October 18, 2019
Danielle is joined by the MOST special co-host Leslie Grossman and hilarious writer Gary Janetti to talk housewives friendships, Patti Lupone and Gary’s incredible new book. Plus they discuss the  cheerleading rivalry between Brooklyn and Brandi and try to figure out how many children Braunwyn actually has. The answer, 7 to 10ish . This episode is brought to you by Voodoo Toys ( code: BITCHY33), Third Love (, Buffy Comforters ( code: HOUSEWIVES), and Hug Me deodorant.
October 11, 2019
Casey and Danielle are joined by hilarious comedian and writer Ziwe Fumudoh who has had intimate encounters with more than one Jersey housewife and lived to tell. They talk Dallas Glory Holes, Braunwyn’s photo shoot attire, and how Porsha and Kenya will be the tag team of our dreams. Plus, Casey spoke to a psychic and to the other side and they had lots to say about love, not so much about Bravo. This episode is brought to you by Unique Vintage ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Quip (, and Hug Me deodorant by Blume.
October 3, 2019
This week Danielle and Casey fly solo, soaring high into the last two parts of the Potomac Reunion, down into the depths of Miraval with OC and then they swing over to Mexico with Dallas, where D’andra gives Stephanie a lap dance nobody asked for. We salute the end to a perfect season of Potomac and brace ourselves for the coming storms that are New Jersey and Atlanta.  This episode is brought to you by Living Proof ( code: HOUSEWIVES), BHLDN ( code: BHLDNWedding), Article (, and Wander Beauty (
October 1, 2019
Hey everyone! We have a VERY exciting announcement: BITCH SESH: BONUS SESH episodes are coming! Starting Tuesday, September 24th, with new eps dropping every Tuesday, only on STITCHER PREMIUM! We sit down and have more intimate chats with the best guests, like: Whitney Cummings, Andrea Savage, Jessica Chaffin, Kulap Vilaysack, and SO many more. If you don’t have Stitcher Premium yet, don’t fret! Just go to and use promo code: HOUSEWIVES for a month free!
September 25, 2019
Casey and Danielle sit down with their dear friend, comedian, writer, actress, director, producer, skin care enthusiast and animal nut, Whitney Cummings. They deep dive into her Housewife interactions, Casey's future sex tape and Whitney's new outrageously phenomenal Netflix special Can I Touch It?  PART 2 of their convo can be found as the first of many Bonus Sessions available every Tuesday on Stitcher Premium!
September 20, 2019
Casey and Danielle are joined in the Nook 2.0 by fan favorite - the stunningly beautiful and talented Ana Ortiz. They discuss Potomac Reunion Part 1, OC and Dallas and are left with many questions, like why is Michael Darby’s back so very sweaty? And why exactly did Emily strip for her husbands father? And why did a man get into Danielle’s car thinking she was his UBER driver? They demand answers.    This episode is brought to you by Unique Vintage ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Living Proof (, Third Love (, and Away ( code: HOUSEWIVES20).
September 12, 2019
On this weeks Bitch Sesh , Casey and Danielle plead for an important cause close to their hearts -- themselves, specifically #SaveDanielle'sDress. They welcome hilarious comedian, actor and writer Yassir Lester to the new nook, and he has strong opinions on the houses of Potomac, Mama Dee, and a certainhair color. Plus Yassir remembers performing stand-up in front of TWO different househusbands, and they all revel in the audacity of a man giving doughnuts for his wife's fiftieth birthday.    This episode is brought to you by Quip (, Happy Cards (, Article (, and Lola ( code: HOUSEWIVES40).
September 5, 2019
Casey and Danielle are back from their summer break with a Peoples Choice nomination ( ahhhhhh!!!) and a very inappropriate Postmates order. With their hilarious and well researched guest Henry Goldblatt ( former editor in chief of Entertainment Weekly) they get into Gina’s tough hair choices , the toilet of a husband that is Shane and the missing case of Katie in the airport .  Plus Casey has discovered the genius of Captain Sandy and she’s now saying “all aboard” to Below Deck.    This episode is brought to you by Wander Beauty (
August 21, 2019
Breaking News. There’s been a loss.
August 2, 2019
BFFFFFFF of Bitch Sesh, June Diane Raphael, guests on an INTIMATE, legendary episode wherein Danielle Schneider gets a bikini wax on stage while discussing housewives. Enjoy. See you all in September! This episode is sponsored by Leesa ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Living Proof ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Bud Light, ThirdLove (, Quip (, and OMGyes (
July 18, 2019
While Danielle vacations in Florida (sigh) Casey is joined by two delightful and inspired co-hosts. Fan favorite, living legend Joel Kim Booster shocks Casey out of her chair with his controversial theory about Denise and Erika. And fan favorite, national treasure Vanessa Bayer asks the tough questions. Such as why does Candace think so very much of her own singing voice? They discuss the most recent EXPLOSIVE episodes of Potomac and Reunions Part 1 of NYC and Bev Hills. Go away Camille!  This episode is brought to you by Birchbox (, Hask Beauty, Bud Light, Article (, and Living Proof ( code: HOUSEWIVES).
July 2, 2019
Casey and Danielle came together to share some breaking news.
June 28, 2019
TO BE ALIVE IN THESE TIMES! Today Casey and Danielle pay tribute to a masterful season of New York. Brava, Bravo! They discuss the finale, upcoming bold reunion lewks and wonder aloud why B. can't stay away from fishy soups. Then they throw to a live show with beloved Jennifer Aniston stalker Matt McConkey and dig into Beverly Hills and the fact that no one gave one fuck that Camille's house burned to the ground. (But thanks be to God she got that second hand Burberry coat!) The girls are off next week because, America. Bless you one and all and thank you for your continued service.  This episode is sponsored by Spafinder ( code: HOUSEWIVES) and Article (
June 21, 2019
This week Casey and Danielle debut the new nook!!! They are graced by angel walking amongst us, Shawnta Valdes, who anoints the nook and prepares it for what it will hear and see. The women talk NY and the de-thawing of pets, Potomac and where all those doves ended up and Bev Hills and Teddy’s most iconic/honest line ever... “I’m so hungry.”  This episode is brought to you by Kendra Scott Jewelers ( code: BITCHSESH), The Real Real ( code: REAL), Quip (, and ScentBird (
June 15, 2019
Are you feeling Jovani? Danielle is and so is her guest Blair Beeken (The Second City) as they take on an episode of New York that will go down in the annals of history. They discuss Bethenny's freak out, Sonja's aversion to sand and what type of sleepwear one wants to be caught in by the police. Plus Casey chimes in with a reading of Tinsley's sad date monologue . Blair also reveals her past relationship with a Beverly Hills (recurring) cast member and what animals she has no problem eating.  This episode is brought to you by The Real Real ( code: REAL), OMGYes (, Ava ( code: HOUSEWIVES), and Hask Beauty.
June 6, 2019
Casey and Danielle are joined by the incomparable Deanna Cheng. THEY CANT STOP TALKING ABOUT NY BECAUSE NY IS GIVING US EVERYTHING AND IF YOU DONT AGREE WE DONT KNOW EACH OTHER ANYMORE!!!!! They also delve into Potomac, Bev Hills and Southern Charm. #MomenttoMomentWork This episode is brought to you by Kendra Scott Jewelers ( code: BITCHSESH), Hask Beauty, Third Love (, The Real Real ( code: REAL), and Living Proof ( code: HOUSEWIVES).
May 23, 2019
Casey and Danielle are live w/ Bryan Safi and an audience at the UCB theatre where they all had just watched a wild episode of Real Housewives of New York together . Life IS a cabaret especially between Sonja and her flat iron . Plus they talk Katie and Schwartz’s Diarrhea sex, Karen’s two room mansion and Denise’s thanksgiving with hookers .  This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( code: HOUSEWIVES), The Real Real ( code: REAL), OMGYes (, and Wander Beauty (
May 16, 2019
Casey and Danielle welcome back Thy Lord and Savior, Brian J. Moylan, who graces us with his presence all the way from London! They cover Bev Hills, NY, Potomac and Vanderpump but mainly wonder why Luann is living in a van down by the river. And Brian has a controversial wish for Beverly Hills that we dare not put in writing... for fear. This episode is brought to you by Living Proof ( code: HOUSEWIVES), HASK (, and Ava ( code: HOUSEWIVES).
May 9, 2019
Casey and Danielle are guest less in a Studio City nook and Casey has feelings about that. They discuss Beverly Hills and the legend that is Denise Richards, the return of Potomac and the legend that is Gizelle Bryant, Fofty Cent Rules and the horrifying insanity that has the distinguished honor of being the most cringe worthy scene ever to have been filmed in NY. Ever. We love you Bridie! This ones for you. This episode is brought to you by Leesa ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Kendra Scott Jewelers ( code: BITCHSESH), Third Love (, Quip (, and Spafinder (
April 25, 2019
Danielle and Casey are joined by incredible actress Katie Kershaw (Ms. Fletcher, The Second City) and they survive not only a life and death experience, but also another Boy George performance. They talk Lala's hair, Denise's early morning sexcapades and the best method for packing an urn of ashes. Plus, Nene sent a man to the hospital and knocked out his tooth and this is the first we are hearing of it?!!!!! We get to the bottom of it allllll. This episode is brought to yo buy Kendra Scott Jewelers ( code: BITCHSESH), Spafinder (Visit our sponsor Spafinder at and use the code HOUSEWIVES to receive 12% off $75+ your gift card purchase, Quip (, and MeUndies (
April 19, 2019
April 18, 2019
Casey and Danielle are back in the satellite nook with a guest as overdue as Camille’s firing - the incomparable Paul Scheer. Paul has recently gotten himself in hot water on Twitter with LVP fans around the world for proudly proclaiming himself #TeamTeddy and details their wrath. He has hot takes on NeNe and a blossoming friendship with Erika Jayne - but at the end of the day, he and Casey are ready to live that minivan lyfe!!!!
April 4, 2019
Casey and Danielle welcome two truly extraordinary guests. Jessica Chaffin is back with unpopular theories about Lisa Vanderpump and Jason Mantzoukas has a pressing question about Ken: Has he passed? Jessica and Jason give a powerful performance of Nene and Porsha’s recent text/Instagram war and Carole is outed in the boot on the ground of the century.  This episode is sponsored by The Real Real ( code: REAL) and LivingProof ( code: HOUSEWIVES)
March 29, 2019
Danielle is joined by the always refreshing( like Denise Richards) Deanna Cheng and they talk to Atlanta super fan Lyric Lewis (AP Bio) to discuss the gift and mystery that is Marlo Hampton as well as Lyric’s important theory about “belt gate”.  There are gas-less sidecars , brittle real estate agents and Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn chime in with a field report from the quickest wedding in the West.
March 15, 2019
Esteemed writer and housewives aficionado Roxane Gay honors Casey and Danielle with her presence again on the podcast and gives her thoughts on puppy gate, the sexless lives of the Vanderpump couples and the gift of a Tyler Perry quote. Plus, she joins Casey and Danielle in reading one of the most important scenes that had ever graced the Bravo screen, and dare we say, elevates this masterpiece.  This episode is brought to you by Soludos ( code: HOUSEWIVES), I’m Obsessed With This Podcast, Third Love (, MeUndies (, and Modern Fertility (
March 7, 2019
Danielle gives a quick recap of this week’s episode of Real Housewives of NY.
March 7, 2019
Casey and Danielle are joined by dream guest and dream human, Kristen Wiig. Kristen has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Bravo and an unrivaled, astounding eye for detail. On the hallowed eve of New York’s premiere they discuss Bev Hills, Atlanta, Vanderump and unfortunately end up with more questions than answers.  This episode is brought to you by Living Proof (, Soludos ( code: HOUSEWIVES), Hello Fresh (, and Quip (
March 4, 2019
A VERY SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE. Casey and Danielle in conversation with Chelsea Handler.
February 27, 2019
Danielle is joined by hilarious guest co-host Joel Kim Booster, who is fresh off a gay cruise and ready to take Lisa Vanderpump down (but only for the right reasons). They welcome lady of a thousand housewife voices Amy Phillips, who gives them all the inside scoop on Andy Cohen's baby shower/rave and comes up with a new housewife impression on the spot. They talk Porsha's engagement, LaLa's BJ's for PJ's, and most importantly, how you never enter a housewife dinner wearing shorts. NEVER!!! This episode is brought to you by Leesa (, Soludos ( code: HOUSEWIVES), MeUndies (, Daily Harvest ( code: HOUSEWIVES), and Article (
July 2, 1970
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