Episode 17: How One Analyst Uncovered a $7 Billion Fraud
Published February 29, 2016
25 min
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    In late 2008, as markets tanked thanks the the global financial crisis, two massive Ponzi schemes unraveled. One was the $17.5 billion fraud engineered by Bernie Madoff. The other was the smaller but no less interesting one run by R. Allen Stanford, a flamboyant Texan who lived in the small Caribbean island of Antigua and operated a bevy of companies under the Stanford brand. Best known for his involvement in the sport of cricket, Stanford soon found himself under a much less flattering spotlight -- all thanks to the work of one independent financial analyst, Alex Dalmady. This is the story of how Dalmady did a favor for a friend and then ended up uncovering a $7 billion investment fraud. Seven years after Dalmady's work set in motion the events that culminated in Stanford's downfall, we discuss the research note that spawned an international investigation and whether we can expect more such schemes to emerge in the wake of recent market upheaval.
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