EP012: Changing Lives through Freelance Domination: Techniques that Really Work with Jason Carter
Published March 21, 2016
37 min
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    Jason Carter is a shining example of a student who bought the Freelance Domination course and followed the program exactly as it was designed. His successes are piling up. He says he feels like superman. He is in the process of buying his dream home, building his passive income stream and servicing his clients. Those clients were strangers until he sent a cold email, earned their trust through “free samples” and are now paying him 6 figures to build apps for their niche markets. He recommends the Freelance Domination program to anyone who wants to change their life for the better.


    Key Takeaways:

    [3:36] After earning a Ph.D. in computer science Jason still didn’t have confidence in himself

    [5:10] Jason followed the Freelance Domination program to the letter

    [7:19] We are conditioned to accept failure in certain areas but not in others

    [8:35] From the cold email to earning the trust

    [14:51] Professional service businesses have decision makers who are more accessible

    [19:02] Doubling down in a niche market - The Marsupial Method

    [22:11] Why serve one client when you can serve 1000?

    [23:04] Making 6 figure contracts on the side

    [24:56] If you don’t like Freelance Domination you will get your money back

    [27:37] Sending a more effective cold email and tools for following up

    [33:20] Send Better Email will soon be a resource for all of us

    [36:35] Contact information for Jason



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