iabsolutely Love this app I listen to it all the time. Tim Mackie is so knowledgeable and Jon is a great partner in the discussions.
Lack of Depth
Chet Oreily
Honestly, I was appalled with the lack of respect in reference to Jesus and the character of God. These two dudes clearly don’t actually have any actual theological understanding of the Word. They are all about the “I think”. You can’t “I think” your way through the Bible.
Love it!
I love it! I can listen to the podcast while I’m driving to work. It helps me get my day started off right.
An Increible (Free!) Resource
Ron the Sir
TBP has accomplished a remarkable depth and breadth of work. Again and again they've reminded me of riches we have in the Bible, always pointing us to trust Jesus. So thankful to these guys and their talented team.
Just so good
These guys punch way above their weight. It would be easy to imagine that these cutesy animated videos are dumbed down versions of the topics; but instead they’re some of the clearest most informed summaries out there. And these podcasts are fun and good and so, so helpful.
Jumping Around
This is the first time I listen to your podcast. Because it had so many 5 star ratings, I figured why not. Give it a try. My favorite podcast is "In Touch" with Pastor Charles Stanley, so right off the bat, your podcast had to have high quality, since I was comparing it to "In Touch" and Ravi Zacharis podcast. I first listen to the 9/17/18 podcast on Angels. Trying to listen with an open mind, I found myself comparing it to these other two podcast. I found that the two speakers kept jumping around on different subjects and never showed any continuity or depth in the subject. Your very casual conversation result in very little teaching but instead lots of small talk. I know I'm only one listener who can't enjoy your messages, while many others do. Good luck and please try to stay on track/course when discussing a topic. It's hard to take your talks seriously.
Man’s Word Vs God’s Word
I think there are too many times the hosts say... “I think...” God’s Word is clear if you learn how to Rightly Divide. Please read Things that Differ by Cornelius R. Stam.
Absolutely the best
Having listened to about 30 episodes, I can say this is the most interesting and intelligent podcast about Christianity and the Bible. The God series especially is mind blowing and fascinating. If you are a Christian or interested in understanding what the Bible says then you should listen to this podcast.
God and Money
Puka Luke
I have really enjoyed listening to your conversations. They are, as you say, both powerful and challenging. I really enjoyed the format of episode 18. God and money, I think it is terrifying with its challenge and inspiring in its reward. It’s exciting to listen to these newer works after going through Tim’s previous series of “Exploring my Strange Bible”. I look forward to sitting in on future conversations as these podcasts have helped develop my faith and change my life. Thank you!
Necessary listening!
I am loving the interviews with scholars like Scot McKnight, Haley Jacob, and N.T. Wright. Everything you guys do is so accessible to your listeners! God is truly working through TBP team!
I’m not alone
Wow, I love the Bible Project. From listening to podcasts and watching their videos I feel like I am not alone because so many of the question they ask and answer are really similar to the questions I have been asking about the Bible. Tim and Jon have this deep love and gratitude for the text and revere it as sacred. From listening to their conversations, I feel like scripture is illuminated and I walk away thinking, “I want to love Scripture that much.” They beautifully balance exploring and explaining the text with justice but without being hostile towards the the text.
Puzzle pieces
Your work here and on YouTube has helped me to put so many puzzle pieces in to place. I’ve followed Jesus for so many years and about 4 years ago I realized I don’t really know Him or understand Him. Thank you for introducing Him to me in a way that has helped me to love Him know Him deeper each day. My imagination has been ignited and my heart quickened!
Just another 5-STAR
Never wrote a review for a podcast before, though admit I do listen to a handful that I really enjoy. Here I am writing my first review for a podcast that averages five stars after over five thousand other reviewers. I just discovered you last week and I have been consuming this podcast at a crazy pace ever since starting at the beginning and trying to catch up!! Really appreciate the fun conversation around serious insight--you're helping me ponder things I haven't considered before--and I love growing in my faith and knowledge of God!
I’m a big fan. These are a good resource.
I’ve listened to almost every podcast once, a good chunk of them twice or more times. These are great for any Christian or even non-Christians.
For you have broadened my understanding.
I have only listened to a few episodes so far, but I have learned so much and I am so encouraged! I am learning to see the Bible so much more broadly and deeply and I am so excited to dig into my own personal studies and meditations on God’s Word. “I run in the way of your commandments for you have broadened my understanding.” Psalm 119:32.
Life changing podcast, literally!
There are so many things I could say about this podcast but I will leave it at this, it has changed my mind and changed my life.
By the 10 minute mark I was invested in what was going to happen, and when they talked about the emails and answers coming I couldn’t wait to hear what answers they received! Great podcast and this from someone doesn’t much like podcasts! GREAT JOB GUYS!
You guys do more intellectually in these “chats” than I got in all of college! These podcasts do a superb job of exploring the Bible, staying true to the text and going truly in depth. You are helping increase my love for the Word while satisfying my nerdiness at the same time! That is a rare and much appreciated gift. Thank you so much for all you do!
A great podcast
I’ve been binging through this podcast and I love it. Very knowledgeable and funny at times. A perfect podcast for someone who wants to learn about the Bible.
New ways to learn about Scripture
Genetically Disposed to th Pipes
I am a big fan of The Bible Project’s videos and resources. In the podcast, you hear Tim and Jon using what amounts to an old technique of teaching through dialog. Well worth the time!
Such an encouragement
What these folks are doing is such an encouragement to me. As one who grew up in the church, have pastored, and yet struggled with my own faith as of late, this resource comes like a life-giving source of excitement, clarity and encouragement. It makes me feel that if I could find a church where the message on sundays was like one of these conversations I would grow spiritually. Most church sermons recycle the same old same old, but this podcast uncovers deep mysteries that I've always wondered about and gives me a depth of learning that is truly transforming and strengthening my faith. I love the hearts and minds of these two guys and can't recommend this podcast enough. Thank God this studio exists.
Thank you
This podcast is truly amazing! You can add my name to the list of “life-changed.” My passion for God and His word have grown and continue to grow an incredible amount, in large part, due to The Bible Project. Thank you and keep doing God’s work!
At the risk of using a cliche and sounding like I'm exaggerating, I can honestly say this podcast has been life-changing for me. Very compelling. Thank you guys! The creativity I see in your videos and the conversations I hear in your podcast are glimpses of the New Creation. I'm a huge fan of your work. I cannot thank you enough. (And keep the interviews/guests coming! Lovin’ it!)
Great Show
Love it ! Wish the videos were available as podcasts too !!
Addicting & Life-changing podcast!
This podcast is one where you tell yourself you’re just going to listen to one really quick...and then you listen to 5 more. 🤓 I LOVE this podcast. The episodes always make me feel so refreshed mentally and spiritually, and motivated to take on my day as a better version of myself! Thank you, Megan!!!!!!
So good!!
I listen to podcasts literally every day, religious and secular...this is one of the best. So thankful for these guys. I’m learning so much about my God :)
Theology to Doxology
I come away from each episode enriched spiritually and mentally. The Bible Project Podcast continually grows my love (and fascination) for God and my love (and fascination) for the Bible. For me, this is a great example of theology leading to doxology.
Best for none readers
Our son has cerebral palsy, he benefits from visual and hearing the gospel explained in easy terms, he listens and watches over and over to understand and accept the message THIS IS A BLESSED MINISTRY to bring millions to Christ.
I’m very thankful for The Bible Project. Tim and Jon have taken my understanding of Christianity to a new place. I’ve always been skeptic of how the Bible was portrayed to me. This has changed my outlook on it completely and brought me a lot of relief and peace. Thank you Tim and Jon.
Turkey force 78
All in all this is an amazing picture of how all of the Bible is connected together. This has benefited me greatly in my understanding the Bible’s depth. Thanks Tim, John, and all the staff behind this podcast. Don’t stop ever!!!! Lol
Preacher Approved
I am a part time local pastor and The Bible Project has deeply enriched my personal faith walk and my preaching. Tim and Jon continually cause me to look at scripture in a fresh new way. I highly recommend this podcast.
Helmet 798
Doug Rich-Guard
Truly phenomenal. If you are a Christian, this is a must listen to podcast. Tim Mackie is a great teacher of the Bible and his conversations with Jon Collins are both insightful and entertaining. Super helpful for seeing how interconnected the story of the Bible truly is.
Incredible teaching
Hello from Indiana! Just want to say, the clarity you guys bring is immense, and even after just a few episodes, my understanding and appreciation of the Scriptures has been deeply enriched. Keep it up!
Revolutinizing religion?
Tim and Jon have somehow revolutionized my Christianity by just pointing to the old Biblical way of Christians. 21st century Western Christians have inherited many misconceptions and lost many traditions that are key to growing as a Christian. Thankfully, the people at the Bible Project have allowed me to study the Bible in the way that makes it easier to study and therefore helped me to become a more faithful follower of Jesus and understand what the purpose of this whole Christianity is: to be an image of God. Thank you, once again! God bless all of you!
One of the best Bible Resources
This podcast is so well done and is a fantastic resource for longtime students of the Bible or people just getting started
I am new to the Bible project and I am hooked. The discussions are so captivating, especially the fun analogies. I have learned so much and feel like I’m going to seminary for free. Thanks guys.
I haven’t stopped listening to these podcasts
Earlier this summer I took to reading like a fiend to capitalize on my time off. I was reintroduced to the Bible Project via this podcast earlier in June. Being a college student, I want to get the most out of my summer. Being a bible nerd, I want to get the most out of this book. Studying with Tim and John this summer has been a lot of fun (I started with their series on the law and my paradigm for talking about the Torah has totally changed). I used to think that the Old Testament was this completely separate part of the bible, but now I see much more clearly that it is all one book that consistently points to Jesus in a masterfully eloquent way. I’m also grateful for the humility expressed in these teachings, and I myself seek to emulate their clear and relatable teaching style. This has helped me a lot to lead discussion in bible studies and to have better conversations about the bible in general. This podcast and their YouTube channel has also given me a greater hunger to dig deeper and meditate on scripture. This is such a down-to-earth yet deep theological podcast. I appreciate how they seek to overcome their context when making analogies and provide relatable analogies and illustrations for people from a variety of cultures. Thanks Tim, John, and everyone involved in this project!
Best Theological Podcast
I have listened to many podcasts that expound upon scripture and this is by far the best one that I have listened to. Tim has an incredibly deep understanding of the Hebrew and Greek languages, which allows him to take the listener to levels of compression of the scriptures that are beyond many modern day theologians. The Bible Project is a blast to listen to. The conversations are enjoyable and highly educational. I recommend this podcast to all of those who are well versed in scripture and to those who are curious about the Bible.
Love the Interviews
J. Piddy
Love the Interviews! Keep it coming. God bless. Love Jesus, Love people, disciple!
The discussions between Tim and Jon have very enlightening. I hope you will continue with the interviews of Bible scholars also. They have been so thought provoking.
Interesting and Deep
These discussions have been so helpful to me as they really equip the listeners with tools to dive into the grand story of scripture. The conversations with scholars in particular are beneficial because they bring the often inaccessible work of biblical scholarship to the everyday person.
On my “must hear” list
It is a rare ability to produce a lesson that is both accessible for a Bible newbie and challenging for a Bible veteran. I have long been a fan of the videos - I love the podcasts even more!!!
Review on your podcast.
Andrew's beloved
My husband’s name is Andrew. We have been married for a long time. Your Wisdom series is giving me goosebumps. Finally, I am beginning to understand why there are few oral messages on Song of Solomon in traditional church settings. God bless you for the honor and glory you bring to His Name.
This podcast is fantastic for anyone wanting to go deeper in biblical studies or grow in their relationship with the Bible. Tim Mackie is a brilliant communicator and John brings the concepts down home. You will enjoy learning from both. I have grown in my relationship with God because of these teachings, so thank you! I have especially benefited from the interviews they have had with various authors they have drawn from. These interviews are an incredible gift to us listeners, so thank you!
Conversations with Scholars and Authors
Please Keep the conversation with scholars and authors🙏. Tim and Jon, y’all have been my distant mentors ever since the Bible Project started and with these episodes my repertoire of distant mentors has grown to Scot McKnight, N.T. Wright, etc. Please make away to keep the Scholar and Author episodes! Love y’all!
Thank You
I live in a small city. That has many churches but never felt belonged in any. Your podcast is very informative along with Tim Mackie’s teachings at Door Of Hope has helped me find my own passion but most importantly learn to build a relationship with God. I’m very thankful for this. And there’s not enough words/sentiments for me to express my gratitude. You guys are doing an amazing job.
Keep doing interviews
Jacobo del Sur
I love all the podcasts including the interviews with the scholars. For me, the dialog between Tim and Jon in the regular podcasts and the conversations with the scholars are very helpful.
Enjoying the interviews
I’ve been an avid follower of the Bible Project from the beginning. I am enjoying the addition of the interviews and they have opened up other sources for me, like the Naked Bible and Theopolis podcasts. The videos are most helpful when I am facilitating bible studies at church and for our family. Thank you!
Excellent study resource
I love this podcast. It’s helping me to get past the surface level Sunday teaching and undo all of the beliefs that I held, maybe even subconsciously, that come from culture and not from the Bible or even early church or Hebrew tradition. The conversational nature is also much more helpful than simply lectures. Thank you for helping me to go deeper in my study and for focusing on what is important.
Fascinating and profound
I have been a Christian since I was 2. Grown up in the the church and went on to be in the ministry (Bible College and all). Focusing mainly on children. What The Bible Project has done for my faith in the last few years is mind boggling and SO exciting. Thank you Tim and John for saying yes to the calling and sharing your wealth with the world. We need clarity in the church. That is what you bring by the help of the Holy Spirit. I pray that through this podcast and all of your other resources, the people of God (but not limited to) would be enlightened to the hope of our calling!! Thank you again!! ♥️😭=me when I listen.
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