EP003: Effectiveness is the Secret in the Gamification of Business with Steve Mehr
Published November 3, 2015
56 min
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    Agent Steven is a multi-millionaire now, but it’s because he put in the hours.

    He figured out early on how to make a buck selling consumer electronics and lived below his means so he had the capital for his next investment. He starts each day like he is still broke and doesn’t get out of bed until he plans his effectiveness strategy for the day. He acts with intention and purpose every day.


    Listen in to the interview so you too can feel his passion, hear what it takes to succeed and learn from his extensive experience.


    Key Takeaways:

    [1:53] Feeding off of young talent, they know where the next big thing is

    [3:51] A staff of 50 and we handle marketing budgets for clients from medium to large biz

    [5:15] Steven has always been an entrepreneur, starting from age 11

    [7:14] His parents didn’t understand his unwillingness to go to USC

    [10:16] When he graduated law school he sold his consumer electronics business

    [12:20] Everyone needs to go through a period of struggle

    [12:32] Focus on business and believe in yourself

    [16:10] Steven will live his life on his own terms

    [18:43] Steven’s typical day - The gamification of business

    [23:13] After your core to do’s are finished, all that’s left is the bullshit

    [25:27] You have to make your own opportunities and say yes to everything at the beginning

    [28:50] Instagram has become more for the followers than a personal expression

    [31:37] Keeping great documentation on your businesses makes them easier to sell

    [34:33] Remove yourself from day to day operations to scale and grow your business

    [36:08] The most difficult thing in life is to give up control

    [38:11] Always put the business first, not the CEO

    [41:10] What is Daniel’s end goal?

    [42:42] The 20 something mentality - You are still grinding, hustling and putting in the hours

    [46:07] Keeping good relationships has to be a conscious effort - You can not be reactive

    [52:06] The pear tree, a 7-year fruit analogy for business





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