EP005: Let’s Make it Easy and Let’s Make it Fun - Joel Brown of Addicted 2 Success
Published November 16, 2015
49 min
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    Bloggers who had major success 5 years ago are turning to Youtube to adapt to the wants of their communities. If you nurture your existing community by putting out high quality, human experience videos your audience will stick with you and share your content. Leverage that love to write a book or make a course which inspires them even more. Then share your success by giving a little bit, it always pays you back.


    Key Takeaways:

    [2:42] Creating better content is more important than constantly marketing

    [4:14] Visual yourself in the place you want to be

    [7:38] People want to be inspired and to feel hopeful

    [9:10] Community, Quality and Consistency are the areas to focus on

    [10:30] Nurturing your community

    [12:52] Leverage your existing market and adapt accordingly

    [14:14] Make the hard transition to Youtube, because it is the place to grow

    [17:08] Storytelling will draw people to your Youtube channel

    [19:08] Introducing courses as a revenue source

    [21:00] Start out your morning with a 20-20-20

    [25:17] A book is a sacred thing and a bookstore is a temple

    [27:01] Thought experiences without action

    [28:28] Getting good at relationships makes real world shit easier to handle

    [38:23] Feminine men and manly women

    [40:12] Everyone has something to offer so take the best from all of them

    [41:52] The vision for Addicted 2 Success

    [43:37] Giving, it pays you back

    [48:31] Contact Joel



    Addicted 2 Success


    Foundr Magazine

    Jordan Belfort

    Crush it


    Think Grow Prosper

    The Bulletproof Conference



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