ep 143: Yvette Nicole Brown
Published October 9, 2018
69 min
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    This week on Unqualified, Anna and Sim welcome the incredibly relatable, very charming, and brilliantly funny actress and comedian, Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Talking Dead, Mom)!

    Anna and Yvette dissect the dating world as they cover balancing a career and relationship, break-ups, celebrity dating apps, and what Yvette is looking for in a man.

    On “Deal Breakers”, Yvette weighs in on male waxing habits, a peculiar career move, and cringey pet names before engaging in some hysterical role-playing with Beyoncé’s slimy (hypothetical) assistant, Kayla, on “What’s Your Next Move?”

    On the phones, Olivia, who’s happily married in Everett, WA, is wondering if feelings of ‘what could have been’ with her ex are normal. Next, Michelle, 24, from Los Angeles is seeking advice on setting boundaries with a plutonic male friend that she suspects is in love with her.

    Check out Yvette Nicole Brown on Mom this season! And, congrats to Sim and Amy on the birth of their son, Evan Douglas Sarna!


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