EP015: Everybody Wants to Take the Easy Way Out and that’s A Problem
Published June 20, 2016
70 min
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    Today’s guest, Timothy Sykes, became a self-made millionaire by the age of 21 through trading penny stocks. Since that time he has grown his wealth and is a full-time teacher of over 3,000 students, many of whom are becoming millionaires themselves. He and Daniel break down what it takes to find fulfillment as an entrepreneur, how focusing on your personal code of ethics is more powerful than money, and how finding balance through self-reflection and meditation can make it all worthwhile. 


    Key Takeaways:

    [5:45] Do whatever it takes to influence somebody in a positive direction.

    [11:11] If you find what fulfills you, eventually you will make money at it.

    [20:26] You have to think differently than everyone else if you want to change an industry. 

    [30:28] How can young people find success earlier?

    [36:34] Why are we driven to impress other people before we improve ourselves?

    [40:44] Focusing on your personal truth and what you believe in is much more powerful than money.

    [46:35] There is always a love/hate relationship between a master and their successful student.

    [53:03] A long-term strategy is important in everything, even internet marketing.   

    [1:04:20] Entrepreneurs have a hard time finding balance.


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