EP011: Grooming Yourself for Success Early on with Tony Stubblebine from Coach.me
Published March 7, 2016
51 min
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    Smart entrepreneurs gather information from coaches early on in their careers. They embrace the idea of networking and gain allies for when their responsibilities outweigh their capacities. They hire a coach who has ‘been there and done that’ to assist them in tried and true processes and to hold them accountable for their goals. As entrepreneurs grow their companies, they find themselves lonely and often without peers to keep them grounded. A coach can be a mentor and partner that a CEO can confide in.


    Key Takeaways:

    [2:55] Being a CEO is a difficult job and it seems there is no way to do it well

    [5:50] Should I add people to the organization or do it alone?

    [14:33] Rapid Incremental Development

    [16:11] The Zenefits CEO did his job but was let go anyway – Give your decisions context

    [22:35] Employees internalize the behavior of the CEO in smaller companies

    [29:56] Coaching young leaders to transition from individual contributor to manager

    [36:37] As a company matures, there should be fewer crises

    [38:02] The job of a CEO is very lonely, you no longer have peers in your organization

    [43:00] Good coaching is fairly new. It really hasn’t been available for a long time

    [45:22] Good coaches can understand you on a psychological level

    [48:04] Contact information for Tony and other coaches at coach.me



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    The Hard Thing About Hard Things





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