EP006: Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone
Published November 23, 2015
92 min
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    Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone will train you to be more disciplined, make it easier for you to focus, and increase your creativity. Your subconscious mind translates everything it experiences and it becomes a part of you, whether you want it to or not. Mark Dhamma helps entrepreneurs change their diets and their mindsets through holistic practices and common sense food advice. Rich and Mark’s conversation flows like a river as they delve into topics such as identity and breeding and our over-consumption of media. 


    Key Takeaways:

    [00:13] What’s in a name?

    [02:02] What do Fresh Prince and Usher have to do with a 14-year-old popularity?

    [03:58] Selective breeding vs modern chemical exposure + lack of sleep

    [13:51] After 10 pm, there’s actually not much going on

    [14:33] Artificial lights shut down natural melatonin production

    [22:22] Mixed Race is now the Master Race

    [24:48] Training celebrities was okay, but I prefer working with entrepreneurs

    [26:50] When your Grandfather tells your Mom that you are fat, it motivates you

    [30:16] What makes exceptional leaders, from Gallop

    [34:02] Sometimes people over research and under act, take a Myers-Briggs personality test

    [37:41] Pushing yourself into discomfort to live on the edge

    [40:41] The Millionaire Mindset

    [42:15] Taking care of yourself makes it easier to focus

    [42:56] Meditation can help your mind stay creative, could you last 10 days?

    [51:10] Daniel’s journey with ayahuasca - glitches in the matrix

    [55:40] Family and friends call me extreme

    [56:38] Cold showers & Cryotherapy

    [1:03:58] Personality tests and learning styles

    [1:08:23] Rich has a jealousy problem, so follow him @becomeawarriornow

    [1:09:30] People on the go can eat better by following VPFT & stay away from gluten

    [1:14:28] Optimized self-awareness using the highest leverage

    [1:17:19] Deliberate intellectualism - If you want to write, start with reading

    [1:22:30] Being in a ‘flow state’

    [1:24:28] We have been conditioned to like things like McDonald's and alcohol

    [1:28:20] Dropping directly into your subconscious

    [1:31:49] Contact information for Mark Dhamma






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