EP008: Become a Problem Solver and Always Look for Opportunities to Create Value
Published January 4, 2016
62 min
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    It’s about getting out of bed every morning, ready to tackle your priorities to create balance in your life. It’s not easy and it’s hard work, but you need to make a decision about who you are going to be. Start wherever you are today. If you work for someone else, then be the best employee you can be and find a problem to solve. If you are an entrepreneur, then get your financial house in order and play the long game. You, and only you, can make the decision to build the best network, become a better person and become a financial master.                           

    Key Takeaways:

    [1:57] The beauty of Costa Rica

    [4:30] Getting your financial house in order

    [11:36] Find the line between being a miser and a martyr for true wealth creation

    [14:54] Brad’s gift is playing the long game by earning more and building assets

    [17:10] Tony Robbins is a national treasure

    [21:24] Sign-up at Make More Marbles for all this free wealth material

    [22:32] Becoming a problem solver

    [29:05] Seasonal risk balance

    [35:13] How I made 24K on Elance in a month

    [37:10] Building your network is key

    [39:31] The #1 thing you can do to obtain financial mastery

    [44:40] Create food, energy, water and shelter for every human being on the planet

    [46:11] Millionaires set their priorities every day

    [52:08] Rich20Something sets out to make entrepreneurship accessible

    [55:02] It’s not all about money – you can create balance in your life

    [56:49] By creating, you are living your purpose

    [1:00:30] Make reading non-negotiable



    Make More Marbles

    Puerta La Vida


    Richest Man in Babylon

    Tony Robbins


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