Glass Cannon Diving in to full-time self-employmentHow present-moment awareness brings out our infinite creativityRewriting our pasts with loving kindness, creating new narratives about ourselves and healing old woundsHolly explains her lucid dreaming process of working on her emotional and spiritual well-being on all levelsGetting instructions on how to lucid dream while in a dream from the captain of your inner-space ship Holly talks about expressing the message of self love and introspection via her musical vehicle, Glass CannonSome of Holly's clients with her social media management business are musical artists Beats Antique & Clozee, and sex shamaness Bella Levaytips from Holly about using social media wisely as a creative person seeking to connect your art with the worldDouble your InnerVerse with a Plus+ subscription and get all the juicy bonus content! Extension - Subscribe on Patreon for access!How to set yourself up to succeed, inspire the muse, and have fun doing itSpontaneous meditation induced temporary body transfer: the story that inspired glass cannon's song strange toes: that time holly became an Indian dude in a jungle and was stepped on by an elephant"Strange Toes" by Glass Cannon Learning to healthily process the anger one feels about wanting to rescue someone who refuses help or to help their self"If you're in the grips of something, start climbing your way to a higher perspective as fast as possible and then you'll see the beauty in things again"Empowerment through knowing your own foundational philosophy and choosing that based on your reality experience instead of what others have told youHolly talks about transforming sleep paralysis into communion with the deep unconscious and coming face to face with her past while in an astral bodyDiscussion about how to clean up your consciousness filters and become more sensitive to the totality of realityParanormal activity and missing object phenomenon stories
May 16, 2018
Madalyn Elizabeth is a psychic intuitive and healer. By assisting others in finding their Soul Blueprint and reasons for incarnating in this realm, the inner and outer worlds are made whole. When we inquire within, we can all find answers to questions related to our soul's purpose on Earth. Join us for an enlightening conversation about how to get a clearer signal from your Higher Self!https://www.madalynelizabeth.comTopics⦁ a universal grounding meditation at the start to help you connect the cosmic and earthly energies within⦁ waking up during the 2012 consciousness shift and the never ending journey of self knowledge⦁ Unlocking latent psychic and intuitive gifts through getting healthier⦁ accessing your soul's energy blueprint via the Akashic record (the infinite field of consciousness we're embedded within that contains all information in reality)⦁ tapping into the causal realm of your deeper self and making new choices to nullify old forgotten contracts and decisions⦁ what it really means that we humans carry a spark of the divine⦁ balancing the masculine and feminine within the personal self to assist harmony in the external world⦁ "Everything you ever need to know, your body shows you!"⦁ Ideas for cultivating one's unknown psychic gifts⦁ Ayurvedic super foods - turmeric, ashwagandha, triphala⦁ Your body as a temple for the divine spirit of all creation and why it's important to treat your body as sacred so that spirit actually wants to dwell there⦁ tuning in to nature's frequency with cacao⦁ wisdom from plant teachers about our collective capacity as healers⦁ numerology and the astonishing numerical language of nature⦁ empowering the self through recognizing limits and getting wise to universal laws such as karma⦁ More about how to trust yourself with intuitive knowing and how to physically feel the answer to your question with the heart⦁ Native cultures, Moon lodges, sweat lodges, and the natural magical powers of manifestation that women and men inherently posses⦁ Does the earth require human blood to be shed on it's soil, and can women fulfill that intentionally to prevent violent forms of its release?⦁ Mayan astrology and the 13 moon year calendar, and how Madalyn's lifelong inner connection to the Mayan mystery schools and people⦁ Syncrogalactic yoga - Download info PDF⦁ Madalyn reads a Mayan Oracle card for the listeners⦁ Writing a New Myth for our lives by reaching the deepest levels of your choices about what reality is, i.e. changing the lens that you see the world through⦁ The prophecy that native shamans and elders of indigenous tribes from pre-america are reincarnating as today's rainbow earth warriors⦁ Madalyn plays her song "Cosmic Union"Music in this episode: SOOHAN
May 4, 2018
Get ready to shred the veil between this world and the infinite hereafter in this incredibly psychedelic episode with the master of digi-mystical creativity, Hakan Hisim. This is a wild ride through explorations of consciousness realms unknown, and an awe-inspiring romp through examining the fractal mirror that is the living Episode Topics:Hakan's background living in Australia and then TurkeyFormal education compared to self-teachingLearning the language of film as a way to help one express messages in other mediumsHakan's childhood freedom to exploring a variety of spiritual information and his lifetime interest in esoteric studiesFinding fulfillment in the mystery instead of some other's answers"What you create does come back to you. In a way, it effects your entire reality."Awe for the fractality of UniverseRecognizing all of Life as a form of Creation that one is always engagingHow cleaning up one's diet can clear up one's inner eyeSeven Bomar - Secret Energy & Internal Cleansing The joy of finding others who also look at life deeply Being constructive with the messages you put out instead of being focused on attacking other's belief systems, wrong or misguided as they may beDropping past baggage by writing your own Life narrativeThoughts on the origins of humanity and potential ET involvement"Our Ancient Ancestors Are Future Computers" - Bitcoin mining and the legend of the AnnunakiArtificial Intelligence, emergent consciousness in complex systems-is the internet coming to life?Was bitcoin planned or just predicted?The most empowering maxim: All is SelfThe constant need to remember that changing the world only happens from withinReady to extend your trip through your InnerVerse? Subscribe to Plus+ and get much longer episodes, earlier access, and other rewards, while supporting the show and helping us improve your weekly dose of creative inspiration! out some of the topics in this week's Plus+ ExtensionExamining ego traps on both the light and dark side of the consciousness spectrumOvercoming the inner and outer messiah complexesLearning from the dark side of society but not getting consumed in battling it, instead bettering the life for yourself and others by recognizing and transforming the shadows of our personalities and behaviors Xenolinguistics, tryptamine realms & entity contactTerrance McKenna & Psychedelic enhanced awareness of how words create realityThe syncromystic nature of DMT and how it seems to select for itself who gets to encounter itGoing out to your balcony and encountering a Godzilla-like Shiva being beingHakan recounts some of the wildest psychedelic out of body experiences I have ever heard, and I've heard A LOTThe disturbing aspects of extreme psychedelic usage, such as spending decades of time living as another being, sometimes not even human, all in the span of a 5 to 15 minute DMT tripBalancing the primordial self & endogenous out of body dreaming-vaulting into higher levels of beingMUSIC IN THIS EPISODE: NYRUS
April 19, 2018
Nicholas Heilig is a festival touring live-painter who has been steadily gaining popularity as he works tirelessly to improve his skills. We talk about finding the balance between the New Age woo-woo and healthy skepticism, advice for budding artists who want to make a career of their creativity, and how to not be duped by the myriad political divisions of the world. Nicholas is a great guy with a grounded but open minded way of viewing the world and I know you'll love this chat!FOLLOW HEILIG INSTAGRAM.COM/HEILIGART PATREON.COM/HEILIGART Denver friends, don't miss Heilig's Juicy Art Market Event on June 1st!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for extended episodes! (View on IP Website)⦁How artists can trade skill training with one another to empower both of their careers⦁Exploring digital programs to supplement one's graphic design abilities⦁Advice for getting into creating album artwork for musicians ⦁Creating cultures that value original thought by becoming more self-reliant⦁Maintaining healthy levels of doubt and skepticism while retaining an open mind⦁Ken Wilbur - Theory of Everything⦁Why budding artists should be fearless with experimentation and different mediums⦁"Just make stuff that's uniquely you, like crazy, all the time." ⦁Taking attention off the corrupt mass media and onto creating healing⦁Questioning the increase in youth suicide rates and the rise of heavy pharmaceutical prescriptions ⦁Sovereignty & Finding balance between collective co-dependency and personal responsibility⦁Seeing through political dialectics⦁Heilig's history as a festival hopping live painter ⦁Non-local psychic connections and auras⦁Link to Twiddles' Tumbledown - ⦁Advice for aspiring live painters from Heilig⦁Heilig's end goal of opening a live-in studio space for artists to share skills, tools, collaborate and utilize as a venue PLUS EXTENSION+ (Subscribe!)⦁Why it matters to be surrounded by people who share a similar purpose to yours⦁Utilizing resources that are available to artists through local government grants that some cities provide⦁Heilig's story about a butterfly/moth sychronicity at Rootwire Festival and other sychronicities involving insects⦁Great contemplations on the nature of infinity the interconnectedness of all life⦁Ways to engage the right and left brain simultaneously⦁Ideas about how to help and influence your community without sabotaging yourself⦁considering what would happen to our national and religious differences if aliens invaded⦁Heilig is looking for fellow artists to join him as performers at his upcoming show: "The Juicy Art Market" June 1st - in this episodeMild WestFollow him on soundcloud for more funky jams with groovy basslines!
April 8, 2018
Chris Dyer is a visionary painter, skateboarder, psychedelic adventurer & art teacher who travels the globe hosting workshops, exploring sacred sites, and live-painting at festivals and other events. We got some time to chat while he was taking a break from his marathon journeys and kicking it at home with some friends. We talked about developing into a professional artist, how Jesus stopped Chris from getting enlightenment but saved his art career, and this conversation was totally good vibes all around!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon and get more of all things InnerVerse!POSITIVECREATIONS.CAEpisode Topics (View on IP Website)Chris talks about avoiding the Canadian winter by doing workshops and painting at festivals around the globeHow experience in a creative discipline gives you the power to practically autopilot through certain stepsTurning Positive Creations into a corporation to get legal status to work in the united statesOvercoming resistance in all its forms on the artist's journeyThe differences in cultural situation Chris faced growing up in Peru compared to living in CanadaTransitioning from starving artist to world-renowned celebrityChris talks about consciousness and being grateful for life, illusions and allThe story of how Jesus saved Chris' art career by keeping him from getting enlightenedThe universe behind a pair of eyesQi Gong is really good for you - learn some with online videos!Rape - tobacco snuff as a tool for spiritual connected-nessKambo medicine - frog slime based detoxWhat Chris has learned from AyahuascaSpeculations on advanced ancient culturesA weird horse sculpture Chris was commissioned to paintChris talks about what it's like to do live painting gigsUpcoming events and festivals Chris will be at this year"I want everyone to be happy, so let's do that." - Chris DyerMusic in this episode: SavantPositive Vibes (ft. Twistex)Big BenOverkill
March 29, 2018
Morgan Mandala is a mindful master of the imagination who merges the world of spirit with matter in her magical artwork. As a painter, Morgan travels the world to perform her art on stage during live music events at some of the coolest transformational festivals on Earth. Join us for a conversation about symbols, spirit, and sychronicity. You might just take away some inspiration for your own creative journey! Want to see the video version of this episode? - to InnerVerse Plus+ for the extended version of this podcast!Check out visionary art by Morgan Mandala: Topics (View on IP Website)⦁ Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018⦁ The beautiful by-products of creating your own path⦁ The selfless synergy between visionary creators⦁ Big Threyda collaboration Morgan recently worked on⦁ Morgan's take on symbolic literacy and archetypal reality⦁ The "Portal" series with Morgan's frequent collaborator Randall Roberts⦁ The mystical power of art that's created with an excessive amount of attention to intention⦁ Morgan describes the Ayahuasca experience⦁ How communities collectively create what individuals are consciously experiencing and how different beliefs could literally change reality⦁ How studying philosophy and art influenced Morgan's life direction⦁ The fractality of the universe and the infinite dimensions of zooming in or out of the micro and macrocosms⦁ Speculations on the simulation theory of the universe⦁ The artist as decider of their own value systems⦁ Morgan describes the goddesses that inspired her recent painting, "Trinity,"⦁ The mythos of the muse and her requirement that you show some discipline⦁ The dual nature of the archetypal goddess as both creator and destroyer⦁ A visit from Morgan's cat Moo MooThis InnerVerse Plus+ extension was where the best parts of the interview happened including some fascinating sychronicity stories. Support your favorite podcast and get access to the full archive of awesome Plus+ episodes!Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)⦁ The equality conspiracy and celebrating differences⦁ How art teaches us that freedom and personal responsibility are connected⦁ Coming together to imagine solutions to society's ills with transformational festivals⦁ Morgan talks about what it's like to live paint on huge stages and create installations at festivals like Electric Forest ⦁ How the visionary artist serves as a neo-shamanic guide to those going through the early adulthood festival psychedelic rites of passage⦁ How creative expression inspires the genius in others⦁ Working through mental, physical or emotional stagnancy to make flow states easier to attain⦁ Using nature and mindfulness practices to ground and discharge negative thoughts⦁ The artist as a messenger between the platonic realm of idea and the human universe of matter⦁ Finding beauty in the mundane by slowing down and paying attention to the moment⦁ Morgan's adventures in the Amazon, Cambodia, and many other places around the world and synchronicity stories⦁ How talking about and paying attention to synchronicities increases their occurrence⦁ The mystery of memory and the doppelganger effect the traveler experiencesMusic in this episode:Kalpataru Tree
March 21, 2018
Philosophy has power. Whether looking from the nihilistic bottomless pit of Nietzsche or the lofty mountaintops of eastern mysticism, the essential nothingness of all things is a landmark realization that one inevitably passes on the psychedelic journey to Self-Realization. Peter Sjöstedt-H is a writer and philosopher who explores ideas of Panpsychism, German Idealism, and Psychedelic Phenomenology. Join us for an episode where we dig up the roots of what we consider good and evil, and discover the true power of choosing to express our values in a constructive instead of prescriptive way. Peter's Website Noumenautics by Peter Sjöstedt-H Episode Topics (View on Website):+ Peter's personal background and education+ Peter breaks down the various schools of thought under the umbrella of idealism+ The progression of philosophical thought from Kant, Schopenhauer, to Nietzsche + The distinction between sentience and consciousness+ Consciousness, the unconscious, and animal sentience+ Speculating on the veracity of psychedelia and contacting the "other" through the unconscious + Evidence for objective but non-physical truths through mathematics+ Karl Popper on the the worlds of the physical, psychological, and the world of "artifacts" i.e. the Platonic absolute ideals - The more you know about, the more you realize how much you don't know+ Nietzsche's "Will to Power" explained + Questioning the origin of one's will with helpful thoughts from Schopenhauer The inherent illogicality of prescriptive morality+ Climbing out of the abyss with your own true values+ How the new age movement is a carryover of Christian morality+ The fallacies in determinism+ The potential for human super powers in a mind-generated universe+ How value systems of those with greater power are typically hypocritical of those they preach+ Personal responsibility and self knowledge as the source of true power+ Crowley and Knowing the nullification of your own value system as a way to defend it+ LIBER LI THE LOST CONTINENT by Aleister Crowley on Atlantis+ The importance of going to the primary sources instead of taking other's words for granted+ Timaeus by PlatoWant more InnerVerse?Become a Plus+ subscriber for access to extended episodes & more!Check out the notes from the Plus+ extension below.PLUS++ Warren Ellis recreated Karnak from Marvel's Inhumans - inspired by Peter's writing - (a super hero that sees the flaw in all things)+ Analyzing warrior worship and comic hero culture as it relates to mythological pantheons+ Master morality vs. slave morality and overcoming control dialectics with personal empowerment and responsibility+ Anarchy analyzed and being empowered by your inner nemesis+ Considering the consequences of order-following+ CL Stevenson - Ethics & Language+ David Hume and the sentiment based judgements and the mystery of suicide+ More deep examination of morality and how it relates to our survival+ Redefining wisdom in terms of neo-nihilistic non-judgement+ Peter's meeting of the Frauds, artists who created creatures in films like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal+ A little my own psychedelic phenomenological experiences+ The "reality" of imagined things and the dangerously beautiful yin yang of the infinite sublime+ Do What Thou Highest Self Wills Shall Be The Whole Of The Law+ Seven Sermons to the Dead by Carl Jung+ The Acquisition of Mystical States as the next rung in the evolutionary ladder towards Nietzsche's Overman+ "Always go to the primary source, and apply it to your own life in your own way." Music in this episode: Tempi
March 14, 2018
Greg Cipes loves everybody, regardless of what species they may be. An extremely creative individual, Greg has worked on cartoons, movies, TV shows, and he's performed as a professional surfer and musician. With his presence in any type of media, Greg brings a high-energy and loving perspective, and this podcast is no exception. With his best friend Wingman at his side, who is also a radical dog, Greg uses the magic of words to express how we can find joy in simplifying life to the essentials of taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and how this process breaks down the cultural programming that traps people into an illusion of separation from source-consciousness. Entertainment doesn't have to be empty, and in this episode we prove it!Watch this episode on Youtube to see Greg and Wingman in all their glory!Follow Greg online!GregCipes.comGreg's Youtube ChannelGreg on TwitterGreg on InstagramEpisode Topics - View on IP WebsiteGreg talks about his life with his dog Wingman amid the throngs of humanity at Venice Beach, CAMaking friends with all kinds of people regardless of their income statusGetting off the phone--The energetic damage we self-inflict with technology addictionsFinding joy in simplifying lifeBooyakasha! - An ancient Irish exclamation meaning "all glories to the most high" - which is also the teenage mutant ninja turtle's new rallying cry thanks to Greg!The magic of words and casting your vision with the right thoughts, speech and actionAvoiding finite definitions and decisions, the Wu-Wei path of active non-actionBreaking out of family and culture's programming and becoming a blank slate and therefore open and free to receive and become what your soul desiresNothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal can existChange starts from within and spreads out to the world in layers"You need to be selfish, so you can be overflowing with love and abundance for others.""The most important decision you can make in your life, every day, is what you put in your mouth."The vital importance of surrounding yourself with others who aspire to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthyFinding balance in the reciprocity of giving and asking for helpGreg shares thought about Osho and his tremendous wisdomi Ching reading for the episode: 22 - GraceHow the energy of substance abuse shows up in physical life as experiencesGreg's raw vegan recipe videos - Cipes Super Food SaladGreg gives brilliant reasons to stop eating animalsHow gut bacteria create food cravings more than actual personal preferenceThe dark unity of toxicity created by cabals of controllers and how animal murder energizes that apparatus of evilThings Greg hates: leaf blowers, car sounds, & cigarettesGaining super powers by learning to co-create with reality and the power of fully utilizing the body with disciplines such as Kundalini YogaHow idolizing super heroes robs us of our imagination and true human powers, and sells it back to us as crappy entertainment"If you really want to find peace... be your breath."Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ and support your favorite podcast while getting sweet rewards! the song at the end of the episode? Look up Greg's band, Cipes & The People, for more uplifting tunes!Background music in this episode is from Itzadragon.
March 5, 2018
My good friend Kyler dropped by the studio for a chat about natural self healing medicines that are scientifically proven to have a big impact on keeping our bodies balanced. With experience in the elderberry, CBD and medicinal cannabis fields, Kyler has tons of information to share about these easily integrated methods of keeping yourself well.Check out the companies Kyler works with for resources on these medicines!Bloem CBDsTHC FirmElderberry DepotEpisode Topics (More on IP Website):The difference between harmful helping and helpful helpingBeing inspired by others but not influencedMarketing madness and the trickiness of getting truth to the peopleElderberry winery raided by FDA (Wyldwood Cellar)Elaboration on the endo-cannabanoid systemThe ignorant destructiveness of the animal sacrifice cult in the name of carnism and scientific experimentationThe barrier of the knowledge gap in philosophical discourseHealth benefits of elderberry explained in depthLiposomal Vitamin C and how awesome it isCBD health benefitsRaphael Mechoulem: A cannabanoid researcher worth checking out.Chance interviewed on The Spiritual Phoenix PodcastInnerVerse T-Shirts with new Sun & Moon Logo DesignSubscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon!Get early access to shows, monthly hangouts, and extended episode content while supporting this podcast project!Music in this episode:Create Culture - Vibratory FieldsSpirals - Ancient Instruments & Today's Electronica
February 22, 2018
Ethan Indigo Smith is a spiritual rebel who helps others find personal sovereignty through his many excellent books on spirituality, meditation and society. The episode focused primarily on the theory and practice of meditation, and is so jam-packed with invaluable insights and terrific techniques that I can hardly believe it all fit into an hour. There are infinite ways to think about nothing, and in this talk we cover some of the most transformative ideas and concepts that one could ever contemplate.Find Ethan Indigo Smith online:Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds You can find Ethan's books on Amazon and they're available for e-readers! And you can also check out his blog at Wake Up WorldBooks:The Geometry Of Energy: How To Meditate108 Steps To Be In The ZoneThe Little Green Book of RevolutionEpisode Topics (View on IP Website)+ Self-Directed Placebo Effect -> Using Imagination to Learn To Feel One's Internal Energy+ Evidence that consciousness influences material reality+ The Universal and Spiritual Language of Mathematics+ Tricking Your Inner Trickster Into Helping You+ Transferring the posture of yoga and meditation into life+ The Geometry of Energy -> Point, Line, Plane, Solid+ Many ways to Focus on the Point -> Yantras, Mantras, Asanas, Mandalas+ Opposing the "I don't know/I don't care" culture+ Ethan's Adventures in Sedona, AZ that inspired him to write The Geometry of Energy+ The artist as righteous rebel+ The lost wise monkey called Do No Evil (or Fear No Evil) - He holds his dantien (abdominal region)+ Changing up postures and practices to prevent discomfort & stagnation+ The Tai-Chi concept of always moving from our center point+ The innumerable health and energy benefits of grounding -> connecting your bare feet to the earth+ Healing human relations through conscious awareness of life's singular unity+ Wisdom from Bruce Lee: "The stillness within stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest."+ Practicing calmness in a metaphorical burning building.+ Mentally, Emotively and Physically posturing yourself for success (practicing this will trick your body into producing good chemicals instead of bad ones).+ How mindfulness practices help one use less mental energy and therefore feel more rested at all times+ Getting comfortable with the breaking part of breakthroughs.+ Infinite methods to think about nothing.+ Balancing our Self by balancing our breath (inhale, exhale & pause of equal lengths).+ Mindfully considering the Walter Russell philosophy of Rhythmic Balanced Interchange.Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!)As if this episode wasn't epic enough already, in the Plus+ Extension we take things from mindful to magical. The real wizards-in-training out there won't want to miss the ideas that come up because a true initiate knows that one's power is only limited by their imagination, so expand yours today by signing up for IP Plus+! Abraxis and the physics of how stillness creates motion, or nothingness creates everythingness.+ The Secret of 70% & the paradox of Relaxed Effort.+ Being a seeker instead of a believer.+ Ethan's history of shifting between life in New York and life far out in the country.+ Maintaining the perspective of the outsider to cultivate awareness of awareness.+ Practicing your ability to feel Chi, which is your life force energy.+ Expanding the boundaries of the imagination as it correlates to increases in consciousness.+ Getting into the physical posture that supports your desired mental posture, like making yourself smile more, or using mudras (hand gestures that impact your meridians and mindstates).+ Buddhist monks doing Tai-Chi long forms with their hands to reduce the suffering and ignorance of others+ The hands as a microcosmic representation of the body.+ The infinite distance between ourselves and perfection, and the journey that never ends.Music in this EpisodeSeamoon - The Center of the Mandala Symbolico - Symbolic Expression
February 8, 2018
Matt Presti is the current president of the University of Science and Philosophy. In this episode we discuss the dynamics of self-discovery and divinely inspired illumination by exploring the ideas of great thinkers like Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, and other spiritual avatars of history. Matt's strong grasp on philosophy makes him a powerful teacher of self-directed development, and his eclectic artistic expressions range from musical masterpieces to video presentations, and that's just the tip of the Presti-burg. For sure one of my favorite episodes of IP yet and you won't want to miss it if you're looking for a little inspiration yourself.See more of Matt's work at MattPresti.comCheck out Matt's music and philosophy videos online! These are a great resource for the aspiring idealist philosopher. Enroll in the University of Science and Philosophy at https://philosophy.orgEpisode Topics (View on IP Website) The connection between art and science    The Divine Illumination of Walter Russell: The Secret of Light    Definitions of Source: Perfect Stillness & All Knowing    Unlocking the Genius within    Integrating horizontal sensing with vertical knowing    The illusory nature of the motion universe    How knowing proceeds creating    The meaning of divine illumination and beings who may have attained it    The limited but beneficial potential of psychedelics to teach one to tap into source    Channeling music from dreams into recorded track    The story of Walter Russell's spontaneous realization of cosmic consciousness at the age of 49 in the year 1921    To express the authentic self is the purpose of existing    Matt's mission leading the university of science and philosophy    "In the wave lies the secret of creation"    How materialism causes pollution in both the earth and especially human relationsGraphic of the Cross of AwarenessIf you want double the episode content and other subscriber perks, subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon!This episode had a wealth of wonderful topics that are exclusive to the Plus+ Extension, you won't want to miss Matt's ideas on "raising vibrations" because I bet you've never thought about it in quite this way before.Plus+ Extension Topics:    +   Conceptualization of the thought structure of the creator+   The fulcrum of equilibrium for manifesting the higher mind    +   Becoming "nonjective" instead of subject/object deluded    +   The dynamics of self-development    +   Why we are geared for original thought instead of group think    +   Transcending hedonism within festival culture and creating paths to truth   +   The physics explanation of why "raising your vibrations" is more dangerous than enlightening    +   The absurdity of what's really going on at the Large Hadron CollidorMusic in this episode is by Matt Presti!
January 25, 2018
Have you ever seen something so cool that you had to try and make it for yourself? That's how Peter Marek got into creating wire wraps and other forms of jewelry, and he's a great example of how following the whims of your passions can lead you to create a beautiful and unique life through imagination. In this episode we talk about where Peter's craftsmanship has taken him since we last spoke way back in Season 1 of IP.Check out Peter's work online: video of this episode: TOPICS ( Shifting focus from custom orders to personal expression+ The variety of skills Peter has been learning+ Why independent creators belong on Steemit+ Turning scraps into unique art+ Peter shows off projects and his studio+ Finding a job that supports your passion+ Prioritizing art over social comfort+ Finding the proper pace while going with the flow+ How artists decide their own identity+ The story of how peter got into making jewelry+ Festival synchronicity and self initiated rites of passageAnd tons more in the Plus+ Extension!Want the full length version of this chat? Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for extended episodes, early access, live hangout chats and much more!Music in this episode: Umphrey's
January 16, 2018
As life progresses, we all feel the steady assault on our sanity that modern society has unleashed, and it's often been said that everyone these days is "a little crazy in their own way." The creative individual knows that madness and genius are but sides of the same coin, that by going through our traumas and neurosis and directly confronting them, we come out the other side with a new spiritual self awareness. Ross Cessna of the Spiritual Phoenix podcast is no stranger to the reality of mental illness, but has realized that to be sane in an insane world is really a form of insanity itself, and has dedicated himself to being the change the world needs, starting with Self-Healing and reflecting the journey to others by way of podcasting.The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast(Available on iTunes and many other platforms)Episode Topics (more at Hereditary paranormal awareness+ Positively framing the loco-motion of life+ Tarot: "XII The Hanged Man"+ Filling the hungry void inside oneself with Truth+ Balance and boundaries with giving and self-care+ Ross recounts ripples from childhood events and the mentality of addiction+ Psychedelic rites of passage & shamanic data download+ Walter Russell - The Secret of Light+ Projecting into other selves+ Opening the door to psychedelic reality without substances+ Knowing and being instead of thinking and trying+ More about the Spiritual Phoenix podcast's mission+ The Truth about Magic: it's the alteration of one's consciousness through a symbolic act of Will+ Everything is still, so chill+ Reading of the poem "Time Works Like Acid" by Jim MorrisonGet the full length episode by donating to IP on Patreon!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+Plus+ Extension Topics+ Giving up the idea of "fixing" others and working on the Self instead+ Magic as the synthesis of art and science+ Self-initiation into higher truths+ The reality that nobody is control of reality+ Meditation, The left and right brain and finding balance+ Chance explains why he cut off his gorgeously nappy dreadlocksMusic in this episode: Wu Wei
January 10, 2018
Season 4 of IP kicks off with a conversation about the convergence between veganism and anarchy. Kenny Palurintano is a traveling teacher who helps communities to integrate solutions to society's problems, especially in the kitchen. Don't miss this consciousness expanding episode!Check out Kenny's work at Kenny's Conscious KitchenSee our smiling beard-faces in the video version of this episode. Glorious!Episode Topics (more at  The quest to be the change that the world needs+  Law of Attraction and Taking Action+  Crypto-currency from an Anarchy perspective+  The wrongness of taxation+  Corporate fiction and the straw man conspiracy+  Knowledge of Nature and Self as the keys to Life+  Kenny's psychedelic journey to veganism+  Consciousness, epigenetic evolution and the reshaping of reality through imagination+  Toxic mental and physical diet - the cornerstones of mind control+  Why you can't outsource personal responsibility+  Anarchapulco - Make Anarchy Great Again! - for more? Double your weekly dose of InnerVerse by subscribing to Plus+ today! For your voluntary donation you'll gain access to a plethora of perks, early access to episodes and extended content, nearly twice as much podcasting pleasure for your ear holes! this Plus+ extension we get more of Kenny's personal story and sychronistic events in his life, an explanation of cooking as a flow state, and mucho metaphysical mindfulness of the connection between present moment awareness and the imagination. Music in this episode: Martin's Garden
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