EP046: Thought Leaders Know How to Connect with People with Bobby Umar
Published July 3, 2017
52 min
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    Speaker, comedian, thought leader and dad, Bobby Umar joins Daniel to promote the power of connection. During the conversation, Bobby describes how authentic vulnerable communication is the key to making a difference in the lives of others, and growing your business. And, it’s not about the amount of content you push, it’s about having quality content your followers care about. Deeply connecting with more and more people is how you build a community.


    Key Takeaways:


    [1:33] Bobby believes you can have deep connections with a lot of people.

    [5:30] The 5 Cs of Connection.

    [9:29] How do we keep connections — business and social — warm with people we don’t see often?

    [18:55] Is it possible to retain authenticity when communicating en masse?

    [21:58] Bobby’s followers connected with his vulnerable post, What the Heck is Wrong with Me? about his binge eating disorder.

    [38:25] Thought leaders can make an impact through promoting basic humans rights.

    [46:37] The more content you put out there, the more opportunity will have.


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