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regima hackett
The discussion on Iran was awful. Nobody mentioned that the root of our current ills is Trump withdrawing from the Iran deal and imposing crippling sanctions even though Iran was living up to its side of the deal. You all sounded like people talking at a boring party. Do better.
Stop normalizing
I’ve listened fairly regularly to the podcast over the past two years because, like most Americans, I’m looking for a modicum of sanity in a national conversation that has none. But listening to the discussion on 9/19/19 about how Trump will respond to Democrats’ efforts to lower prescription drug prices, I just had to say enough. Why do we have to pretend that Trump is using some kind of political calculus or talk about him as a non-traditional Republican? I get that there’s a difference between reporting and opinion, but that doesn’t mean we have to put on blinders. You don’t have to call him what he is—an abomination—but you also don’t have to talk about him like he is anything more than a diseased, naked id who conned the worst part of the populace into voting for him. Just stop.
Should be Non-Partisan.
Would be more a useful podcast without the opinions.
bub the dub
Waste of everybody’s time
Love it
I’m a junior in high school, I was bored working on a project and I wanted something to listen to but I got tired of listening to music, I saw this, and subscribed and started listening and I realized I love listening to these guys, they were talking of the debate and you would think some one at my age wouldn’t care, but now I really want to be involved in the presidential election.
Report Facts, Not Opinions
(Extremely Bias) They do a great job of showing which candidates they like and ones they dislike in how they talk about them! The DNC is going to pull a 2016 over again not listening to the people.
Mr. Crossiant
Trump smells like a orange poo with a haircut
Wildly biased
If they stuck to the facts and left the personal commentary out about how much they dislike the president, It would improve greatly.
I won’t be back
I tried this hoping to get some non-partisan point of view. And although is was better than some but too much opinion that facts. It was like listening too TMZ or entertainment tonight.
Too Much Silliness for Me
Content is good and timely. My problem is having to hear the immature banter between the hosts. They sound like a group of tweens each trying to outdo one another.
“Can’t let it go” is the best
All of the hosts makes keeping up with politics not only manageable but enjoyable! I’ve especially liked their individual interviews with the 2020 candidates.
Tell mire about Mayor Pete!
You talk about all the candidates and barely mention mayor Pete. As the season is getting closer it is only fair if you have already brought him in for interview to bring him in again. Instead you’re looking at all the hot candidates who are already getting lots of press… How about using your power of the press and your reputation for more than just Elizabeth Warren and friends.
Biased but informative
If you want a take on political news that is left leaning it’s great. I expected more unbiased coverage.
Insulting happy-talk wrapper for good content
Getting more (and MORE) self-indulgent and drive-time radio giggly all the time. Cut the cute, get to the meat. Does not bode well for public radio.
Love listening to my morning politics
They need pickles!!!
While taking a politics class, I have found listening to this podcast in the morning is the perfect dose of news to keep me updated for the day. 100% recommend
Didn’t vote for Trump, but this is too far
I listened to this podcast regularly and considered it a fair news outlet although they always had a left-tilt. Unfortunately, they have been more and more partisan to the point it’s clearly not about reporting the news but rather a few people’s interpretations of the news. I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life or my podcast feed.
Disingenuous Echo Chamber - No More Value In NPR Brand
That’s it. I’m done. I didn’t vote for Trump, and still don’t like him. But, this is such a predictable tired show now, despite the journalists having a good style. It’s just the MSNBC version of a political podcast. I don’t want that or Fox. At least WSJ has thoughtful content.
Amazing voices. Crisp, young, funny and very smart. Thank you.
Andrew Yang
Fantastic feature on Andrew Yang!
Best politics show
Seriously best show on politics without being stress inducing. Informative, honest, and perfect.
I love this podcast but do have a comment on the sea gulls,the reason people have these problems with sea gulls is because people think it’s alright to feed them and as a result they lose their fear of people and become bold about taking food and this is not a good thing and as always happens the birds suffer in the end because of what unthinking people do Keep up the good work you are doing Janet K
Good but slanted
Could use more diversity to make this a more effective show.
Forced Funny Not Fun
The political analysis is good, the “aren’t we having a good time?” pose is forced and painful.
Mildly Disappointing
Longtime listener (in this political world it feels like eons) and podcast addict here. NPR and cast, I love you guys, but the tone of this show grows increasingly confusing each episode. Do you want to be a lighthearted spin on political news? A deep dive program, probing the Democratic candidates in a challenging, at times confrontational, way? You can’t do both well. So the show falls flat somewhere between the two—for example that giggly “can’t let it go!” with Elizabeth Warren in which she discussed American tragedy she has witnessed on the trail. You can’t grill a politician on every apocalyptic policy aspect for an hour and then open the floor for one question about their thoughts on the new Lion King. It’s discordant. NPR: use the bully pulpit effectively!
Sanity in an insane world...
J Eysenbach
Weekly dose of balanced politics that you can actually listen to without lapsing into fits of road rage. Finally, a team of journalists who tells you like it is without slant or spin. Always a pick-me-up in an uncertain world. Stay up to date without the hangover of depression.
Great Coverage
Raven Viper
This podcast is very informative, but it could be a slight bit more professional. Overall, great job, folks. :D
The attempt at balanced reporting is wacko sometimes—false equivalency runs rampant. If you’ve managed to notice that the president is a malignant narcissist, this podcast will drive you to drink. Not always, however. When Tamara Keith, Mara Liasson, Scott Detrow, Dominic Montenaro, Ron Elving, or Nina Totenberg are on, the conversation seems more knowledgeable & grown-up (to me).
Everything NPR produces is gold
Somewhat topical, but the team is great. It might seem biased if clearly stating facts is offensive.
Clogs your feed
Why can’t NPR fix this? If you try to listen to one episode, over 160 episodes clog your feed.
Andrew Yang??
Hello, Andrew yang also supports gun licensing, but was not included in your list. I hope to hear your report including Yang after all the candidates have a chance to speak about gun control policy.
Great team
True north 44
I value NPR putting great team members together regularly so I get to learn new dimensions to political news. They do a great job of being professional and their upbeat objective perspective helps me stay positive. Thanks NPR!! Serious journalism, the real deal, has always been a cornerstone of democracy but it’s importance now is off the chart.
Not a Fan
Personally, the concept of a casual politics podcast is awesome, but not this. I’m not really sure who the target audience is. I’m pretty disappointed that the conversations are so shallow, especially during the Dem debates. I’m not interested in the theatrics, I’m interested in talking points. On top of it, I like discussions where I am offered different viewpoints. Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t get stimulated by this podcast.
Just listened to NPR politics podcast reviewing the 2nd debate. Really disappointed. Lots of coverage of front running candidate disagreements while complaining debates were to much like the show Housewives. Way to complain and then reward exactly what you are complaining about. No mention of some excellent points made by Bennett (busing) or Yang (blaming immigrants). THEN they laughed about playing a song to say to goodbye to all but the candidates currently qualifying for the fall debates. Mean. I used to really like the evenhandedness and civility of NPR. No more. Unsubscribing.
Why do they have only all female reporters
Bruce just wondering
Only female. Good but think about diversity.
Great podcast bad economics
The economics they speak of is inaccurate which hurts the quality of a great show. Maybe have an economist join?
Stay connected (and calm)
Jain O
This podcast is my #1 source of political news because I like to stay informed about what’s going on without feeling overtaken by stress hormones. If you’d rather listen to journalists than talking heads, this is a great way to get a reasonable, weekly dose of political analysis. Thanks NPR politics team for all your hard work!
Give Yang Some Coverage
Hozey Consaykose
This is why people have become disenchanted by mainstream media. The man has an excellent debate performance and gets 0 seconds of your time. Who do you serve?
Great way to get your political news
This podcasts makes politics digestible and fun. I love the hosts and their “what we can’t let go of” segment at the end of every week. I also love that they provide regular updates and special programming when a big political even occurs. Keep up the great work!
Makes political news bearable
Makes listening to political news slightly less depressing. Would give 5 stars but I keep getting extra Tiny Desk Concert podcasts auto downloaded. I have not subscribed to Tiny Desk Concerts. The desk podcast has the title and audio of the politics pod I should get, which shows up on my feed but doesn’t download.
Fun, lively, informative
One of the few podcasts that keeps me informed and not falling asleep.
NPR well done
Well done, if you believe you should hear both sides of the story, this is what you should listen to before or after you listen to FOX.
Best way to stay up to date
One of my favorites + upfirst
Very good political news
Keeps you up to date on issues that are in and beneath the headlines. Overall good political podcast. I will continue listening as long as it’s held, I hope that’s a really long time.
Great for politics junkies
This is like listening in on a discussion about the latest political events with a bunch of wonky, funny nerds who know what they are talking about because they are smart and in the field. Amusing and informative. Update: I miss Sam Sanders and wish they had Asma Khalid on more regularly. But still a great podcast.
Entertaining political analysis
This is a great way to learn more about the political impacts of various items that make the national news. The reporting team makes things lively and entertaining, while still providing valuable insight. I'm espeically enjoying their series on the current Democratic candidates--it's large field and this gives me a view of what each one is about.
Very biased podcasts
Bob Smith again
Is very biased, and racist. Is only interested in covering one side of a political topic. Is not interested, and does not include the viewpoint that the other 1/2 of America believes.
Left-wing Establishment Bias
The hosts of the podcast provide information well, but they also provide a lot of biased opinion and analysis. The hosts have a clear left-wing establishment bias. When they analyze politics within the democratic party, they often frame arguments and policy through the establishment “moderate” perspective. They often present their opinions as opinions of the American people-and without evidence (which is a problem with most political pundits).
James C. #3
It’s semi impartial but very well researched. It’s worth a listen and offers some interesting perspectives
Not very well rounded or knowledgeable
Tim's Dad
I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. They try to come off as well rounded, impartial and deeply knowledgeable about politics. All of that is superficial and very transparent to anyone who is paying attention. I always laugh when I think back to the episode when one of the hosts interviewed Hillary prior to the 2016 election. She was gushing about how nice and cool Hillary was and what a hero of hers Hillary was. A few months later her and her cohosts were crying about how poor Hillary lost. Now years later they’re ramping up for the 2020 election pretending still to be impartial while gushing over the democrats and demonizing all Republican politicians, not just Trump. They pretend to know a lot about politics but they conveniently get details wrong. Like in a recent podcast they said Trump started the Obama birther theory. They conveniently forgot that it was the Hillary campaign back in the 2008 primaries that started that theory. They also claimed that the Obama birther thing was the main reason Trump gained favor with Republicans. The fundamental misunderstanding of why Trump won just shows how bad this podcast is if you’re looking for quality political information. It’s funny to listen to though and helpful in understanding why people who only listen to sources like this think the way they do. That’s why I listen to it and several other similar podcasts. If this is the only podcast you listen to for politics I recommend you listen to something else from a more right of center side to give you a different perspective on the same political stories.
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