EP064: Invest in Your Business by Investing in Your Health with Mark Dhamma
Published August 30, 2017
74 min
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    Daniel welcomes his long-time friend, Mark Dhamma, to the show to discuss how living healthy can help your business reap big rewards. Mark is an executive fitness coach whose focus is to help people look, feel and perform their best. His unique understanding of fitness, food, energy and psychology allow him to coach high-end professionals to be at the top of their game in business and in life.


    Key Takeaways:


    [:17] Once you master something, you are always a master.

    [4:35] How Daniel uses a ‘sprint’ to accomplish his goals.

    [19:14] Thought leader is a fancy term for influencer.

    [27:10] Looking at food at an energetic level.

    [35:37] Agricultural farming has increased the food supply, but decreased overall nutrition.

    [47:04] The golden time to start lifting is during pubescence.

    [54:26] Taking testosterone/steroids causes bitch tits and screws up your liver.

    [1:06:12] Using blood tests to manage your health.


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