ForceCenter promotes balance
For me, this podcast lands exactly where my Star Wars fandom exists today. In an environment of negativity and absolutes that leaves very little room for fun, peaceful debate on the saga, ForceCenter consistently provides thoughtful, entertaining content. It equally makes me laugh out loud or ponder contemplatively both big thematic devices and the silly minutiae of the GFFA. Thanks guys!!
Great podcast - huge fan!
I really enjoy this podcast and can’t recommend it highly enough. I particularly enjoy the insights on Star Wars that are always presented honestly and respectfully.
The Forcenter is strong weigh you.
I have been listening since near the beginning. In a day in fandom where the dark side seems to have a loud voice, Jennifer, Ken and Joseph, you look at the negativity and like Luke in ROTJ throw down your sabers and declare “No I I am a Jedi like my father before me!” It’s nice to tune in and just celebrate all that is great in Star Wars. Always my first listen when I need to feel like I’m among friends discussing the best fictional universe of all time. May the Force be with you always.
Brilliant Show
Have been a long time listener of the show. Appreciate your teams dedication to all things Star Wars. My son who is five and I will have you on in the background during “toy or computer game time” We can”t wait to hear what’s in store as we head into what I call “Star Wars crazy content time” Regards, Trevor and Liam Evans -rural area, not unlike Tatooine- west of Minneapolis:)
This is the podcast you’re looking for
I had to get on my wife’s phone to leave this review. It is so much fun to listen to two guys and a lady talk about something they are passionate about. They don’t take themselves too seriously but they are serious about being fair and balanced.
Great Show
This podcast is amazing. Love the good vibe and the great attitude towards all the star wars world. Joseph’s attitude and positivity inspires my fandom!!
Another Reason Why We Love Star Wars!
David Jesse (Tatooine Sons)
A long time ago, before we ever started our own little podcast called Tatooine Sons, Force Center was one of our go-to shows! Ken, Joe, and Jennifer are amazing. They're always positive (a big deal for us) and have great insight. There are some other mega-shows out there that have contributors on them who don't really seem to have their finger on the pulse of what's happening in a galaxy far, far away. Not here. Add this one to your SUBSCRIBE list. You won't regret it. David "The Boy Tie Jedi Guy" Jesse, Tatooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast #MakeTerbusCanon
Fun and Insightful Star Wars Podcast
This is one the best Star Wats podcasts out there. Everyone is passionate, thoughtful, funny and always optimistic. It’s so great to listen to a podcast every week that doesn’t get bogged down with all the fandom negativity. Love this show, and it’s always a bright spot in my week.
Star Wars Nerdery FTW!
Everyone needs a new Star Wars podcast, right? Yes. Yes they do. YES THEY DO. ForceCenter is a lovely show that tackles in detail (and with good humor) all of the media and news in the Star Wars universe. They're a largely *positive* show, which is a huge bonus for folks like me that want to discard all of the ragey crying in Star Wars fandom and support people who really do love this franchise and can disagree about things without turning to hatemongering. Basically, the hosts are delightful, they really know their Star Wars, and they REALLY love it, and that is just...wonderful. Thanks for the great listen, y'all. I needed a bit more of this in my life :)
My Favorite Star Wars Podcast
The Nardawg
It’s refreshing to hear Force Center’s positive and genuine perspectives on all things Star Wars. Each week they examine the mythos from interesting topics that deepens my love and fandom for Star Wars stories, characters, and the creators. Although it’s positive, they’re not dismissive of critique. It’s just done in a complimentary angle instead of tearing apart. It’s wonderful, and I love their perspectives and humor.
The Three Amigos
They’re not only a positive force in the Star Wars universe, but also close friends. Here’s to many more podcasts from ForceCenter!
One of the best Star Wars podcasts
By far one of the best Star Wars podcasts out there. They're fans who are really passionate about the franchise and really dive deeper than most. Loved Ken from way back and became a huge fan of Jen and Joeseph from hours and hours of listening to this. Highly recomend.
Let the love flow through you
If you're looking for consistently great breakdowns of Star Wars news and content with an ever-optimistic spin, then you'll find no better than ForceCenter. Ken, Joseph, and Jennifer are simply some of the best folks in the game when it comes to Star Wars, and while they'll never refrain from offering criticism when they have it, it never comes without the caveat that if you liked what they didn't, it doesn't mean that you're wrong.
Best Star Wars show out there
Jennifer, Joseph, and Ken have made a great lineup of Star Wars shows that really dive into why we’re all fans of this great story. Some deep looks into the narrative and some goofy comedy bits all to remind us that most importantly Star Wars is fun.
All of the shows take a fun and interesting look at Star Wars from distinct angles. Fun stuff.
Great positive Star Wars content
Been my go to Star Wars podcast for awhile now. The hosts are knowledgeable and charming, always a delight to listen to. Love the variety of the content as well.
Loads of Fun
Aways a good time when Ken, Jennifer and Joseph get together. Funny, insighful and well worth your time. MTFBWY
Best Star Wars Podcast!
Great objective Star Wars fans.
I always enjoy listening to this podcast, entertaining and informative. I love the three of them, a fantastic trio with great chemistry. Funny, witty and just plain fun. Keep it up gang! -Jacob.
Content and Insight Coalesce
Jumpin Joshosephat
ForceCenter is one of my all time favorite podcasts to entertain me while I drive for work. Not only is there enough content to never make me feel like I'll reach the end, but some of the insights by Joseph and co are genuinely thought provoking and have made me rethink some things. If you're looking for a Star Wars podcast that has a little bit of everything and isn't afraid to not take itself too seriously, this is the one for you. I can't recommend it enough! (Also make sure you go back through and listen to all the past Databank Brawls, they're the best!)
This is Home!
Josh / Swede
If you're a Star Wars fan, ForceCenter is a must listen. Weekly content, hilarious and humble hosts, and variety of great shows. DataBank and the Main Show are great places to start. Pick a classic battle or catch up on the latest news. Big thanks to the Forcecenter crew. When it comes to Star Wars, FC is home.
I listen to a lot of Star Wars stuff but this one is far better than any others love you guys and the podcast thank you so much for this!!
Good thoughtful Star Wars talk
Star Wars John
Insightful positive talk about Star Wars with none of negative hateful BS. Jennifer’s, Jospeh’s and Ken’s love of SW comes through in every episode. Also I will be listening to databank brawl at work and my co-workers will look at me funny when I bust out laughing out loud.
Great SW show.
I was always a fan of Jedi Council and the ever revolving panel of guests. I didn’t listen to any other Collider content at the time so this was introduction to Ken. He soon became my favorite person. I agree with 90% of his SW analysis and views. That led me to listening to Force Center. With all the negativity around SW now, it’s refreshing to hear the positive talk about the franchise. Doesn’t mean you have to love all the content put out by Lucas film right now but it doesn’t have to degrade into petty internet squabbles. Jennifer and Joseph add their unique perspectives on the topics and its is enjoyable to hear people who know SW inside and out. Lastly, while I can appreciate the occasional guest panelist, Whiskey, I much prefer the company of Ketel One & Water when talking SW.
The Force is strong with these podcasters
Adam (Muzikm4n)
Fantastic show! Tons of great content with loads of variety in terms of types of episodes. Ken, Jennifer, and Joseph are awesome!!!
I Feel The Joy Growing Within Me
I love all the Star Wars speculation and theorizing this podcast offers. I also really enjoy the variety of hosts. All three are funny but Jennifer brings a nice softer side to the show in addition to some in-depth info about the Star Wars universe in her Happy Beeps show (best podcast intro music ever, btw!). I spend many hours at work listening to these guys. They're always entertaining and Ken is one of my favorite Star Wars pundits.
Love ForceCenter pod!
J.D. Lane
I love the humor, insight and positivity the ForceCenter team brings! THE best Star Wars podcast!
Best Star Wars Discussion out there
Started listening to ForceCenter this year after Last Jedi reignited my passion for Star Wars. It didn’t take long for the pod to become my favorite place to find earnest discussion about everything under the Stars Wars umbrella. The hosts do not shy away from acknowledging things that don’t personally appeal to them, but also aim to stay positive and understand that not everything has to be for them.
My favorite podcast!!
Joy Candreau
This trio of hosts never disappoints! I’ve been listening to this podcast almost since its inception, and these three are some of the most sincere, Star Wars loving hosts there are. If you’re a fan of Star Wars, and want to be involved in some hilarious and insightful conversations about it, this podcast is the perfect outlet!
Dive deep into Star Warsdom
Scrimshaw, Napzok and Landa are Star Wars savants who keep this podcast fresh with in depth interviews, soothing counseling sessions and hilarious brawls between minor, and not so minor SW characters. Raise a glass of whiskey or blue milk and enjoy one of the best SW themed shows on the HoloNet!
It’s ok to love Star Wars!!!
Ken Joseph and Jen are a refreshing breath of positivity in a climate of divided fandom. Happy Beeps, Brawls, Counseling everything is a great listen on a long commute.
“Pass on what you have learned.”
This podcast is targeted at Star Wars Super-Fans! That is not to say this podcast is biased against the casual fan; it just takes a much more involved look at the Star Wars universe than what most people may want. Having said that, if you are in the slightest bit interested in learning more about Star Wars in its various mediums and capacities, I highly recommend checking this podcast out. Joe, Ken, and Jennifer are everyday people who just have a love and passion for the epic science-fantasy-space-opera we all know and love. There are a wide variety of discussions have, and they love to dissect and sometimes reinvent ideas that makeup the Star Wars universe. It is definitely a fun listen and I highly recommend you all check it out. Even if it doesn’t end up being your cup of tea, it is well thought out show, which may make you rethink and challenge your ideas and thoughts on Star Wars! I hope this review is helpful! May the force be with you.
My favorite Star Wars podcast
I love this crew so much and the content they produce is fantastic. Jennifer, Joseph, and Ken bring such a playful and postive attitude to all things Star Wars and each show is unique and a treat to listen to. I'm so glad to have found this podcast
The force is strong with ken
محمد عبد الكريم
Love the show
New and loving it!
Lit it up
I’m relatively new to the Forcecenter podcast and I can’t say enough about how much I love it! After listening for years and ignoring the signs of toxic people, this pod is a breath of fresh air for my ears. Thank you for everything you do and keep up the 5 Star work! -DrumJedi
great show
Loved this episode....loved @geekgirldiva's passion. Great show.
Best Star Wars Podcast For Any Fan
Jenifer, Joseph, and Ken bring you the most entertaining Star Wars Podcast your ears can listen too. A wonderful variety of different shows helps bring the listener into their fandom as they share their own experiences. Thanks ForceCenter for helping the Star Wars fan I am, being a happier one.
The positivity we need in fandom
This podcast has crept up to number one must-listen. The joy in which Ken, Jason, and Jennifer bring their star wars fandom to my ears gives me hope in our little slice of the universe. As they keep adding more content, my enjoyment continues to grow. Easy choice to support these creatives as they talk Star Wars.
A True Celebration Of All Things Star Wars
Forcecenter represents the heart of Star Wars. Why we all fell in love with it in the first place. Ken, Joseph, and Jennifer shine a bright light on this weird little space adventure and make it even better in the process.
Just the positive outlook that’s needed
Love this crew. Such positivity and joy for the thing we all love and listen for. Such a change from all the negativity out there. Keep up the great work and incite full outlook and personal interpretations of our beloved space adventures
Best Star Wars Podcast for me
I’m a Star Wars apologist; I love Star Wars, and I find myself explaining it to other Star Wars fans. These guys make me feel at home. They love Star Wars in all its forms, including the prequels. Great listen.
My favorite source for Star Wars
Love the optimistic, fun perspective Ken, Joseph and Jennifer provide
Listen Irresponsibly
Cooper Hood
Lots of great Star Wars related talk on this feed. There’s fun topics and some super deep dives into the mythology and characters. Really informative.
Love FC
The force center team always have such great insights. Pure Star Wars joy.
Ken is a definitive Star Wars fan
If you haven't seen Ken's passion for Star Wars in media, trivia, commentaries, reviews, panels and so much more...have you been living inside the stomach of a space slug? In any case, his insight is great and he's very down to earth. I ENJOY THIS podcast and others featuring Ken. p.s. Taking on trivia with Sam Witwer was so epic. Perhaps a future guest?
Definitely the best Star Wars podcast out there. Ken, Jennifer and Joseph are full of positivity and produce excellent content!
Love this show!
Happy Beeps best newest show!!!
Watto Bob
This is a Star Wars podcast and I love it.
This Show IS a place for Every kind of SW Fan
A.E. Welling
Love Love LOVE these folks ! They know their stuff and Geek out about it just like the rest of us and Prove there's a place for Every kind of fan. Look forward to Every next show. Just WISH Ya took Listener feed back from more than just 'social media'.
Great Star warsing
Mike Remsen
Great podcast and discussion here. More than just the current news or reviews. Features deep dives into the ideas of Star Wars while still having fun. Couldn’t recommend more!!
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