Great podcast
John is super knowledgeable and presents the Celtics in a way that is even handed even though it’s a Celtics fan oriented podcast. I appreciate his unbiased point of view.
Great pod cast
I listen on my way to work everyday, great insight into the team. Perfect for us die hards.
Best Celtics podcast!!
John has a great way of informing you about the C’s! Whether you are newer fan or a veteran, John will always keep you up to date! Also will give you better arguments when at the bar with friends!
Not a homer, but also not a sports talk bimbo
nickname that hasnt been taken
John does a great job being objective, but still providing in depth coverage. Much better than sports radio that is following a narrative based on negativity and no substance.
Must listen
A dope podcast for those who bleed green. If you love listening to all things Celts everyday, getting real quality breakdowns of the team - this is it! An awesome listen
John Karalis Baby!
Great podcast! John is very knowledgeable and plugged in to the Boston Celtics. Often has interesting discussions with NBA media members he invites on. He’s always having fun while recording, making this a light hearted and enjoyable listen. I listen everyday, never gets old!
Better than ever!!!!!
I thought this podcast would not be as good without Sam and Jay but shockingly it has gotten way better! John does an excellent job of bringing us the best Celtics insight available via podcast! If you’re a true Celtics fan this is the podcast for you over everything else! Thanks John!!!!
Best Celtics podcast
John knows what he’s talking about with basketball, he closely reports on the Celtics and he explains it all in a clear way that’s easy to listen to. It was fun last year with Jam and Jay joining the show, but John still holds it down well on his own.
Love this podcast
Insightful, informative, enjoyable
Rainin AJ's
The best Celtics podcast. John does a great job breaking down basketball plays and that is what I want to hear. The other two guys leaving made the podcast much better.
A must subscribe!
For the most interesting and entertaining content this is a must subscribe for Celtics fans! John Karalis is a master host who intelligently develops compelling content and brings phenomenal perspective. He has insider access to locker rooms and brings great quotes with his thoughtful questions.
Love and Trust >>>
Awesome daily download. Addicted to all things Celtics so great to have the consistent coverage from John!
Nothing better on the worldwide...
Pod for Celtics fan. John brings the The info on the Celtics like no one else. Funny, informative, genuine and likable aling with great guests.
Best Celtics Talk Period
John breaks down the game like no other. He’s one of us. Bleeds green but is honest about the team’s shortcomings. A very entertaining pod that is a must for any Celts fan!
Jaylen brown hate
John, “Jaylen Brownjust needs to stop falling for the up-fake”, which happen 2 times, Jayson Tatum goes 1-18. He too good of a shooter to stop shooting 🤔🤢jaylen brown hate continue
Best Celtics Podcast
Been listening to Locked on Celtics for 4 seasons now and have not missed an episode. The content is fun and incredibly informative. I've played basketball and have followed the Celtics my whole life and still feel like I learn something every time I listen. John is a tremendous host and is a beaming light of positivity even in the darkest of times in C's basketball. Keep up the amazing work, I'll be listening!
John is the best!
This is by far the best Celtics pod cast! I listen to this show almost every day. I also like it more now that John hosts by himself.
Thanks John! Great work everyday! Also the best intro song in podcasting
The Best Local NBA podcaster
John gets me through my commute and keeps me informed on everything Cs related. His basketball knowledge and insight sets him apart from all the other local podcasters on the LockedOn network.
C’s all the way
Jay S737
Listen everyday all season long and whenever it posts in the off season. Keeps me up to date on all players, how the season is going and potential trades etc... very entertaining while insightful.
Best Podcast for Celtics News and Analysis
I love this podcast. The radio shows in the Boston area always gloss over the Celtics. This show provides real analysis about the game and players. It doesn’t matter if there was a game the night before or not; this show always brings something new each day. If you love the Celtics, you need to listen.
I have listened daily since the first podcast and it does not get old. Jon has the right mix of basketball analysis and fun narratives.
Good effort
I appreciate the daily Celts coverage, but I can never make it through more than 10 minutes listening to the host solo.
Simply The Best. Better Than All The Rest.
Want the best and most up to date coverage of the Boston Celtics? Look no further. This is a daily must for any Celtic fan. Eat, sleep and listen to the Locked on Celtics podcast.
The Best Around
John K. kills it every day with his Celtics updates and analysis. This podcast destroys the others - after you listen to John’s show, you’ll see where others fall flat. From the best theme song in the business to the excellent production values, you will enjoy every minute of the show.
Great content!
John does a great job with his consistent content 5 days a week :)
John’s Getting it Done!
Flower girl 567😄
John is flying solo with good guests and creating a new feel. Love the show!
Keep it up John
This is still a top shelf Cs podcast even when you are rolling solo.
Jay + Jam
Chris Penn (Sterns)
This used to be my Rainin’ J’s This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say Don't look back Keep your head held high Don't ask them why Because life is short And before you know You're feeling old And your heart is breaking Don't hold on to the past Well that's too much to ask This used to be my Rainin’ J’s (used to be) This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say No regrets But I wish that you Were here with me Well then there's hope yet I can see your face In our secret place You're not just a memory Say goodbye to yesterday (the dream) Those are words I'll never say (I'll never say) This used to be my Rainin’ J’s (used to be) This used to be our pride and joy This used to be the place we ran to That no one in the world could dare destroy This used to be our Rainin’ J’s (used to be) This used to be our childhood dream This used to be the place we ran to I wish you were standing here with me This used to be our Rainin’ J’s (used to be) This used to be our childhood dream This used to be the place we ran to The best things in life are always free Wishing you were here
Disrespectful to Millyz
He just did the new intro, cmon man lol
Almost great
Your shows are great but you say be sure to join me every day and you usually do a show every other day or every few days
Been listening to these guys for years!
I love what they do! They are insightful and fun and I check them out almost every episode both during the season AND the off season
A must for true Celtics fans
This podcast is a must-listen for Celtics fans of all ages, across the world. I get the inside Celtics news from these guys that I just don’t get elsewhere.
Amazing podcast man
Best Podcast Ever!
Jay, John and Jam are awesome! I check in almost every day from Los Angeles on my daily commute. Podcast is such a great mix of good analysis mixed with industry insight mixed with just good fun and entertainment. They get some great guests from time to time. This podcast helps me achieve my goal of being a daily Celtics fanatic. This podcast has even made my wife a C’s fan which I am very grateful for. All on the hard work of three genuine Boston dudes who are committed to serving the people!
It is like a yankee fan doing a Red Sox podcast!!!
Around there
It is like a yankee fan doing a Red Sox podcast!! And saying it out loud during the podcast!!!! Over and over, describing it over and over!! Not cool when Locked on has rival fans do the podcast. This is not an independent podcast. It is “Locked on” to the brand decisions. Locked on, why would you do that to fans of you and the teams? You are building a network on the loyalty of the local fans. Why step on so many different areas to hurt the fans? Crunching their loyalty. It is a curable misstep, or should be.
Hard to listen to
Audio quality is often times terrible in what seems to be equipment problems and just not speaking into the microphones. Often times I can’t hear what anyone is saying. I can get way more in depth and better coverage of the team from national journalists than from these guys, which I don’t understand. I have tried listening to multiple shows throughout the last year and it always seems to be the same problems. I would love to love this pod because of the sheer amount of content but unfortunately it is borderline unlistenable, especially compared to the higher quality produced NBA pods out there.
Like... I don’t
I don’t don’t know...these guys could not be more don’t know...boring
Content great... do you guys need a production partner?
I know doing remote podcasts from two different places are a challenge but the July 18 show is a rough listen with this echo as a constant presence. Lots of solutions out there to eliminate this so you can record clean.
Best Celtics podcast
This is by far the best Celtics podcast. I listen to every single show and these guys are hilarious and informative.
Great podcast
Kenneth flav
Nice in depth analysis of offseason, draft and summer league. Lots of actual basketball talk. Very little idle small talk. A very enjoyable podcast for diehard Celtics fans.
The Kid Drunk
The podcasts with “the kid” being sloppy drunk are the best. All their shows are solid though. The rate at which they produce episodes is impressive. Been following them for two years now and they are definitely my favorite podcast along with my PFW In Progress, which has a new name.
Best Celtics PodCast but they don’t appreciate Jaylen Brown enough
Basically the most unbiased Celtics breakdown you can get from guys who are close to the team. They have to talk about rumors , some of which are ridiculous. They should stop trying to trade Jaylen Brown because he’s shown more than Tatum has so far. Update: the Intro song is super corny and makes me cringe. That’s prob the worst part of the Pod.
Not good
he's the one
First of all it takes close to 4 minutes for the host to even start talking about the Celtics. Then it is a lot of conjecture from someone who is clearly not very plugged in. The dumb Jam thing has got to go. That said, if the show was hosted by Sam with Jay as his side kick or other random Celtics press, it would be a pretty killer show because yes, Sam and Jay can take the piss out of something and have an acerbic, don’t-give-a-#%^* sense of humor, something otherwise lacking. Yes I am saying JK is not a good host.
Best Celtics Podcast
This is the only Celtics podcast that I trust! John, Jay, and Jam are the best!
A Must listen every day
Great pod, always entertaining! John and Jam are great. The Millyz theme introduced me to his music, which listen to a lot. Jay is meh, but nothing’s perfect. Keep it up!
Always look forward to it
Wut What
I love listening to diehards talk Celtics. They tell it how it is. Not what you want to hear.
Great daily podcast (updated rating)
Really is a 5-star on most days because of the daily content. John Karalis carries the show well and Jam Packard keeps it light and moving. The show drops to a 1 or 2 star with Jay King (which is why it gets this rating today) - King distracts from most conversations with conceit, self-promotion (promoting himself OVER actual show ads) and being condescending towards the others if they call him in his take. Great Twitter schtick I guess, but makes the daily morning listen miserable. JK and Jam are worth it over all and it’s a great way to get a rundown of Celtics happenings daily, in one spot. Guest spots of other podcast from the other teams are solid episodes as well. Way less Jay King and you’d have a strong 5-star podcast. Go C’s. Updated (5/29) - Overall much better (save this week - NYT reporter interview was brutal). Karalis keeps it going, Jay has been spot on and Jam is good in support. Good balance between speculation and analysis. Getting better.
the worst
Jimmy Buckwheat
so bad lol
The best Celtic podcast day to day. 😎
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