EP056: Would You Be Missed if You Were Gone? With Seth Godin
Published July 26, 2017
57 min
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    Thought leader Seth Godin joins Daniel for a conversation about human nature and how it relates to business marketing. Four years ago, Daniel sent Seth one of his popular articles, and asked him for advice on how to make his next piece go viral. Seth responded with “Don’t worry about viral, write something more meaningful.” Seth is the author of 18 best-selling books, and the creator of the altMBA program. Today’s discussion addresses the lack of long-term thinking by young people, teaching patience and humility, and the best way to make money in marketing media.


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    Key Takeaways:


    [6:47] Getting past the dip is what creates scarcity and therefore the value.

    [9:48] Does Seth Godin have a muse?

    [11:39] Being clear about what failure means.

    [16:51] Seth shares the easy way to make money in marketing media.

    [23:20] Seth struggles with helping people get past their false fears.

    [26:57] Check half as many times and do twice as much about it.

    [36:15] Dumbing it down to reach more people is a useless endeavor.

    [46:33] altMBA promotes getting out into the world and solving problems.

    [50:30] Connections are now more important than stuff.


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