EP051: What’s the Best Communication Tool for You? With Neville Medhora
Published July 14, 2017
65 min
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    Neville Medhora joins Daniel on the podcast to share his marketing and copywriting expertise. Neville confirms what Daniel always says — “Great content markets itself” — with the story of his 50-page book, This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better. He shares his insights about disseminating information into other people’s brains in the fastest way possible, great ways to use Infusionsoft to boost your email open rates, why a title shouldn’t take all day to write and the importance of using images in your copy.


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    Key Takeaways:


    [:10] Become part of the Freelance Domination on August 1st!

    [6:42] The beauty of doing random crap your whole life.

    [15:08] Neville knows which “Kopy” keeps businesses connected with their clients.

    [18:36] This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better markets itself.

    [21:42] How to get started writing copy.

    [27:17] Social media is a living, breathing entity, but a great email is still the preferred connection tool.

    [37:07] Consistently good content builds interest and trust.

    [39:24] Reinventing Rich20Something?

    [51:51] What is the best way to get information into other people’s brains?


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