What happened????
I miss the old format, I miss Sim. This season is so much less fun.
You need Sim
I need Sim back. It’s not the same without him.
Happy to be back
So much better without Sim, left for an awful podcast and cheaply promoted it through this channel. So happy Anna is back talking to interesting guests
We love you Anna
So happy you’re back! We’ve missed you
What happened?!
The show was much better with Sim, when Anna would drift into self centered soliloquy and sound like a self centered actress Sim would swoop in just in time to change the subject before Anna become completely unlikable (how many times did we have to hear her horny girl impression) it is at times uncomfortable how happy Anna gets when the subject shifts back towards herself. I really miss the sweet Anna of the early podcast. Without Sim I find Anna to be simply not likable and the conversations lack any depth without someone to steer them past Anna’s Hollywood problems. Not addressing what happened to 50% of the show is also a very strange route to take.
Loveeeeee! Weird diaries & all!
Just re-listened to the Bill Hader episode and was laughing so much at you guys. You say the caller should write a ‘weird diary’ with a picture of pancakes and Bill is very against it. Love it. && loveeeeee the podcast. So happy we are getting new ones!
Love the new format
I liked the podcast before, but I LOVE it now that it’s returned with the new format! I like the new music, and it feels more intimate and genuine with just Anna and the guest!
Changed for the worse
The show format was so much better before. The cohost/host aspect kept things really light and relatable. Now the show feels way less interesting. The advice used to be more fun with a mix of serious, now its a little too deep for me. Bummed because this show was my favorite! Now I’ll probably find a different podcast
Great new episode!
So happy to have you back Anna! Really enjoyed the new style/format!
I tried again
Nope. Nope. Nope. I tried listening again. Was a big fan with her earlier stuff. Her interview skills are terribly executed, especially when she integrates her improv. I completely shut down when she started singing the star spangled banner. Her banter seems more mechanical rather than natural. And I would have never realized how much sim put into the show until he was gone. This has completely morphed into Anna Faris just being your cup of tea regardless of how good or bad you think the podcast is. I can now safely put this show rest. Goodbye.
Thank goodness Anna is back!!!!!!
Update 10/2/2019: I am so happy Anna is back! No more Topher Grace on this podcast! Anna, thank you for returning! This fan truly missed you! I am sooooo NOT interested in anything Topher Grace has to say! First couple of times he popped on I thought they were just advertising for his new show, but this has gotten ridiculous! If Anna is off for the summer, doesn’t want to do this anymore, etc, please tell the listeners. No matter how many episodes of Topher Grace you play, you will not be able to force him down our throats!
A tight lipped riot!
Just found this a week ago and listen to about 4 episodes a day on my drive to and from work. Anna is an utter joy and uts refreshing to hear a woman talk just like me. Her podcast had led me to new tv shows and podcasts due to her guests. **8/29/18 update: too many ad reads. Super lengthy. Way too much chatter from Sim. Give me more Anna! **10/1/19 our prayers have been answered! All Anna and a guest. Not more extra voices or Ed McMahons!
Unqualified is back!
This first episode back reminded me of older episodes! Happy this podcast is back!
Perfect podcast
I missed you so much Anna!
Yay Anna’s back!!!!!
Love the new format!!! The wait was worth it!!!
So happy it’s back!!
Yay! I’m so happy Anna is back!
I love you Anna
Welcome back we love you so much and your so talented, such a bright joy in my life I’d your podcast
She’s finally coming back! I cannot wait for September 30th!!!
I unsubscribed a long time ago but I’m still curious what happened! Just waiting for the story to come out... seems like something had to have happened between Anna and Sim. If they just needed a break I think they could have communicated that better. I’m leaving 3 stars for now, I hope they come back!
Is the show canceled?
Not sure if this podcast is canceled but there have been no new episodes from Anna Farris since March. After that it is old content rehashed and then a series of Topher Grace’s podcast published/pushed to the “Unqualified” subscribers. There’s no mention of a hiatus on the official website and no new content since mid June. Loyal fans would like to know if this podcast is canceled or when new Unqualified with Anna Farris episodes will return if not. I love the show but mainly listen for Anna and will unsubscribe if it’s over, or if they continue to push other creators content under the Unqualified brand. TL;DR: is this show canceled? Inquiring minds wanna know
Just tell us it’s over
Alex McNeice
Listen. It’s obvious that something happened between Sim and Anna since Sim and Amy no longer follow Anna on any social media. Though I find it it pretty unprofessional for Sim to use Unqualified to promote his new podcast with Topher Grace when he obviously has no working relationship with Anna anymore. I find this whole thing unprofessional and petty and I am about to unsubscribe because I signed up for unqualified advice and not 5 months of Topher Grace. Just announce that it’s over and move on.
Love Anna
She’s a treasure.
Where’s Anna?
I’m confused on where the unqualified podcast is, did topher take it over now? Please come back!
Is this ever coming back?
Why have there not been new episodes for so long!? Is it coming back? I miss this podcast!
We miss you!!
I’ve been so bored at work no new episodes, anxiously waiting, hope all is well over there in Anna Ferris Land!
Where is Anna???
I subscribed to ANNA FARIS podcast, where is she?!? I don’t want to hear anyone else. Stop listening since I haven’t heard her.
Where are you? We miss you!
I hope all is well.
Come back, we miss you </3
So, so sad
Unqualified is literally the best podcast out there and the only one that I highly anticipate. Five star content. Now that it’s gone, my car rides to work have gotten a lot more gloomy. Please come back Anna and Sim! Or at least let us know what the heck is going on! Topher is great and all but he’s no Anna Faris, that’s for sure...
Love both shows but confused
I like both minor adventures and unqualified, but I’m confused as to why the podcast has basically just become minor adventures? I would have appreciated an explanation as to why the switch happened... it’s frustrating to think there’s a new unqualified show and it’s really just minor adventures... giving two stars for the poor communication on the changes. Treat your listeners better. Anna posted in APRIL that they’d be back soon.... do they consider “soon” to be almost 4 months?! What is going on?
Used to love this podcast. Disrespectful to listeners.
I loved this podcast. It gave me so many nuggets of wisdom and countless hours of entertainment. I think it’s incredibly disrespectful to their “dear listeners” to a) not announce a hiatus, and b) not offer an update. Instead, they’ve just filled my feed with shows I’m not interested in. I don’t know if the 5 month hiatus is related to the I heart radio merger or if it is because of something happening in their personal lives. Obviously, Anna, Sim, and company don’t owe listeners content or intimate details if it is due to a personal matter. However, as a top podcast, if they truly cared about their “dear listeners”, they would give an update or more of an explanation, not just an Instagram post saying “we’ll be back soon!”. If the podcast has run its course, that is sad but fine; they still need to let us know. As a long time listener, I was a bit frustrated that they were replaying old calls but was willing to overlook that. This nearly half year silence with no update is rude. Won’t be tuning in again, if they ever do in fact release new episodes.
Where are you?!
Oh my gosh I’m having withdrawals!! I miss you guys so much. Hope everything is well!!! Come back soon like super soon please!!!
Coco Chanel Coco 143
Dumb show
Unqualified is such a fun podcast and can entertain me through workouts, long drives, you name it. It is no longer unqualified, so I had to unsubscribe. Please stop putting a different show out under this name. Miss you Anna, but your listeners also deserve a little more respect.
I miss you, Anna.
Patricia Goldstein
Anna, please come back. I miss your podcast so much. You are hilarious, down to earth, and thoughtful. I hope you're okay. <3
Not Anna
I first subscribed and enjoyed listening to Anna, she’s the face but no longer is the personality and conducts the interviews. They should remove the pic of Anna, feels like a bait and switch
Time to say goodbye...
Buy Button Not Working?
The episodes hit more than miss in my opinion. When it does miss, or doesn’t really flow or work as well, I have a tough time making it through the episode. I don’t know who some of the guests are each week, but the advice segments are interesting. The improv segments are okay, but tend to feel predictable after hearing a few. Anna does seem like a rare down-to-earth celebrity who would be a great hang. Update: The above was a review of the podcast Anna Faris hosted with Sim Sarna as her producer. I really don’t like the idea of inserting a new podcast on this feed, although I understand the reasoning. You are trying to grow an audience for Topher’s show. Wonderful. But, I am not a fan of the format and will unsubscribe from this feed until Anna returns with new episodes. And if this is it for Anna’s show, for what it is worth I did enjoy it.
Sorry, not right to leave a podcast for months with no explanation. Had to unsubscribe!
Thanks ret
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Where’s Anna?
I’ve really liked Unqualified but it has disappeared! It seems to have been co-opted by Topher Grace. Is Anna taking a break, or has she given up on the podcast?
What Is Going On Here?
Where has Unqualified gone???? I’m weeping : ( I don’t want to listen to Minor Adventures. This used to be a fav, now I just deleted : (
Less Sim, please.
I used to LOVE this podcast. But I kinda can’t stand Sim’s constant interjections. Isn’t he a producer? Shouldn’t we not be hearing him at all? We came to hear Anna and her guest. I even tried to listen to Topher Grace’s new podcast, but the second I heard Sim start blabbing I was like NOPE, UNSUBSCRIBE. Haven’t listened in months because of this, sadly. I hope to be able to come back and listen without being annoyed. Love you, Anna!
I love this show but
Future Mrs. Stubbs
Where did it go??!! Are you okay??!! I subscribed to listen to my girl, not topher, no offense.
Keeps me entertained on my commute. Wish they’d post new episodes soon!
Congratulations on the move to Iheart radio top 40
You made my days so much better! Wish you could broadcast on both platforms give us more please, and keep doing what you do! Love you!!!
This is no longer Unqualified
About to unsubscribe because there hasn’t been a new episode of Unqualified in months. Every week a new episode of minor adventure is in my queue instead. If I wanted to listen to Minor Adventures I would subscribe to that podcast.
What happened?
Where is Anna? Loved this podcast before the format changed. Feels like a promotion platform for sims new show.
So weird
This is so weird I’ve never seen a show just switch to being a completely different show...I would have given the original show five stars...but this is a new show....So bizzare!
This used to be my favorite podcast. I used to wait impatiently for a new episode to come out every week until Anna left and these weird minor adventures started. Its just not good anymore. I want Anna back!!
Crybaby whiners just stop it!
Steve de los Guantes
Go take a nap and think about what you’ve done. Unqualified is great Anna Faris is great Sim Sarna is great And using the downtime to get a new pod off the ground is perfectly acceptable. It’s very little trouble to simply delete extra non Unqualified eps without dragging the names of good people through the mud. I was going to back off the “crybaby whiners” stuff, but no, when you’re whining about something that is free and easy to regulate you’re just being immature. So you guys (who are trying to trash something good) frankly deserve it. I look forward to hearing more from Anna & Sim when you return. Topher’s pod Minor Adventurers is pretty great too bye the way. Delete the MA episodes in UQ feed and subscribe to the real podcast if you hear what I’m saying.
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