Angel Downs
Can you cover Angel Downs’ death? It’s so strange and it involves a politician
Extrapolate too much
You literally spoke for 4 minutes about people you weren’t going to name in the Bakersfield podcast. Just say your not naming anyone and move on blah blah blah
I don’t get all the hate on the Captain. So he throws his two cents in. It is his podcast as well. He brings up interesting thoughts. Nothing wrong with that. Love this podcast.
Love the show
I really enjoy the way you guys lay the cases out and talk about all the possible things that could’ve happened. I love the way you two interact. The captains jokes and the way Nic does or does not acknowledge them. The music is stellar. And I love that beer is tied into it. AND the reading list!
Almost unlistenable
The “captain “ doesn’t quite ruin this podcast...but almost. And, does anyone else take a shot when they say RABBIT HOLE, DRAWL or SAWL??
My absolute favorite!
This is my favorite podcast! You guys kill it every week! Thank you so so much! I can’t get enough! Ban the Van and don’t litter!
Poorly researched cases that have been covered by better podcasts are frequent here. Cases where existent information is barely enough to have one podcast are stretched in two or three shows. The podcasters frequently focus on irrelevant details.
Love it
Just stumbled onto this podcast and am already bingeing . Love the statistics they do on the towns. Keep it up!
Ban the van !
I look forward to the release every week!
phinius rastafari
The captain is the truth
Hit or Miss
I was obsessed with this show, but the captain really drives me nuts. Constantly interrupting and his thought process is a bit wonky. Drives me nuts. Overall a good listen though.
New to the show, late to the party as usual. Love it. The vibe, the story telling, the music, the beer. Spot on gentlemen! I have 1 tiny complaint I need your old episodes on Apple Podcast. I have so many issues with Stitcher. I had to stop listening, because the app booted me all the time. Any chance they will be back on Apple?
I like your jib too 💋
Comic Book Guys says “ Best podcast ever”
TU Owl
This has been my favorite podcast for many years. They pick fascinating cases and present the stories in detailed and compelling ways, and they do so with respectful humor. This is the go to podcast. Grad a chair, grab a brew and listen to this awesome podcast.
Love the show
the most awesome ash
I just stumbled upon your podcast and I love it! It’s my first ever podcast and I enjoy it. Makes me want to go home and have a beer. I just tried Rhinegeist and it’s an awesome brand of beer.
Love This Podcast
my monkeys fly
These guys really know how to talk true crime.
I like em
Princess peaches923
I’ve recently added them to my top podcasts, it’s hard to find new ones to listen to when you get attached to your usuals ..and since I can’t just listen without binging I needed a new one to binge. So. Glad I came upon them.
Legal addiction
Started listening to this podcast this summer while doing some home renovations and I was instantly hooked. Love the cases they pick, love their banter and love that they are fellow Buckeyes! Can’t get enough of this one!!!
Great True Crime Podcast
They really do a great job breaking down cases and are entertaining to listen to.
I’ve been listening to true crime garage for years now and I absolutely love Nic and the captain. I used to have a 2 hour drive each morning and TCG made those drives super enjoyable!
Loving the Podcast
Stumbled upon your podcast after finishing up another and looking for something True Crime to dive into. I noticed that not all of your episodes are on iTunes so I went to Stitcher to start at #1. I think that both Nic and the Captain make a great pair. I especially enjoy the recommended reading as well. I would enjoy to hear your take on Israel Keyes and would love to hear you do a show on him. I know how much you have stated you enjoy Truth from rhinegiest, but you should give Panther a try, It is one of my favorite dark beers. Much love from Cincy.
Outstanding Podcast
Oakley Fight Club
I have been listening to TCG since the beginning. I have listened to every episode & even found myself listening to some episodes 2-3 times. I have both of my degrees in Criminal Justice & currently work in the field. I have always had a passion for “True Crime.” These guys do an outstanding job covering cases. I will always strongly support these guys & will continue to spread the word. This is most definitely a 5***** Podcast. Keep up the great work & hope we can grow this Podcast to #1. Once again, this is the one of the best True Crime shows around. Keep kicking butt!!
Love this podcast!
This is the first podcast I ever listened to, and I am so glad that I found it! I never let a day pass after an episode is released before I listen. Nic and the Captain have an awesome chemistry. You can tell they both genuinely care about the victims and families in their cases. Even though they are hilarious, it is never inappropriate or rude. I hope they never stop making content!
The captain is awful. He literally brings nothing to the show and I think he might be actually retarded. Anyway the other guy is cool. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Not my Pod
kchesser 1110
Although I tried, I just can’t get into the stories. You have great voices, but I’m out... Good luck babes!!!
Good but annoying
You can tell Nic does the research and presents what he can find on the case, but the guy that goes by “Captain” sounds dumb when he talks. I don’t know if he’s drunk or high but when he opens his mouth there’s really nothing that makes sense or that contributes to the discussion.
Great podcast!! With some pretty cool dudes!! My husband and I are hooked. We enjoy listing we like the music and learning about new beers! We love how detailed Nic and captain are. It’s definitely worth taking a dive into🙂 Love Shelby and Chris from Virginia
the captain is insufferable
The Carwash Boy
he rambles on about things he clearly knows nothing about. he is like a dog chasing a bone. he does not understand reason or nuance. he is a simple-minded creature who lacks a sense of humor. he should stick to what he is clearly good at - being baked. he totally ruins a podcast that would otherwise be pretty good.
No bad
Worth a listen. Voice do not annoy me so that is a plus.
Love it
I love listening to Nick and the Captain. They make it so interesting to listen to they give a lot of details and yet have some comical areas to give a break. I really like this episode because I live in Magalia, Ca and I know the area where they are talking about it. Thank you for bringing up the Campfire too. It was on November 8, 2018.
Love this!
Great podcast!
Glad I Found!
This podcast was recommended by someone I follow on Twitter. I started listening a few days ago and I am binging like crazy. Nic and Captain have smart yet hilarious banter while sharing these stories with respect. Great production and high quality. I highly suggest any true crime fan to give this podcast a try. You won’t be sorry!
What the heck
What the heck?! He’s just reading random reports he’s found online! Umm... What??
The Captain is awful...
I really enjoy true crime stories and like this podcast for the most part. Nic is great, but The Captain is just awful. He tries soooo hard to be funny, but falls flat 99.9% of the time. In addition to his cringe worthy humor, he adds very little constructive talking points to the conversation / story. His sense of humor and personality is a horrible match for a true crime podcast. PLEASE GET A NEW CO-HOST!
f$%k 1972
A ex mall cop and dj are smarter than detectives in solving all the crimes!!!! Brace yourselves they’ve solved how many crimes????
Perfect for my long drives to work!
Nickolas Lambert
I listened to other podcasts before this one on true crime and I love this one so much because they go into much greater detail, and their research seems to be very well put together, and they give it the respect it should have. Captain is hilarious, and I enjoy the beer reviews at the beginning. Easily the most entertaining podcast for me.
Long Time Listener
Well researched and mostly well presented, mostly thoughtful speculation, sensitive discussions of horrific crimes with doses of comic relief. The comic relief isn’t always funny. Good listener and beer appreciation. Most of the time I like the cut of their jib. Too many advertisements these days. Music and voices are adversely affected by over-compression. The voices sound squeezed unnatural, and music suffers from pumping. Otherwise nice tracks.
Love the show!
My favorite podcast ever! Everything about the show is great; from the cases they cover to Captain’s voice!
Ummm what!?!
true crime podcasts
I've been listening to various other true crime podcasts to fill in the spaces between TCG episodes. The Captain and Nic have been my favorites for years and that has not changed. Thanks guys!
The backpack murders
True crime garage does an ok job on this case but if you really wanna hear great true crime stories on ‘‘tis case look up casefile podcast the belango woods murders.
It always boggles my mind when a girl won’t date in her own race what fool minded girl
Best Cast in the Genre
Bert, Son of Bert
Hands down the Kings of True Crime
These guys do it right
I am a voracious true crime fan, so I've been around the block on unsolved mystery /serial killer content. I'm pretty picky and both Nick and the Captain are awesome. Nick is so thorough in his research, and I love how much time you both spend deliberating (you really get a maximum amount of discussion out of each case, so you aren't left wanting.) The Captain is really funny and adds the right amount of levity but the show still remains largely serious. Great podcast personalities on a subject I love! Not to mention how much beer I drink...
Beer and True Crime
I can’t even express how fresh and entertaining these guys are every episode. I’ve started from their first episodes and have been non-stop listening ever since. I appreciate how they keep their listeners updated on more recent cases as information is presented. What makes this podcast stick out from the rest? Have you ever watched Drunk History? It’s kinda the same aspect with a true crime twist! I mean, what’s better than true crime with a little alcohol added into the conversation. These guys make a great duo!
Feed me
Love it Comprehensive and entertaining
My favorite true crime podcast
Love the humor, musicality, and great story telling. You guys rock. Go Bucks!
Love your podcast
Guys, let me start with I spend a lot of time listening to your podcasts. I’m a traveling service tech and drive thousands of miles per month, since I found your podcast I never listen to anything else! Your story telling and commentary is excellent. I like the facts that you tell and the comedy as well. Thanks for keeping the garage going and supplying plenty of content for me to listen to. I hope there is many more years for the garage and many more beers as well. Cheers!!
Pedo defenders
Amy True Crime Review
The being up Epstein in the Bakersfield episode and try to defend all the men who attended those parties where it was well known Epstein had young girls be there to ‘accommodate’ the men. Nic and Captain seem to want to act like no other men committed rape or statutory rape at those parties, which Duh!
I’m addicted!!!
War Eagle 88
I absolutely love your show Nic and Captain. I recently discovered podcasts and I’m addicted to True Crime Garage. You guys do an amazing job researching the content and I love the chemistry you guys have. It feels like I’m in the garage having a beer with you. I’m a beer connoisseur and I’m excited to try some of the beers you guys recommend. If you guys ever have an opportunity to try Upland brewery from Indiana please do. I am really into sour beers and they have some of the best. The Prim is one of my absolute favorites. Keep up the good work!!!!
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