The only highlight of 2020
youtube:mudflap playz
Such an interesting podcast. Love the concept, the story and the characters, save for Sam who I found to be obnoxious to the point of unbearable. I got to where I would skip forward during her sessions because I couldn’t stand to listen to her. Interesting that so many others found her to be the same.
I appreciate the subtle details that influence the flow of the story! Interesting way to tell a story!
Great for Binging
This is such a great show! I love the development of the characters and the diversity of personalities. The characters are fascinating, and though I see some reviews are about disliking Sam, I can totally relate to her awkward and anxious demeanor and so far I like her (I’m only halfway through season 2). Spoilers for season 2 ahead: The plot is really interesting, who doesn’t love a story about a secret government agency? And I love how even though Dr. Bright does want to save her brother, you can tell she cares for the well-being of her patients as well. TL;DR The story is great and so are the characters. You’ll want to binge this in one sitting.
Great Podcast overall
I love audio dramas, and I’ve been binging this one since I started a few days ago. The writing is immersive and captivating. The characters are intriguing and evolving. Really great story and interesting premise. Another reviewer mentioned how insufferable Sam is as a character and I have to agree. I’m willing to look past her character since the other characters are written so well, but wow I can’t stand her or any scene she’s in. They really play up her anxious personality to the extreme. The audio is also all over the place. I find myself have to turn up the volume very high to hear certain characters (Frank) and then having my eardrums rattled when other characters come on (Caleb, especially when he’s angry). Other than these things, it is a fantastic show and story.
Just Dandy
5 0 A b b y 0 5
I really like this, plus theres asexual representation, which is something ive never found before. Lovely.
Wow wow wow
Seriously SUCH a good podcast. The first audio drama I ever listened to. I’ve listened to quite a few since I started The Bright Session so I feel like I can adequately judge how AWESOME THIS PODCAST IS. Yes it takes an episode or two to get you into the podcast, and sometimes the acting doesn’t translate to the audio format. But EVERYTHING else about the podcast is so solid. The storytelling is amazing, the character development is everything. I’ve listened to it twice through
Compelling characters and brilliant story telling
My favorite podcast. The actors and creators have made such compelling characters and tell such an engaging story that is relatable to so many, while also acting as a supportive resource to everyone who feels like they don’t fit in.
My new favorite
I just recently got into podcast and I've already found so many I love but this one is definitely my favorite so far! Absolutely LOVE this show 😍
It’s good but...
1) is it just me or does the theme song sound like the same theme song for This American Life? I swear it sounds like the same piano chords for TAL. 2) Good show. Actually GREAT show—but, the neurotic one is SO ANNOYING!!! Her overly anxious stress inducing outbursts are insufferable. She makes my anxiety flare up(which is so strange). She constantly needs to know more information. She is self entitled and self righteous. It’s incredibly irritating. Her insatiable desire to understand and to save Mark and constantly keep him safe is unbearable and smothering. I love all of the characters of the show and the range and depth of them; the diversity and their different backgrounds are refreshing—Lauren Shippin did an amazing job with that —but Sam —dear Christ Sam, is unbearable. If I could fast forward through her scenes I would. But Lauren, who plays Sam, is amazing. She does a great job playing a neurotic white girl.
Warning, don’t start listening as your laying down for bed... you WILL binge and you WILL have to force yourself to turn it off. So freaking good!!
Almost 5 star
cecy dee
I hope the creators of this podcast read this: This podcast is excellent! Very interesting and intriguing. It took me a bit to get used to some of the terrible acting, mainly done by Dr. Bright, but eventually you just get used to hearing her read a script rather than taking you to a place. Oh well. My biggest beef is with the constant push for sexual orientation. Sexuality is such an important thing to discuss, but when it’s CONSTANTLY being labeled in such a binary way, it’s become pretty clear that the directors/producers of this podcast want to appear *woke* rather than actually addressing the issues. Not once has race or class been addressed- probably because this podcast isn’t about either of those things, nor is it about sexuality. Stop trying to get browny points for being partially inclusive of only three types of sexuality. 🙄
so good!
fell in love within the first episode! goes from 0-100 in the best way. listen!!
i watched all four seasons in three days.
i loved it, pretty much all i did for three days was listen to it. it probably wasn’t healthy, but it was outstanding! i discovered this podcast a couple years back, and listened to the first to seasons. i couldnt find where i was, so i stopped. although it is my favorite podcast, the fourth season isnt too strong. the plot isnt as clear, and although all the things that happened were needed to happen for the characters, i wouldve liked to see a better structure. overall, i highly recommend it!! this is just constructive criticism.
Did I just binge all 4 seasons in three days? Yes. Yes I did.
This pod offers a very compelling and entertaining binge-worthy listening experience. The narration and voices are on point and the storyline completely pulls you in — especially impressive to do for multiple seasons. 10/10
Draws you in
I live this show so much! It's very well written and I love the format of it. I listened to it all day one day until I felt myself drifting off to sleep late at night. Then the next day I started listening again almost as soon as I woke up! Then I listened nearly non-stop until 3:30pm when I finally had to force myself to put it down so I could actually spend time with my family. I really feel absorbed into the world.
I was skeptical of the show at first because it had kind of a slow start but the story line is SO GOOD. The story develops into an addicting, suspenseful arch that makes me want to keep listening. Because of this podcast, I’ve been reaching my step goal every day because I listen to it when I walk and I don’t want to turn it off.
Truly a piece of work
An experience of a life time...You get to hear some different personalities making you more and more interested to the story, it is an amazing escape from this time. Thank you!!!
A Break from Normal
I don’t typically listen to fictional scripted podcasts, but the idea intrigued me. I can’t stop listening! Give this one a try.
High school drama & sterotypes
Started out well but I had to start skipping through the various love stories and extended dialogues that did nothing for the plot. They were not worth listening to. In the height of the dramatic climax in S3, Not once does anyone acknowledge that self-defense is a perfectly acceptable measure to beat Damien. That’s just wrong and shows a lack of understanding about the real world, which leads me to become disengaged and not wanting to continue with the story.
Great Fiction Pod
Engaging, slow burn, story line. Lots of representation, both of different sexualities and different mental health issues. Lovable cast of characters. Also, superpowers.
Worst therapist ever?
I can’t get past how terrible this therapist is, haha! I know it’s fiction, but Dr. Bright makes me cringe... it’s really distracting.
Wonderful ride, absolutely magical
Lauren Shippen made me cry and I would like to personally thank her for it.
Y’all are amazing artists!! Literally engulfed in all these peoples lives has me on the edge of my seat.
I did not know I was walking to but they way this show was written makes you feel like you are sitting there right next to Joan
Strong start, becomes unbearable.
Just looking for a movie man
The initial interviews with the Atypicals is really interesting! Although this quickly start to become a high school romance story quickly.
Bad memory23
The first couple of seasons of this podcast were very interesting. I was very intrigued by the characters and plot. However, as the seasons progressed I felt the storyline got weak. I feel like there was so much potential to keep this podcast exciting but I felt the last two seasons the storyline lagged and I felt like I was listening to a diary of a junior high girl.
Love this story!
I can’t stop listening to this podcast! Excellent writing!
I loved this podcast and wish there was more of it!! I’m constantly looking for a podcast like it!
Excellent show
Yug fan 817
This show is amazing please keep it up I luv it
Great Series to Listen to While Driving
At around 20 minutes or less an episode, this series is easily digestible and has been great to listen to while I am driving. The voice acting is very well done, and characters are fully realized and organically and expertly developed so you find yourself starting to have your favorites just like any good tv show, movie, or book (I am a big Caleb fan, but you will be too once you start listening). Lauren Shippen could have left it there, and just hearing the characters go through their therapy sessions and walking alongside them as they struggle and grow would have been a superb experience all on its own, but she also includes a slow simmering overarching plot that starts to reveal more about Dr. Bright and her own plans for these therapy sessions, which gets to be center stage in the new series being produced called the AM Archives. Personal, slice of life drama mixed with a political thriller with a dash of superpowers. If you liked Alexandra Bracken’s Darkest Minds series, you will definitely enjoy this. Highly recommend.
islet of Langerhanns
I am not a “podcast” person. Which is strange because I love audiobooks and radio dramas. Adventures In Odyssey, Hank the Cowdog, any/all books on tape, Father Gilbert Mysteries. ANYWHO I stumbled on The Bright Sessions after looking through random YA fiction on Amazon. Oh. My. GAAAAAAH!!! This is such a well written experience. The characters are well formed and conceptualized. The cast. OH GURL THE CAST!!! These actors have got T-A-L-E-N-T henny!!! As a health care professional, using the medium of therapy sessions as storytelling. Absolutely sensational. Having this developed into a full visual series would be outstanding. I am very much in love with this whole experience. 10/10 recommend.
Looking for more fiction podcast
Denise 2012
&& stumbled across this one. I was hooked off of the first episode . It can be relatable to so many different people in its own little way . Loveee itttttttt .. I’m on season 2 episode 20 .
Great podcast but...
This podcast has an amazing cast, great production value, and a very intriguing premise. But, they should have stopped after the second season. I’m still giving it five stars because they deserve it, but after the second season what was once a really well executed concept has devolved the into a parade of tropes. After the initial plot threads are resolved it spin its wheels to an incredible degree. I’ve listened to the end in the hopes they could recapture the magic but it just doesn’t. Definitely listen to the first two seasons though. That being said, the cast and crew have done and incredible job and deserve all the praise.
First Podcast I've Listened To
Jo Ann Ruth
First Podcast I've Listened To, and it really got me into the world of podcasts. Listened to it on repeat for over a year, since my iPod could only have one podcast on it at a time and I couldn't be bothered to/couldn't figure out how to use iTunes at that point to swap things out. Overall, I love it, great story, and would listen to another five times if I didn't have another seven podcasts to binge right now.
Let me just say that this show is fantastic! You know how a good book keeps you up all night, so that you have to finish it before going to sleep? THIS PODCAST IS JUST LIKE THAT! Listening to one episode at 9:30 before bed quickly turns into listening to an entire season...! I heard about this first through either Potterless or Sprits, and I'm so glad I started listening! Excellent writing, acting, and editing! I'm absolutely hooked!
Now I have to pay?
Good show...however, not good enough to make me sign up for a subscription based platform to hear more...
Favorite podcast!
I am only on season two and I can’t get enough!! The storyline and writing is amazing and constantly leaves you wanting more. I’ll be so sad when I get to the end. Highly recommend listening!
Excellent storytelling
This pod does a great job of drawing you in, then upping your engagement as it progresses. My interest in the characters and the bigger picture has only increased as I've listened longer. Structurally, the relatively short episodes are ideal as this is bite sized, but also easy to binge. Overall, this is one of my favorite fiction pods. Really well done and developed.
Compelling podcast story telling
CJ Spectre
The premise of this podcast was enough to intrigue me and give it a whirl. I gotta say—I was immediately sucked in with the first episode about Sam. Good choice there. I like the episode length..not too long, not too short, as well as the switch-up of characters with each episode. I just started Season 2, and like the turn/twist the series has taken...and find myself eager to learn what happens next. Great voice acting, and well written. Definitely a must for those who enjoy fiction podcasts, or just compelling story telling.
Beautiful and powerful
Powerful and beautiful! I love the representation of different types of people and experiences. It depicts mental health and the human experience in such a gorgeous way.
Must Listen!
This is a creative way of story telling that interweaves many storylines! It is great and I would recommend to anyone who asks. Always loved listening to this on long drives made me feel like I was in an entire new world each time. Bought the book, new merchandise, and am excited to see what comes next!
Started out great but the characters and story line become really annoying after season two. It seems like the characters are always getting so easily angry at one another over small things, then making up in the same conversation. It’s a very repetitive cycle. Chloe’s character he is so judgmental of everyone else and it seems like she thinks she’s perfect and can do no wrong.
Love the show
Great podcast and I was hooked right away!! Must say I am really angry that the follow up to this podcast is only available on an app that is pretty expensive. It’s disappointing to think the podcast became popular here and then moved away. Not cool.
I’m Hooked!
LST Designs
This is so amazing! At first I was curious but as I kept going I became obsessed with learning more about these characters and their abilities and the character development! This is what I listen to everyday I’m so glad I get to binge listen! Subscribe and listen guys it’s great
The episode aren’t even in order😒
Pretty Darn Good
I must say, I've been completely sucked in, hook line and sinker! This podcast is really good! The only thing I can't get past is the that the main character is the worst actor! She sounds like she's reading because, oh yeh, she IS reading! Holy moly, if she could just speak more naturally, this podcast would be over the top! This is an update This pod cast started out so good, too bad it got so bad. The writer clearly ran out of ideas or never had a clear idea of where the story was going. There are no new episodes, they just left everyone and everything hanging. Too bad.
I love this podcast wayyyyy too much! It’s so amazing and I’d recommend literally anyone!
Great Story. Awfully cheesey washed characters
Great story. Awfully cheesey and washed characters.
Mediocre acting, frustrating writing
I can’t even begin to describe how awful “Dr. Bright” is as a therapist. She constantly shames her clients and tells them how they should or shouldn’t feel. She practically demands for them to share deeply personal things and then judges them for how they tell their stories. She asks condescending leading questions that would destroy someone’s self-concept. She insists that feelings are something that can actually be controlled, and speaks so clinically while never explaining herself. I know it’s fiction, but it’s about how the script is poorly written. I know the characters are dealing with supernatural issues, but they’re presented in the context of real mental illnesses. If you have struggled with mental illness and you don’t want to see a therapist, it could be because you saw someone as terrible as Dr. Bright. I don’t have a degree in counseling, but I’ve dealt with enough that I can no longer listen to this.
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