Not good
Millionth Maddow Fan
Audio quality is poor. A favorite adjective of the narrator is “cute” or “super cute” and her voice is so high and lilting it is hard to listen for very long.
Lots of great info for us solo girl campers
I love this podcast. I just started camping in my little renovated vintage camper named Beatrice last summer. I am hooked and have found women here in Wisconsin that camp solo and as a group. This podcast is full of tips and tricks for us!
Quartzite Episode
I was so looking forward to this episode but the audio quality made it difficult to understand what was being said at times.
Good however too much frivolous chat.
Very chatty . Improvement could be made by streamlining the information. Seems like advertisements could be grouped before and after podcast. Not intertwined throughout podcast with personal asides. Listening for 5 minutes prior to gist of podcast being discussed. Patiently waiting for topic to be discussed. Once topic is started , then it is more helpful advice.
Love It!!!
I absolutely love this podcast. I get a lot of great information and new product ideas. It is empowering for me to get out there and go. I have learned so much. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in camping, no matter the skill level. Keep up the good work and keep it coming.
Interesting, but FULL of ADs
Mrs. Kmk
She’s got a lot of interesting points and topics, but FULL of ADs and sponsorships. I understand that it costs money to make a podcast but... I’ve never heard so many ADs in any other podcast. It takes away from the content. Update: I’m ending my relationship with this podcast. Not only do to fast forward the first 5-7 minutes due to ads, but after her talking for 10-15 minutes there’s even MORE ad’s. Then when she has best camping gear ideas they are all extremely outrageous costs for her gear ideas. Sorry but I’m a middle class family camper who doesn’t fit this upper class snobby lady’s pocketbook!
Love the show.... but please!!!!!
Dancing Ferret
It’s quite frustrating to listen to because she interrupts her guests A LOT .... it is a great podcast and she’s quite a likable person....she makes me laugh ......but let the guest that are being interviewed actually talk and complete their sentences instead of talking over them...let them finish their story !!
A great, informative, and fun podcast!
I have been listening to this podcast now for just a few weeks and absolutely love it!!! Since I just got started listening, I have a lot of podcasts to catch up on and I’m enjoying going thru each episode. Last week I took a road trip to Ocean Shores and enjoyed listening to each episode during the 4hr drive there and 6hr return drive home. I’m not a “real” Girl Camper YET, as I’m still working full time PLUS, but as the time goes by so quickly now that I’m in my mid-fifties, I’m SO inspired by everything I’m learning by listening to these podcasts and can’t wait for retirement when I can hit the road!!! Since I was a child and now as an adult, I’ve done years and years of car camping & tent camping. However, I have not been out there tent camping for a couple of years now because I’ve just had enough of packing all that stuff up and breaking all that stuff back down after just a night or two, it’s just gotten to be TOO MUCH trouble and I don’t look forward to even going. So for now I’m gathering all the information I can and I’ve got Tiny Homes, Class C’s, Class B’s, and Tear Drop’s swirling around in my head!!! Thank you for offering all of your advice, information, and your funny sense of humor in your experiences with hitting the road being a happy Girl Camper!!
Despite my plumbing I love this podcast
Janine is this wonderful breath of positivity who joins me every week via my iPhone/podcast app and takes me on a journey to new and interesting places. Yeah, yeah, I'm not a Girl Camper but the information and value I get still makes this a wonderful journey each week. Janine is just such a great podcast host - she's got the positivity of Andy Griffith in Mayberry. Plus the good information so even if you're not a girl camper, you can still appreciate Girl Camper. Trust me.
So Fun
Lesa McD
This is one of my favorite podcasts! Can’t wait for winter to end so I can go camping again. Especially love the gear guide episodes.
First 3 years are great!
First 3 year’s Info shared here is relevant to camping and is very woman friendly. Guests, how-to, rally’s and more. For newbies it is very helpful. The layout of topics for 2019 however, sound like I am at the office—no thanks! Please get back to camping!
I live listening to Janine! She is informative, but more importantly, she is very encouraging. It is obvious that Janine loves the camping experience, and wants every woman to enjoy what she does, and not to be held back by fear of the unknown.
Waste of time
I had such high hopes when I discovered this podcast, but they were quickly squelched. Inbetween the countless ads and intros and outros you might gleam a biggest of uself info. But I I didn’t learn anything worth my time wading through half a dozen episodes. (See I tried it, I really tried it.) If you want one sided interviews where the guest hardly gets to speak or get a word in edge wise this is your podcast. Being a woman camper is great. We aren’t second class citizens or have lower than average intelligence. I felt like the host was speaking to the listener as if the listener was a child. “Pull over when you are tired.” No kidding Sherlock. I want my time back.
Found her on Instagram and love it!
Willie Suarez
I first found her on Instagram and loved her pictures. After a few weeks found the podcast and we loved it even more.
So informational and inspiring!
Mrs. Rebecca Smith
After binging this podcast I feel so informed and knowledgeable about taking my camper out on my own this year. Thanks Janine!
Because of your Podcasts....
I would have never dreamed of camping if I hadn’t listened to your fun & informative podcasts! I loved how it calmed any fears, answered all of my questions and most of all made me feel “I can do this” whether in tent, van or camper!
You'll be going places and doing things!
Lynne C.
I love Janine Pettit! She is a good mentor, on podcast, blog, and Instagram. I have learned so much about camping comfortably and safely from her podcasts especially. She never talks down to us, but is always encouraging. And she is informative and friendly to listen to; I love her little laugh! Her humility in sharing her camping journey makes me feel like she's just a few steps ahead and is turning around to take me by the hand to go with her. Thanks, Janine!
kelly b texas
I have enjoyed Janine Pettit's podcasts immensely. She presents information in a clear and succinct way, with humor and understanding. She is always encouraging rather than talking down to novices such as myself. As a single woman wanting a change in my life, I had been thinking about buying a trailer and taking off when I discovered her podcast. Camping can be a lot more complicated now than in the days of my childhood pop-up trailer, but Janine makes these things seem simple I.e. The episode on tires. Thank you for the encouragement --and I am really leaning towards getting a Little Guy Max! Kelly B, Texas.
Inspiring Podcast for City Folks Who Dream of Camping
j.c. lee
I've been listening to this podcast for several months and I thoroughly enjoy the attitude and spirit of the host, Janine Pettit. She really makes camping and the RV lifestyle much less intimidating for those who have no idea where to begin. Her joy in the outdoors and love of our national and regional parks is really inspiring, and she gives great tips and advice.
This is new for me.
camper girl Terri
Hello, so far so good. Your podcast is really encouraging me to that first into the scary unknown and try something new! Thank you!
Too many commercials
I used to love the podcasts but am so sad with the commercialism. The podcast starts at 10:30 and is one long promo/commercial. I looked forward and was excited to hear about the Yellowstone trip but it's tainted :( with the freebie trailer.
Amazing Host
Janine is incredibly sweet and engaging and I keep telling everyone to listen to this podcast because she is just such a delight. I can't wait to get an rv and try out the things that she talks about with my little daughter!
I really enjoy this podcast, so much fun!!!
Wannabe Girl Camper
Love your podcasts u r so full of energy
Positivity + Camping = Janine Pettit!
Janine's podcast encourages women adventurers to lose any excuses and experience the great outdoors! Love her optimistic spirit and servant's heart for helping others. Hope this podcast continues for many more years!
Shhhhh don't tell anyone. I'm not a girl.
Nathan R. - PA
I enjoy a related camping podcast and now listen to Janine some too. First I picked and chose some topics and have since subscribed, but it's always still interesting to the non-girl camping enthusiast who may or may not have girl camper friends or spouse. Listening is kind of like chatting with camping friends. Especially when Jeremy or Stephanie from the RV Family Travel Atlas Podcast make an appearance. Interviews with other people are also an interesting and informative treat.
Tuesday morning friend
I'm more of a dreamer than a camper but Janine keeps the dream alive! I love my Tuesday commute now! She's got a friendly style but lots of informative content.
Girl Camper
Go Dawgs🐾🐾🏀
I love this podcast! I've always been a camper growing up camping with my family. After marriage, my husband and I what camp with our children. After 35 years of tent camping we bought a used small travel trailer and loved it! On our little Mallard trailer's last voyage before picking up a new and larger travel trailer, my husband died suddenly. After listening to Ginny McKinney on the podcast I found myself not wanting to give up on camping. I have since purchased a class C motorhome and have become a girl camper. Sometimes meeting up with family, Sometimes meeting up with friends, and sometimes just going with my little dog Bella. I am able to be a solo girl camper because of the inspiring stories I hear every week on this podcast. Thank you Janine Pettit for your podcast! You are so inspiring and encouraging. Keep on encouraging other ladies to go places and do things. God bless you!
Awesome !!!!!!!
This is awesome to have someone to uplift ladies who like to travel and have new experience with camping. I enjoy the weekly podcast just wish it was daily.
Entertaining and Empowering
Janine got me back into camping. I had seen her with some other women from Sisters on the Fly for a few years, and I recently found a post card she had given out about Girl Camper, I had taken notes on the back, hoping to check out this movement of womens's camping. I didn't have a trailer and didn't realize then you don't have to have one to join in. Janine gives a voice to women who want to adventure, to make new friends and have new outdoor experiences, she really does give you the impetus to get going on your dream. Thank you Janine for helping me fulfill mine!
I have discovered a whole new world through this podcast. Thank you Janine for each and every episode! Sometimes you make me cry from the stories on your podcast and sometimes you make me so proud to know a trick about how to back up my camper. But always after each episode I feel empowered to get out there and go places! The things I have learned from your podcast are probably more then I would have ever learned in a lifetime.... both about being a camper and a girl!
I love Janine Pettit
Entertaining and informational show about all things camping! The focus is empowering women, but the topics are not just for women. I've been learning a lot. Janine is very sweet and cute and funny, and gives a good interview. Thanks Janine, keep it up!
Jeepers this is horrible
Mrs. Shrub
Favorite Podcast
Love Janine. We're a hotel kind of family or rent a house people... but for some reason, I want to change that. I like to have my "stuff" cook my own food etc... I decided that either a camper or RV is for me even though we are NOT a camping family. I'm going to change that! I found this podcast and her info is so good. I'm going to be so sad once I finish all the back eposodes and have to wait for another one to come out. Thank you Janine. I joined SOTF because of your info today. Thanks, Rashel from East Texas
#1 Cheerleader
Apple peak
Janine Pettit is the #1 cheerleader for women looking to dip a toe into the camping world or improve existing skills in the outdoor world. She is fun, enthusiastic, encouraging & full of great ideas, information. Wonderful, wide-ranging interviews. I'm a seasoned camper & outdoor enthusiast & learn lots with every listen. Thanks for all the great inspiration, Janine!
Fun, Positive and Great Information!
I was thinking about joining Sisters in The Fly when I found this podcast and the interviews with girl campers gave me that final push to sign up! Great episodes include personal stories of adventurous campers, camper reviews and priceless advice for the girl camper. I highly recommend this podcast! Thank you for all the great discussions about tow vehicles! ~#7992
Superb Podcast
Girl Camper has everything I look for in a podcast - interesting topic, consistent regular posts, wide birth of info in topics, fun and engaging hostess. If you are a camper of any kind - vacationer, full timer, girl, boy, long time camper, newbies, all ages, all kinds of vehicles and tents, group camper or single camper- there is new and interesting information for you. PS my very manly man boyfriend who has camped and built cars is impressed with the information and how thorough it is. Way to go girl!!!!!
So fun and inspiring!
DeAnna of the Earth
This is one of the funnest podcasts I've listened to. I've really enjoyed Janine Pettit and the info she brings, along with her guest speakers. I've been inspired to get my own camper so that my husband and I can bring our dog along on vacations. But after discovering Girl Camper, I realized there is a whole community of women traveling to places and having fun. I can see myself hitching up and towing, as well as meeting new people, even if my husband isn't with me. This opens up so many opportunities.
Great Podcast!
Echo doc
I have been RVing for many years while raising my 5 children. I have recently downsized to a small, Shasta reproduction that I will be taking on the road for my own adventures. It was while researching my possibilities that I happened upon this podcast. What a treat! Janine is entertaining, informative, and fun to listen to. I lookforward to crossing paths with her someday on the road.
I am so glad I came across this podcast. Janine is getting me ready for my first travel in my trailer. I started listening to her podcasts and listen to them where ever I am. There is so much information about traveling, people and just life in general. I am not afraid to be a girl camper. Thank you
Bestest Podcast EVER
I look forward to this fun and informative podcast every week! It feels like a present every time! I have learned and now feel like "I have this!" Janine feels like a friend, I hope someday that I am blessed enough to meet her.
For the love of friendship and camping
Janine Petit LOVES camping with her friends, and her enthusiasm and helpful hints are much appreciated.
Love, love, love this podcast!
As a (girl) T@B camper owner since 2008, I find these podcasts to be very helpful! Love listening to these in the car on my way to and from work - dreaming of the day I can retire and travel this great nation (3 years, 4 months and 8 days) - and picking up great tips along the way!
Not just for girls
I'm a guy who loves to camp. At first, I was not interested in listening to this podcast. Why would a guy listen to a podcast about "girl campers"? Well, after listening to this podcast, I was hooked. Yes, it is about girl camping, and encourarging women to camp. BUT, it is so much more. These same inspirational and encouraging stories are about real life and real people. Everyone, man and woman, can learn and be inspired by other people and their stories. In addition, there is a great deal of educational content. Everyone can learn something new. I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast for all man and woman.
I really hate to be the first person to leave a review less than five stars. I do like the podcast and all the valuable information and encouragement it provides as well as the stories that are told. (The episode with the Ginny interview had me in tears!) My only issue with this podcast is the constant interrupting by the host. It gets the interview way off topic at times and it seems rude to not just let someone answer the question they were asked or tell their story. For that, I have to give it only four stars.
Girl Camper Review
Karen Pyle
I found Girl Camper podcast a few months ago. It is my "happy" commute time favorite! I love Janine's friendly, upbeat spirit. She encoures women in all things camping, rving & travel. She takes the mystery out of the mechanics of a trailer from buying your first to hooking it up to head down the road. Her adventures with other women are so entertaining, it just makes me want to join! Even if you don't have plans to travel, her podcasts are great fun!
Girl Campers Rock!
This podcast is awesome, I love the stories, the information and tips, everything about this podcast.
You got this girl!
I’ve been listening to podcasts for a long time, but this is my first review. I think I binged listened to the first twenty or so episodes, so when they ended I was bummed. Now, I can’t wait for Tuesdays to come around, so I can listen to the next episode. This is full of a little bit of everything from trailer/rv education, camping tips, destinations, interviews with girl campers, and encouragement. You don’t have to own an rv or trailer to listen to this podcast. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.
Loving Girl Camper!
I just discovered the “Girl Camper” podcast and have been binge-listening from the start all week. I’m learning so much about getting into RV camping (I’ve been a tent camper my whole life but always dreamed of having a little camper of my own). Janine gives such great info, has fun and knowledgable guests and just makes me want to spend a weekend around the campfire with her and all her Girl Camping buddies!
Empowerment and Encouragement
Any woman who's had a dream to do something wild and wonderful, to travel, camp and meet new people but didn't know where to begin or had it in the back of their mind so many fears about setting off on their own have to listen to this podcast. Excellent information for and about women campers. I'm so proud to belong to this group Girl Campers. Good job Janine.
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