EP018: Is the Age of the Entrepreneur Coming to an End? with Evan Carmichael
Published October 3, 2016
55 min
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    Daniel’s guest today is Evan Carmichael. Evan is a prolific content creator and host of his own YouTube channel where he interviews some of today’s top influencers and thought leaders. As part of his creative journey, Evan gathers inspiration from his guest and solicits ideas from his thousands of followers. During his conversation with Daniel, he share his thoughts on the basic rules beginners should follow to make their way into the entrepreneurial space, why entrepreneurs must have a passion and commitment for creating great content and the benefits of being original.


    Key Takeaways:

    [:51] A paper plane represents going against all odds and flying high.

    [3:21] In the early days of his show, Evan Carmichael selfishly selected people to interview, now he lets his community choose.

    [10:30] Producing constant content makes the content creator better.

    [15:04] There are many different aspects to all people. Kanye, Tupac and Osho are prime examples of this. 

    [19:59] Evan looked to his guests for inspiration while building his YouTube channel. 

    [25:11] Growth numbers are great but it’s all about the process. Hitting one million subscribers will only drive Evan faster and farther.

    [28:31] Passion projects should be driven by love and dedication — not by money.

    [35:45] Will the entrepreneurship bubble burst?

    [39:47] Beginners to YouTube need to put in the work and concentrate on getting better every day.

    [50:00] It takes work to create original content from unoriginal sources.


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