Awesome listen
Nick Matthyas
This podcast tell the story of all the fascinating details that a tech company goes through to reach its billion dollar IPO status. The stories are unbelievable and show how both luck and talent play a big role
A fascinating combination of History and Tech
As someone who loves both history and technology there could not possible be a better podcast than Acquired. The stories on iconic companies you know are discussed at a detailed level with a tremendous amount of research that is woven deftly together to form great narratives. Ben and David have a great rapport and the research is top notch. Probably the podcast I recommend more than any other.
Top in many ways!
Breed Hastings
Great insights, smart and fun presentation. Highly recommend for deep takes on tech.
Amazing storytelling!
Mihai Tiuca
I love how this podcast goes into tech history in a fun light way that makes it easy to listen to
A seriously deep dive into how companies evolve. I feel like I finally found the resource I needed.
One of my Top Entrepreneur “Deep Learning” Podcasts
Just love the depth you guys put into the research and putting the story into a gripping narrative. I have multiple takeaways from every episode - many thanks!
Fantastic Podcast that Gets Better Every Episode
Ben and David provide a very interesting take on every comapny and transaction they cover. The best part is their insights on the elements that make companies successful (or failures) in the context of every acquisition. Specific discussions on leveraging technologies and how companies scale, make for a great education. I've not regretted a single minute I've spent listening to Acquired. P.S. Become an LP member for even more insights.
Terrible and boring. The analysis is rudimentary and not what you would expect from professionals.
A+ podcast for founders
Love this show and currently binging all of the shows. I think it’s a better story telling platform then how I built this
New favorite
Found this show a couple weeks back and have been binging episodes. Ben and David are super knowledgable and entertaining and the level of depth they get in these episodes is amazing.
Great content
Wonderfule stories! Keep it up
Incredibly thorough, likable personalities, knowledgeable/experienced (tech and finance), topical/current content... David just needs to learn how to pronounce Icahn. With impeccable enunciation I believe he’ll get there.
Overall very enjoyable and informative series! Thank you!
Two thumbs up
David and Ben’s research and storytelling are what make the show, going in depth on details you won’t hear anywhere else. Worth subscribing to their LP podcast as well especially if you’re a founder or startup employee wanting to learn more about the process.
Amazing work
The level of research, analysis and insight never fail to impress
Storytelling at its finest
Love the way Ben and David tell the whole origin story and the entire journey of the companies in a fact based not dramatize way. Learn so much from it every listen.
Thoughtful and detailed perspective on tech
Robinhood Victim
David and Ben offer an insider view on the founding and growing of today’s leading technology companies. Material is very well researched and analysis comprehensive. If you want to learn about business, add to your playlist.
ESPN - great episode
Chris 1941
Great podcast...they are actively involved in the start-up, IPO, business acquisition community and it really comes out in the show!
One of the best Podcast Around.
This show packs so much into every episode. Never over indulgent always worth the price of admission. Great show guys, love it!
Ben and David weave stories of investors, entreprenuers, and tech trends with humor and insight. There is nothing else like it.
Insightful easy to consume episodes, great job!
DJ Oxide NR
Ben & David are amazing at figuring out stories and complexities behind industry’s most prominent and landscape-shifting companies and transactions. If you are looking to quickly ramp up and have strategic insight into any of the subverticals they touched on - that’s one of the best ways to do it.
So prescient
Here I am listening to episode 37 almost 2 years after it aired & it’s amazing to hear Ben & David’s analysis & predictions in 2017 ... many of which are coming true. My new favorite podcast.
Favorite New Startup+Tech Podcast of 18'
Yes yes, I am writing this in 2019 I know. Don't even remember how I randomly stumbled on this podcast, but oh my word. Promptly downloaded all of the prior episodes to that point and worked through all of them in about a month. A current day contextual, historical treatise on the succsses and failures of popular technology companies. The high level business and market strategy viewed from a startup perspective is the single best source of startup strategy that I have ever been exposed too. Must listen too for technology and startup executives, investors and VC's, CEO's, and founders. Highly recommended.
Fun, entertaining, and insightful!
David and Ben’s approach to telling the stories behind companies’ IPO or acquisition is truly refreshing. They are highly engaging and great story tellers. Definitely give this one a listen, as they cover some of the landmark transactions in the tech landscape.
Just gets better and better
I arrived late, so I have mixed listening to new drops with the first episodes. The originals are terrific but the China theme set a new mark. Can’t wait for Season 4. The LP program is a slam dunk for anyone who likes the free stream.
Great background and useful perspectives
diamond bishop
The show’s approach to providing background research and thinking through why a tech company went in one direction or another is very interesting listening. Keep up the great work.
Very Enjoyable
Even for someone on the outside of the tech and finance industries looking in these guys do a great job of telling interesting and understandable stories.
Awesome - new fave podcast
Love the insight and the enthusiasm these guys have for their subjects. Also love the consistent format of rating acquisitions, 'what would have happened' etc.
Well Done
A friend of mine sent me the Sonos episode, and it has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts.
Great podcast
Ben and David do an amazing job researching each episode. Each show offers a great mix of technology history, business strategy, and fun banter. Highly recommend.
So genuine
Persistence run
Great show! These guys are so genuine and excited about the stories on the show. It is so informative and so fun. They do a whole lot of research and provide a great overview with fantastic commentary. I like that they speculate and provide their raw opinions.
Incredible podcast
A Nickname 1000
David and Ben both bring incredible knowledge to this podcast and always produce an interesting conversation on technology acquisitions and IPOs, both past and present. The synthesis and analysis of what’s going on and why is unparalleled.
Love the history and facts section
The narrative you guys craft at the beginning of each episode is really well done and I'm a sucker for your carve-outs, lol (most calls-to-action at the end of podcasts I completely ignore but I find myself constantly adding things from the cave-outs to my to-do list; and because of that, I will stop ignoring the leave a review call-to-action).
Love it love it love it
I love stories. This is full of stories. They did such a great job in putting together these stories. I can’t wait for the next episode.
Quality Storytelling
I think the blend of storytelling and quality analysis works really well for this topic. Ben and David’s chemistry is also essential for this podcast to work. Geeking out on this podcast has been fun.
Best podcast on technology!
Alex Pust
I listen to many podcasts on technology and this is definitely my favorite. It goes into many details and paints a complete and holistic picture such that you actually feel that you understand the matter after listening to a podcast. (compared to other podcasts which just slightly touch on many topics) It also helps that each podcast has a structure with background, tech scenes, deal grading, etc. Highly recommended!
This is honestly the best/tech business podcast I’ve come across.
Do you want to learn a lot? Check. Do you enjoy relaxed, fun conversation? Check. Do you value genuinely deep and unique research/insight? Check. What else do you need to know?
Highly Recommend
The way stories about companies, founders, and buisness ideas are narrated is fabulous. It's really fascinating to know histories behind the companies, how are they currently performing and what future holds to them. I listen to it almost everyday like an hour after finding about this podcast.
Great analysis of acquisitions that are shaping the Internet and economy.
Must listen for tech investors
Great show by David and Ben. Love how they analyze events and draw the facts and insights on interesting events. Found it extremely useful to keep me up to date with major M&A in the tech scene.
An essential listen for anyone working in the valley
If you work in tech, you should be listening to these stories in detail. 10/10
Best podcast in existence
This podcast is without a doubt the best podcast that is currently in existence. I started listening only a couple months ago, and have already gone back and listened to all the older episodes. Acquired is changing the way I think about Tech, has taught me a fortune about business, and is bottomlessly entertaining. I could not recommend this podcast more! Subscribe, and make sure to go listen to the old episodes. There are some real gems.
Podcast is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aj Picard 2525
Found this podcast and I love it, I’ve been looking for something like this for over a year now! Dave and Ben are great hosts, really down to earth guys that aren’t afraid to break down every situation for you, along with some business words you might not know! This podcast has been a HUGE help for me since I’m looking to build a new social media platform. They’ve provided me with so many tips when it comes to fundraising and how to talk to investors. Thank you to you both creating this podcast! PS I will be on this podcast one day.
Amazing podcast and very well researched!
I've listened to three random episodes of Acquired, and I absolutely love the production. You can tell that there was a lot of intentional research put in to make these episodes. I really love two things about this show. 1) I love how they talk about the journey of a company from start to acquisition/IPO. 2) I love how they introduce finance terms. This is a great learning opportunity for me as a software engineer who does not get much exposure to these terms. I would actually love it if they talked about this more! Keep up the great work. More podcasts need to model themselves after Acquired!! Well done 👌🏼👏🏻
Love it!
This show is fun and unique keep it up!
Great business stories
Unique combination of deep research and quality storytelling about how specific businesses come to be. A lot of fun.
Great business insight
Acquired gives great business insight not just in technology but in other sectors that touch technology as well. My mornings are best with an acquired episode.
My go-to podcast for entertaining, informative commentary
Ben and David are hilarious and incredibly well informed. They clearly relish geeking out over this stuff, and I feel privileged to be listening in on their semi-private riffs about tech, business, and startups. Their humor/casual nature is informed by rigorous research (more research than other podcasts, listen up Kara Swisher these guys are coming for you and your red chair if you don’t get your act together!). Seriously, check them out.
So good
The depth of research that goes into the back story of each company/founder clearly shows. Great way to map out whole ecosystems in your head. Highly recommend it
Great, informative, easy to digest!
I am not an engineer and don’t come from tech but am trying to transition into it. Ben and David do an excellent job providing historical background, great anecdotes, and why (or why not) the acquisitions make sense. Huge fan.
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