Calling in
I love theses podcasts. How do I call in with a question...?
I’m waiting for new episodes like... But good advice still I’m just like waiting for new content
I normally don’t like podcasts but with this being so short I can just pay attention on it. It goes into so much good detail. 👏
So intriguing🤗
Zoe Loves Avocado
Love the short clips, that are so filled with good advise
How do i ask Matthew a question?
If only we could clone him... but seriously is there a number i call or an email i have a question 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
Like Hack Podcast
Hope you receive this warm greetings from Buffalo NY. I just got done listening to your podcast and wanted to encourage you by saying how much I appreciate your effort and attention to detail. Keep up the great work happy Podcasting friends 🎙
One of the Best ever
As others have too, I am giving 5 stars because I already know what to expect.
Thank You!
I’ve been listening to MH since his first video back in college. Read his book, followed every YouTube video and saw his tv show. He is a wealth of knowledge and even though I may not have agreed with everything, I find his topics thought provoking and insightful. Thank you for all the great advice! Even though I’m married now, it’s still helpful to listen to your podcast, YouTube and Instagram. -Jessica
Love the tips
Recently came across Matthew Hussey work and this podcast. Love the advice he provides. I've recently jumped into the online dating game. I love his article 9 text to send to a guy. Though I would like some tips on starting a conversation once matched on online dating site and how to get from just chatting to a first date.
Podcasts, YouTube, seminar, books
Everything Matthew puts out is PURE GOLD if you ask me!
Matthew Hussey could change the world
Amazing and insightful. Some of it I knew already but ignored or forgot. He is bloody brilliant! Kevin Holmes Vapor Portland, Oregon I don't think I'll be single much longer with the knowledge I'm getting. Or maybe I'll be single longer as I want to make sure it's the right one. Keep it up.
Always Insightful
Matthew Hussey, keep up the great work! I admire your style. This is a no BS podcast that gets straight to the point while keeping me intrigued throughout each episode. I like the fact that he keeps his talks short and sweet, offering up advice that can be applied to any aspect of life, not just the romantic aspect. I'm not normally one to review anything, but, as an avid listener, I figured it was time to help spread the word about Mr. Hussey, his phenomenal life tips and that sexy British accent of his! ;) See for yourself! Xx, Dakota Christine
This podcast is truly incredible. With Matt's humor, he uses his extensive knowledge of the human person to offer incredible advice for relationships and for creating a generally fulfilled life! Thank you, Matt!
Not bad, 20% sales pitch
So these aren't bad. It's a pep talk, tough love and common sense... Occasionally we could all use that, especially when discouraged. My big issue is at the beginning and end is a teaser that after clicking and giving your email and more clicking it's just a sales pitch. I mean, sure the guys has to eat, but pitch your book or program. Don't send me on a wild goose chase. It feels manipulative.
Incredibly Mind Blowing
Ja' Porsha
Hussey's podcast has to be one of the greatest pieces of relationship and life advice that I have so luckily stumbled upon. He is absolutely charming and riveting and I am always looking forward to hear his thoughts on new subjects and perplexing life conundrums! I will continue to listen and recommend his podcast for others and share how I have grow with each podcast. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
Helpful and to the point!
All of his advice is spot on and I constantly play it on repeat!
Life Changing
Bible App Reviewer
The episodes are bite sized, easy to digest and packed with insightful and practical advice. Truly life changing. Thank you Matthew!
Great life Advice
This advice is so needed for now days. So many women need to listen to this guy!
Short, Sweet, & Inspiring
Melissa Chiou
Great content in small snackable bites to keep you motivated in your dating life.
Is it just me? - or - was it difficult to write a review for Love Life w Matthew Hussey? Why? bc I've been a follower for SO LONG and I couldn't write a review from my iPhone unless I "unsubscribed" from his Podcast. [weird] How would one know how valuable the Podcast is unless they hear it often? ANYWAY... I will now write my review THEN immediately subscribe again!! I cannot tell you how much knowledge and wisdom comes from this man! He approaches everything w a genuine zeal of caring and concern. There is way more than "Love life" info here. Matthew will inspire you to grow as a human in your personal life and in your relationships...with ALL people! His messages are short, sweet, and to the point. There is so much to be gained by his messages! Thank you Matthew for sharing your gifts and talents w us...AND inspiring us to develop OUR gifts and talents to share w the world! You're the BEST!! XXOO!
Matthew is honest and his advice forces you to be proactive. Very applicable to everyday life- just take much to incorporate. Love you Matt!!!!!!
Great advice
Love this!!
I could listen to Matthew all day long. He gets you. The way he sees people and relationships is so real and eye-opening. It's so much more than about love. And he's FUNNY.
Can't stop listening!
Great insight! Oh, and love his accent too ;)
Too much promotion
Good advice but too much promotion. We get that you have a Podcast, we know how to subscribe, rate, and review. How about tell us where we can ask questions on specific questions we have? They're a little short too given that at least 1/3 of a usual episode is just promtion of the podcast itself.
Great poscast!
The Best!
Matthew is the best love and life coach out there! He gives simple tips that can easily be used immediately. He is incredibly insightful and understanding. A true hidden gem.
Camille a B
Great advice and I love that the podcasts are concise and to the point!
He Helps Me Love Life!
Matthew Hussey is an intelligent, thoughtful and charismatic life coach whose advice always makes sense and has practical applications in life. He's funny, insightful, charming and he inspires me to be a better person. I especially love how he explains the psychology behind his advice so we understand WHY his suggestions work. I definitely recommend this podcast to every high value woman who is looking to create an extraordinary life!
So motivational
Thank u for all of your great advice! Great voice, great wisdom :)
Team Matthew
Baby good 25678
Very helpful
I was pleasantly surprised to find out it is not about law of attraction and positive thinking
Matthew is amazing!!!!! Omg I felt like I was the girl version of the dating expert... But than I listened to this guy, and he taught me more than I could have ever imagined! His podcasts are to the point and concise! Highly recommended... He totally clears my girly noggin (being that all you know us feminine beings experience life on more of a... Well emotional, rather than practical standpoint lol)! He makes everything make sense! A million thanks to Matt!
Amazing VALUE.
Matthew is someone I can always count on to deliver great content not just about relationships but about life in general. It uplifts my day and keeps me motivated so if you haven't subscribed to him yet, you're missing out!
B I N G O! Matthew always gets it right
Learn how to keep your values and standards high while discussing hard to talk about subjects with men. Always insightful and pure genius! Thank you MH
I love you Matt
His advices are amazing. now I just need to find a way to apply them appropriately 😅
Loving my life
I've been listening to Matthew's shows for a long time and I'm so happy that they're now accessible through Itunes. It's like I have my own personal life guru with me at all times. I wish the introduction wasn't so long... it's kind of annoying and drawn out, but the quality of Matthew's advice has not diminished. Thanks for your advice and keep up the good work! <3
Best Help for Confidence in Self and Life
I have stumbled upon this man via YouTube, and I cannot emphasize enough of open-minded this man is with his perspective. His advice is honest and empathetic.
Great overall life advice!
I've been following Matthew Hussey's blog and video series for almost 3 years now. It has helped me to make better decisions in my love life AND my professional life. I am happy that there is finally a podcast available. Now I can now get that advice instantly!! Everyone that I have shown Matthew's videos and podcasts to agree with his reasonable and logical solutions for the variety of scenarios he (and his listeners/followers) presents. I highly recommend this podcast!!
Love Life is NOT Fight Club
The Hussey Chronicles , as I'll lovingly refer to this british babes work, fell into my lap EXACTLY when I needed them to, when I was ready to receive them AND put in the work. Hell, Matt helped me realize I even needed work, which is So empowering after surviving relationships you never expected to end, despite who ended them. This means WE have the power to change our romantic blueprint. No "poor me" attitudes allowed here ladies! Ive only discovered him 1 month ago and This podcast, his books, YouTube, programs, etc should be shared with any female you know, love and respect, or happen to chat with getting your nails done. Don't keep these gems to yourself. This is NOT Fight Club!
Great advice!
I've been listening to Matthew for some time now, and his advice is spot on! I look forward to these podcasts because listening to him every week is just what I need-practical logical advice and tips on how to improve your love life just step by step! I've used this in person, and it actually works too. It's pretty cool to see. Thanks Matthew!
Best guide to love!!!
Matthew is the best love guru. He is the best guide to successful love life!!! We often look at how men act solely from our women's perspective. However, Matthew shows us how the men's brain work when it comes to relationships and attraction!
Mr. Hussey A+ 💯
I cannot begin to describe the value of Matthew's podcasts. Even if you're not in need for love advise, watch these podcasts... I have used them to improve all areas of my life!
Won me over.
I'm usually a skeptic of any type of "guru," but the way Matt approaches the conversation is so genuine and laid back, that you know he's coming from an honest place. I feel like my friend is giving me amazing, straightforward advice; I appreciate the tough love. I feel that Matt is invested in me and the way I approach my relationships, and I look forward to listening to a variety of topics from week to week.
Avid listener/fan
I've been a fan of Matthew's for a few years now because of his honest and sound advice. I've never once been disappointed by a podcast, an email, or a video. He has made me feel more confident than ever in my entire life and I'm overall more happy because of it. Thank you Matthew for that.
Sure fire way to level up your love game
Matthew has given me so many tools to breathe new life into my relationships. He knows his subject matter inside and out, teaches with clarity, and inspires his listeners to do things differently, to finally get the results they've always wanted. And listening to his sexy voice makes it an even better experience. ;).
When I need advice
Matthew Hussey always come through for me when I need relationship help. He brings clarity and honesty to each topic and I leave feeling hopeful and inspired. I’m so thankful for his dedication to helping people achieve the love life of their dreams!
Something Great For Everyone
If you're tired of vague and rosey self-help ideas that sound great but don't walk you through how handle real life situations, then you've landed on good one here. Check out his witty, insightful YouTube channel also. He's more in-depth there, which I prefer. Matthew offers actionable advice on how to make positive changes in the way you approach relationships(not just the romantic ones) and life in general, which coincide with making meaningful changes and discoveries about your own self. Instead of peppering you with rules that fail long term because they have no meaningful foundation, he talks about setting standards and conveying them well over allowing a negative situation to continue because you don't want to rock the boat or are afraid of backlash. He's got an intersting perspecitve on human behavior and his insights apply to work, romance and friendships, as well as women and men of all ages.
Love this!
This actually works! Love it Matthew Hussey! 💙
An answered prayer!
Stumbled upon Matthews work recently and am super thrilled to have these in podcast form. When applied, his advice is without a doubt the best I have received yet. After much prayer I found my answers in his chillingly accurate advise. Thank you Matthew!
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