EP002: Become a Content Creator with an Authentic Message with Nav BK
Published November 3, 2015
74 min
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    You will not believe what I have for you this week. Nav BK, a Youtube veteran, guru and creator of the Absolute Motivation channel chats me up about making the most of my personal brand and platform, no matter which one it is. 


    We discuss the quality of content, the quantity of videos, how to monetize and sending the right message on your perfect Youtube channel. We also touch on using your social intuition as a marketing tool, moving on up to using a production company and how to diffuse negative comments from big, nasty trolls.


    So sit back and enjoy the edutainment.


    Key Takeaways:

    [1:28] Consulting to organically grow your youtube channel or other platform

    [3:23] Absolute Motivation channel offers educational tools with visuals for the dopamine rush

    [5:13] It’s more than one anchor video and takes more time than you think to get followers

    [7:20] Your Youtube channel is leverage and passive income - At Christmas the revenue triples

    [12:10] Cranking out the videos consistently is a good strategy - post once a day to capitalize

    [20:28] CEO’s don’t send out emails at 1am, their assistants do

    [22:23] Really good production services are not cheap but worth every penny

    [25:13] Social intuition is knowing what your audience wants

    [28:29] Building a youtube audience by being authentic to who you are, it’s more powerful than tv

    [30:45] Periscope has live viewers for direct conversations with followers

    [34:13] “I’m sorry, I can’t reply to everyone” and a personal background story goes a long way

    [36:37] Kill them with kindness diffuses negative comments

    [42:32] Anti-depression medication gives you the suicide solution you didn’t have before

    [48:40] Newsfeeds and new shows are ridiculous and grotesque but it makes you click and watch

    [52:01] Creating deeper more philosophical content with a personal touch

    [54:22] As a content creator each view is a human being, even 100 views can make a difference

    [59:36] Documentaries are the future for

    [1:03:47] Copyright laws in the UK and in the U.S., so different

    [1:11:18] If you’re new start with branding, make yourself unique and schedule your content 



    Absolute Motivation

    Driven Video


    Majestic Casual

    The Happiness Stories


    This is Water - David Foster Wallace

    School of Life


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