EP028: Make Money Doing Something You Love with Tom Bilyeu
Published February 13, 2017
78 min
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    Tom Bilyeu, of Impact Theory and Quest Nutrition, sits down with Daniel to inspire and motivate. There are so many nuggets in this episode, you’ll want to listen to it more than once. Tom Bilyeu does only what he believes in, works for personal fulfillment, and never gives up on his objectives. He encourages entrepreneurs to be in the service of other people if they want to succeed, and to ONLY do things they are passionate about. Tom also shares the three phases of his new venture, Impact Theory, and vows to be bigger than Disney in 50 years.


    Key Takeaways:

    [:47] Happiness and the virtuous cycle.

    [5:35] A bar called Quest.

    [9:27] 25 Business Ideas for the low, low cost of an email.

    [11:59] We are living through the entrepreneurial revolution.

    [14:22] “No bullshit, what will it take,” made Quest soar in a saturated and declining protein bar market.

    [25:29] Planting a flag — Impact Theory will be bigger than Disney in 50 years.

    [30:26] How to develop your passion and how to monetize it.

    [36:27] Good Intentions, Bad Execution.

    [38:09] Tom thinks about money in terms of fulfillment.

    [45:09] Money and fame have a real impact.

    [49:28] Tom Bilyeu gets really deep on genetics.

    [51:08] The dark side of entrepreneurship is a negative mindset.

    [56:32] Real life stories of determination.

    [1:03:19] The three phases of Impact Theory.

    [1:14:14] Manipulating our future lives.


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    Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business, and Score the Life You Want, by Daniel DiPiazza

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