Eau Claire D'Loon
Published June 10, 2017
50 min
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    SY 2122

    WISCONSIN – Eau Claire D'Loon

    Host: Gregg Porter

    Musicians: Sarcoline Saxophon Quartet – U. of Wisconsin

    Guest Player: Dr. Zorba Pastor Host of WPR’s “On Your Health”


    Stereo Left:

    Carolyn Faye Fox

    Murray Horwitz

    Reed Schulke


    Stereo Right:

    Tony Kahn

    Zorba Paster

    Barry Nolan


    Round 1: Common Threads - Music

    Round 2: Bluff - sarcoline

    Round 3: Calculus for every(one)

    Round 4: Bluff - venire

    Spotlight Round: With Original Host Richard Sher

    Round 5: Punctuate This?!



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