ep 153: Elizabeth Reaser
Published December 18, 2018
76 min
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    This week’s guest, Elizabeth Reaser (True Detective, The Haunting of Hill House) perfectly complements Anna’s comedic repertoire as the pair discuss...

    • Juilliard, acting, and pussy with joy
    • Oyster farmers, crime scene cleaners, and party clowns
    • the Tit Look App and tits around the world

    You don’t want to miss this week’s calls as Anna generously opens up about her personal life while her, Sim, and Elizabeth help to unpack some intense situations for two dear listeners...

    • Olivia, 21, is calling from Wisconsin seeking advice on how to handle a difficult situation with her stepmother that has her feeling like an outsider in her own family.
    • Alondra, 24, is calling from Vancouver and needs help dealing with an outrageous request from her Dad involving a tattoo and the letter D.

    Be sure to check out Elizabeth Reaser in The Haunting of Hill House, streaming now on Netflix!


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